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132/33 KV EHV substation

The project work assigned to us was to design a 132/33 KV EHV substation. We considered incoming power at 132 KV and the power was transferred to main bus through isolator-circuit breaker-isolator combination.

Electrical Design of 132/33KV Substation (on photo: Construction of 132/33kV Substation
Electrical Design of 132/33KV Substation (on photo: Construction of 132/33kV Substation at Umerkote; credit:

The power from main bus was fed into a 20MVA transformer which stepped the voltage down to 33KV.

The power is then fed into a 33KV bus from which different loads were tapped. In the process, the surge impedance loading of 132 KV and 33 KV lines were calculated and they were used to estimate the maximum power that can be transferred by one transmission line.

The design of the entire substation was made keeping in mind the most basic requirements of a proper substation including the civil and domestic requirements.

132-33 kV substation single line diagram
132-33 kV substation single line diagram

Starting from the generating stations to the end users, voltage is needed to be stepped up and down several times in various substations. This ensures efficient transmission of power, minimizing the power losses. Our project is to design a 132KV/33KV EHV substation where the incoming power is received at 132 KV from a generating station.

The power factor is corrected here and the voltage is stepped down to 33KV and power is then transferred to distribution system of the grid to meet the requirements of the end consumers at their suitable voltage.

Title:Design of 132/33KV Substation – Sudipta Sen, Arindam Chatterjee and Debanjan Sarkar // IJCER – International Journal of Computational Engineering Research
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Design of 132/33KV Substation
Design of 132/33KV Substation – Sudipta Sen, Arindam Chatterjee and Debanjan Sarkar // IJCER – International Journal of Computational Engineering Research

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  1. Erna Speed
    Mar 09, 2023

    I’ve sent to your Company a few questions earlier today.

    What I’d also like to know, how often do they breakdown ?

    Our substations are either being sabotaged or not repaired in the correct way.

    Today we’ve had very little power supply to many areas in Pietermaritzburg – at this moment we either have loadshedding again or more repairs done to the substation. Our power is OFF!

    Here is another notice received later this evening regarding the faulty subtation.

    *Primary Substation Update*
    Date: 09/03/2023
    Time: 21h45

    *Riverside Primary Repairs*

    1. 132/33kV Transformer 2 fault at Riverside Primary.

    *Affected equipment*
    132/33kv Transformer 2

    *Affected areas*
    City East, Manor, Willowton industrial, Mountainrise, Eastwood, Panorama Gardens, Glenwood, Cinderella, Tamboville, thembalihle, Madiba, Sobantu, Willowton, Wensleydale, Parts of Pelham, Scottsville, Hayfields, Lincoln Meade, Hollingwood, Parts of Bishopstowe, Epworth, Parts of Oribi, Parts of Bisley and surrounding areas

    *Corrective Action*
    Initiating repairs.

    NB: Load Reduction has been implemented in order to protect the Transformer currently in operation.

    *Stages to completed*
    1. Arrange Resources βœ…
    2. Arrange Materials in progressβœ….
    3. Assemble Circuit βœ…
    4. Erection and installation of 132kv Circuit Breaker βœ…
    5. Erection of CB poles (Shutdown required)βœ…
    6. Terminating and clamping to the busbar ( Shutdown required) βœ…
    7. Install and laying of control & Protection cabling is in progress.
    8. Testing and Commissioning
    9. Energize

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this crisis

    We as a Community of Mzunduzi Municipality would like to know if this is sabotage or genuine faults being experienced by the substation supplying us in Pietermaritzburg?

  2. YASIN
    Mar 04, 2023


  3. ahmed
    Nov 11, 2022

    why usually used the letter E for 132kv cubicles and H for 33kv cubicles and the letter L or AL for 6.6kv cubicles?

  4. Habtamu
    Nov 14, 2020

    I am electrical engineer

    • Habtamu haile
      Nov 14, 2020

      I wana to learn,read,about power system and i got some good tips about power system form this port

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