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Relay technology

The relay is a well known and widely used component Applications range from classic panel built control systems to modem interfaces between control microprocessors and their power circuits or any application where reliable galvanic separation is recpied between different circuits.

Although considered to be a relatively simple component, the electromechanical relay and its technology is complex and often misunderstood. The reason for this is that relay technology is not restricted to a single type of engineering discipline such as electrical engineering. lt is a component which, almost unlike any other, embraces many different aspects of engineering technology and displays complex and highly interrelated electrical, chemical and mechanical effects.

Advanced technologies used in modern applications has led to increased requirements for the relays’ specification and the need for a wider knowledge of it as a component. The correct selection and application of the modern relay requires more and more specific information and technical knowledge to ensure that the relay selected for an application will meet all requirements.

Application data and the information given in the relay catalogue may no longer be sufficient to make the correct choice.

This book contains the knowledge of the expert – the relay manufacturer, and gives a detailed insight into the relay as a component. It gives essential information to the relay user, design engineer and technician. ln it you will find technical information on the main subsystems found within the relay. The contact, magnetic and mechanical systems as well as the important interrelated electrical, mechanical and chemical effects are explained in greater detail than found in data sheets.

Title:Introduction to relay
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