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Information control

In an automated installation, all the information needed to control it must be detected in order to be managed by the control systems. The “detection” function is therefore essential in all industrial processes, and a knowledge of the various techniques is vital to choose the right detectors: they have to be able to operate in sometimes difficult environments and supply information that is compatible with the acquisition and processing systems.

This document is aimed at those wanting to familiarize themselves with the field of Detection in Industrial Automation.

After setting out the broad technical background to this field, each technology is analyzed in detail to provide a basic selection guide. This is complemented by an overview of related technologies, including Vision and RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). Detection may seem complicated at first, but you will soon learn that it is simply “varied”!

AUTHOR: Schneider Electric experts | Jean-Marie Cannoni, Vincent Daniau, Patrice Delage, Christophe Delaitre, Pascal Launay, Alain Guillot and Philippe Hampikian

Title: Data acquisition – Detection
Format: PDF
Size: 1.5MB
Pages: 40
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Data acquisition - Detection

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