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Control energy consumption

Irrespective of the building to be built or managed, there is a need for solutions to control energy consumption. This holds true throughout the world for all types of buildings, in the industrial, residential or service sectors.

Before designing or upgrading a building, and in particular its electrical installations, it is essential: to study its energy needs and the available energy sources; to find the best balance between management systems, distribution networks and consumer equipment; to take account of operational requirements. This “Cahier Technique” presents a methodology for effective preliminary study work. The author therefore explores all of the elements which contribute to energy savings and which, depending on the installation, may or may not be selected.

Reducing energy costs

As stated above, the main motivation for decision makers to take an interest in energy control solutions is economic efficiency. When deciding whether to invest in improvement work, the manager of a building, for example, must be convinced that the operation will produce immediate results as well as an acceptable time for return on the investment (from two to five years in most cases).

With cost savings thus the dominating factor, it is highly worthwhile to attempt to optimize the application of energy supply agreements before even considering technical changes to reduce actual physical consumption. It is thus a question of first trying to spend less rather than trying to use fewer kWh.

AUTHOR: Schneider Electric expert | Nicolas CHAUMIER

Title: Energy savings in buildings
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Energy savings in buildings

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