Prime source of electrical energy

Engine driven alternating current generator sets are often used in remote industrial sites as a prime source of electrical energy. They are also extensively used in both industry and commercial buildings as a source of back-up power. This cahier technique discusses most of the subjects which have to be handled when implementing engine driven alternating current generator sets having rated powers up to 20 MW.

Types of engine generator sets

The main types of prime movers used in engine driven generator sets for industrial sites and commercial buildings are Diesel engines, gas turbines, and steam turbines. Turbines are used mainly for production sets whereas Diesel engines can be used for both production and standby sets. Most of the topics covered in this cahier technique are not dependant on the type of prime mover used, and therefore the general term generator set will be used. The choice of the prime mover is determined by such considerations as the availability and type of fuel and is not covered in this cahier technique.

Since Diesel engines are very often used some specific information about Diesel generator sets will be given. In most industrial plants, however, power generation is not the main purpose. The plant may have one or several Diesel generator units to produce the necessary electrical power, mainly for stand-by, and possibly for local consumption requirements.

AUTHOR: Schneider Electric expert | Terence HAZEL

Title:Integration of local power generation in industrial sites and commercial buildings
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Integration of local power generation in industrial sites and buildings

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