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Selection of cables and prefabricated busbar trunking

The electrical power connections have the role of transporting energy from the electrical switchboard to the lighting loads. They can be formed of cables or prefabricated busbar trunking. Where large areas have to be lit, they comprise a main circuit and branch circuits to the luminaires.

Lighting technical guide
Lighting technical guide (on photo: Schneider Electric’s electrical distribution system; credit: Hastak Shah via Linkedin)

Their selection depends on various constraints:

  • Safety (insulation, little overheating, mechanical strength, etc.),
  • Efficiency (limited voltage drop, etc.),
  • Installation environment (location, installation procedure, temperature, etc.), v investment cost.

1-phase or 3-phase distribution with or without neutral

Single-phase or three-phase distribution with or without neutral

In most buildings used for tertiary or commercial purposes, the lighting system is distributed via a single-phase circuit.

To optimize the cabling, especially for high-power applications over large areas, three-phase distribution is sometimes used: 230 V between phase and neutral or between phases, or 400 V between phases for high-power lamps (2000 W).

Length of electrical connections

The cable resistance causes a voltage drop proportional to the cable length and the current. It can cause malfunctions when the lamps are switched on or reduce the luminosity in steady state. The length of the circuits and the distributed power require an appropriate cable cross section.

Application sheets of lighting management //


  • Lighting management for a house
  • How to modernise the entrance of an apartment building

School and University

  • Management of the lighting period and bells in a school
  • Emergency lighting in a public building: junior high school


  • Lighting for a hotel lobby
  • Optimising lighting for the car park of a hotel
  • Lighting management for a hotel room
  • Controlling power off for a hotel room by keycard

Offices and Buildings

  • Lighting management for a car park of a large tertiary site
  • Lighting management for an office space
  • Optimising the lighting of open office spaces
  • Lighting for a meeting room with remote reporting
  • Lighting management for a solicitor’s office
  • Lighting management for an archive room
  • Lighting management in a stairway, a corridor or a lobby
  • Lighting management in a basement
  • Management of a large office building


  • Lighting for a storage warehouse
  • Automating the lighting for an industrial workshop
  • Lighting for a humid room


  • Managing the lighting of a convenience store or superette
  • Optimising the lighting of a shop window
  • Functional lighting for a hypermarket


  • Automatic control of public lighting according to sunrise and sunset times
  • Improving management of a public lighting system in a town
  • Lighting control for the exhibition halls of a museum
  • Renovation of the lighting for a Town Council
  • In a underground car park

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Lighting technical guide // How to control and protect lighting circuits
Lighting technical guide // How to control and protect lighting circuits

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