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Required on the construction site

This Database intends to standardize design of cables connections, laying and terminations as well as easy modifications, tracking and recording of As Built status during construction, commissioning and energizing. Cables Database is intended for electrical engineers on the construction site and designers and includes almost all activities required on the construction site for complex cable laying and connection activities.

Cables Database tool for design of cables connections, laying and terminations
Cables Database tool for design of cables connections, laying and terminations

Some of the Cable Database’s features :

  • Entering the cable connection scheme by the designer
  • Summarizing all types of cables and cable glands for ordering – purchase.
  • Monitoring the consumption of cables of certain types from the drum, the date of laying, the current length of the cable, etc.
  • Print an unlimited number of connection schemes for each cabinet separately.
  • Determining the location on the cabinet for drilling and mounting the appropriate cable glands.
  • Printing the number on the PVC tube for marking the gill when connecting.
  • Various types of searches by given cabinet, cable number, laying date, drum condition, etc.
  • Easy archiving and low memory consumption. This database includes over 40,000 connections and uses only 12 MB of memory.

1. Scope of Work

Depend of Contract, if necessary (cable laying job is shared among few Companies), Contractor shall fill the Table “tScope” in order to define which cables shall be laid by which Company for easier follow of work progress.

Then those data shall be implemented in table “tCableSchedule” directly, or using the Form from Main Menu: Cable Edit / Add New.

2. Data for Cable Drums

This data shall be entered directly into table “tDrum” as described earlier. Some basic data (Drum No, Cable Type, Size, Length etc) shall be filled on the beginning of the Project but other data regarding status etc. will be altered during process of Construction.

Data for Cable Drums
Data for Cable Drums

3. Duties

During construction responsible person on Site is obliged to regularly collect the data regarding Cables laying and fill them into Database. Those dates are: Cable number, Type, Size (which is laid that particular date) and Actual Length of Cable and Drum No. from which, piece of cable was cut.

From experience, the best (and easiest) way is to write in data directly into table “tCableSchedule”. When those data are filled in regularly, correctly and exactly, then benefits from Database Reports can be yielded as described in the beginning of these Instructions.

4. Cable Gland List

Before dressing cores bundle inside the Board/Panel, it shall be examined where are location of Terminal Blocks and from which side Cores should be connected to it. That information (L-left or R-right) shall be written into table “tCoreSheet” via Form or directly into table.

Horizontal Terminal Block shall be considered as L (left side connection). This is also essential for correct Ferrule printing.

Cable Gland List
Cable Gland List

From the Main Menu click on button Printing of Gland List, then in newly open Form from Drop List select wanted Board number and check in Report Preview how it will looks after printing. Please note that beside list of size and number of Cable Glands there will be also information of Terminal Block and side of connection.

That information will be essential for decision where hole should be drilled for particular Gland in order for easier dressing and to avoid crossings of Core bundles.

5. Terminal List

In order to print Terminal List for particular Board, from Main Menu click button Core Termination Preview / Print. In next open window All Cable Terminations in Panel:

  • Select wanted Board number from Drop List.
  • Select Preview button to check how Printed page will look like and then click on Print button.
Terminal list
Terminal list

6. Ferrule Printing

On each core, ferrule shall contain information where Core shall be connected in particular Board (it should consist of Terminal Block designation and Terminal Number). This number shall be always placed next to Terminal Block.

Also information of other (remote) end shall be written on ferrule. This shall consist of Board Number (remote end), Terminal Block number and Terminal Number. This information shall be written on ferrule on the far side from Terminal Block. That is why information of termination side is very important, since left and right side ferrules are different.

Those two designations are separated with slash symbol.

Designation which is to be printed on the ferrules shall be exported to Printing Device in suitable format, ready for printing. To achieve this, first open table tCoreSheet from the left pane (section Tables). Then Sort all data by selecting Column “Core No” then click Ascending (from Access menu “Home” on the top of page).

Next select Column “Cable No” then again clicks Ascending. This will produce a placement of records for each conductor in two consequent rows.

Click on most upper left corner of the table in order to select whole database and select Copy command. Next open a new Excel sheet and Paste Table tCoreSheet content into Excel table.

Software:Cables Database tool for design of cables connections, laying and terminations
Developer:Mr. Dragan Markovic (contact: markovic.dragan {AT}
Size:11.4 MB (.accdb)
Manual (pdf):Right here
Download (accdb):Right here | Video Courses | Membership | Download Updates
Cables Database tool for design of cables connections, laying and terminations
Cables Database tool for design of cables connections, laying and terminations

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