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Spreadsheet For Calculating Size Of Motor Pump
Spreadsheet For Calculating Size Of Motor Pump

Size of the motor pump

This spreadsheet calculates:

  • Pump hydraulic power
  • Motor-pump shaft power
  • Pump size and
  • Motor size

Some of the input information for pump:

  • Static Suction Head: (h1)
  • Static Discharge Head: (h2)
  • Is Pump Inlet Diameter equal to Outlet Diameter
  • Enter Pump Inlet Diameter
  • Enter Pump Outlet Diameter
  • Density of Liquid: (D)
  • Required Amount of Liquid at perticular Height
  • Required Time for getting Liquid at perticular Height
  • Frction Loass in Pipe
  • Pump Efficiency: (nP)
  • Motor Efficiency: (nM)
  • Safety Margin (As per Americal Petroleum Institute (API))
Software:Calculating Size Of Motor Pump
Version:10.06.2013 New
Developer:Jignesh Parmar
Size:121.9 Kb
Download:Right here | Video Courses | Membership | Download Updates
Calculating Size Of Motor Pump
Calculating Size Of Motor Pump

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    Feb 14, 2015

    How can we check the capacitor is working or failed?

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