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What does this spreadsheet do?

Program is designed as per ANSI/IEEE 80 Code, it calculates step potential of switchyard, touch potential of switchyard, total length of earthing mat conductor, size of earthing mat conductor and total number of earthing rods.

Earthing Mat Design For Substation
Earthing Mat Design For Substation

Input fields As per ANSI/IEEE Std 80-1986 code

  • Length of Area Occupied by Earthing Grid
  • Width of Area Occupied by Earthing Grid
  • Fault level at Incoming Bus
  • Incoming Voltage
  • Outgoing Voltage
  • Soil Resistivity
  • Resistance of Main Earthing Mat
  • Resistance of surface Material (Crushed Rock )
  • Thickness of Surface Material (Crushed Rock)
  • Depth of Earthing Grid Conductor
  • Diameter of Earthing Grid Conductor
  • Reference Depth of Grid
  • Spacing between Parallel Conductor of Grid
Software:Earthing Mat Design For Substation
Version:22.12.2012 New
Developer:Jignesh Parmar
Size:46 Kb
Download:Right here | Video Courses | Membership | Download Updates

Earthing Mat Design For Substation

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  1. Koustav Saha
    Dec 26, 2018

    What is the tolarable value of GPR/EPR for earthing grid calculation?

  2. Amardeep Sah
    Sep 14, 2018

    Can u send me the details required to design an earth mat for 33/11 KV PSS

  3. hesham
    Jun 26, 2018

    thanks alot

  4. Khaled Ellithy
    Jan 25, 2018


    Professor in Power systems

  5. Mamata Patil
    Sep 25, 2016

    I want to give a seminar on grid Earthing..Can u give me detail info about it?

  6. NIDHI
    Jan 08, 2016


    In the design procedure for earthing it is said that as we doubles the length of the rod the resistance will be reduced by 40% and when we increase the size of the electrode the resistance decreases by 10%. i am getting this . with reference to what equation the above mentioned conclusions is reached

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