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Ecodial - Advanced network calculation software
Ecodial – Advanced network calculation software


Ecodial is low voltage electrical installation design software developed by Schneider Electric. It actually calculates LV electrical networks and helps you to choose the right equipment and to optimize your electrical installation.

Ecodial is free for download, you just have to register in order to receive licence key.

Registration window will appear when you open up Ecodial, so just fulfill few simple information (name, email etc.) and you will receive licence key immdiately.

Schneider Electric devices

If you need a snapshot calculation Ecodial provides you with reliable results in a few clicks. If you need to easily find a product without entering into the Schneider Electric catalogue, Ecodial offers you a technically-oriented search engine for selection of a product, discrimination and cascading.

What can you do with Ecodial?

Calculation module of a single branch network:

  • You select quickly and easily an LV network made with a single branch at three levels.
  • You customise the few input parameters to meet your requirements.
  • You let the power engine calculate for you in compliance with electrical standards.
  • You visualise the discrimination limits of your protective device system by using versatile tripping-curve diagrams.
  • You print out a comprehensive and clear report to prove your calculation

Direct coordination: an advanced search engine to define & coordinate Schneider Electric devices:

  • You define the electrical constraints that your single search device must support. Search and select.
  • You define upstream and downstream the electrical constraints of your protective system. Search and coordinate between two devices.
    Ecodial screenshot
    Ecodial screenshot

  • You display and set the tripping curve of the device.
  • Coordination means discrimination, cascading

What’s New in version 4.8

  • 3 supported languages: English (en-GB), French (fr-CA), Spanish (es-ES)
  • Due to changes done in this version registered users of the previous INT version, are again need do a re-registration on the new authentication module

Switchgear status and operating modes

This property determines the open/closed (off/on) position of circuit breakers and switches in the various operating modes. Ecodial can manage different status conditions of switchgear depending on the operating mode.

This makes it possible to take into account installations supplied by multiple sources, those offering load shedding and those with seasonal operating modes, for example.

When the status of a circuit breaker or switch is “closed“,, the circuit downstream of the circuit breaker (or switch) is supplied in the current operating mode. When the status of a circuit breaker or switch is “open“, the downstream circuit is not supplied in the current operating mode.

Switchgear status and operating modes
Switchgear status and operating modes

When a part of the network is not supplied in a given operating mode, it is shown in blue in the single-line diagram. Given that the “closed” status condition is the most common in installations, only the “open” status condition is shown in the single-line diagram.

Software:Ecodial Advanced Calculation
Version:4.8 (2015.08.06) Updated
Developer:Schneider Electric
Size:39.9 MB
Price:Free Registration / Full version
More Info:Right here | Video Courses | Membership | Download Updates

Ecodial network calculation software

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  1. Mohamad Naim
    May 24, 2023


    I’m interested in using Ecodial – Advanced Network Calculation and I would like to register to receive license key.


    • Bhavin Patel
      May 26, 2023

      Hi You can register it online by providing your Email, Your name, Thats All…

  2. Riekus Muller
    Nov 30, 2022


    How do I register EcoStruxure Power Design?

    Kind regards

  3. Rateb Saydawi
    Oct 20, 2022

    Hi, Please how can i get ecodial’s regeneration code for personal use?

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    Aug 14, 2022

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    Jun 25, 2022

    I am interested to download the Ecodial LV network calculation.

    Please allow me to have for my personal usage.


    Rudy Tablate
    CADG Electrical Engineer

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    i like to use ecodial

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    Oct 13, 2021

    Use My EcoDial

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    Oct 06, 2021

    thank you.

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    Jun 08, 2021

    Thank you

    Apr 03, 2021

    Hai. After installation when i opened the software registration pop up is not coming. Could please any one suggest me??

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