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The I2T program allows the user to calculate ampere squared seconds for a given wave forms. I2T is a quantity representing energy which is calculated by finding the area under a given curve. It is given in units of Amp squared seconds (A2s). After choosing the correct waveform, the values for the current levels and the time are entered by the user.

The program will then calculate the I2T.

Software:I2T Waveform Calculator
Developer:Cooper Bussman
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I2 T Calculator

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  1. emmanuelbabu
    Jun 25, 2013

    i would like to know more about lighting design using dialux?is there some manual which i can use to study by myself?

  2. SURYA
    Apr 01, 2013

    software tools r not compatible with PC , give separate downloads for x64&x86 versions :)

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