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Three Phase and Single Phase Motor

NEMA Motor Data Calculator is based on the NEC 2011.

NEMA Motor Data Calculator - Schneider Electric
NEMA Motor Data Calculator – Schneider Electric

For three-phase motor according to inputs (Voltage and Horse Power) following motor data is calculated:

  1. Full Load Amps (FLA)
  2. Wire Size
  3. PowerPact Breaker Size
  4. PowerPact Breaker Cat No.
  5. HD Switch, Nema 1 Enclosed
  6. Dual Elem Time Delay Fuse Amps
  7. NEMA Starter Catalog Number
  8. Melting Alloy Thermal Unit
  9. Nema Size Starter

For single-phase motor input is Horse Power and following information is calculated for both voltages 115V and 230V:

  1. Full Load Amps (FLA)
  2. Wire Size
  3. PowerPact Breaker Size
  4. PowerPact Breaker Cat No.
  5. HD Switch, NEMA 1 Enclosed
  6. Dual Elem Time Delay Fuse Amps
  7. Fractional HP N1 Starter Class 2510
  8. Thermal Unit
  9. Integral Starter N1 Enc 2510
  10. One Melting Alloy Thermal Unit
  11. NEMA Enclosed Starter Class 8536
  12. Thermal Unit


Fuses and circuit breakers shown are for short-circuit ground fault protection only. This data applies to Normal Service applications of switches, starters or breakers shown.

Do not use for Heavy Service applications, as defined in the latest Catalog Digest. Data is based on information available at time of publication and is subject to change.

See actual installed equipment and Section 110-14C for termination requirements. Fuse sizes and circuit breaker trip amperes are approximate selections suitable for most installations.

Thermal unit selectors are not based on NEC currents (see NEC 430-6) but are selected from average full load currents. Thermal units can be more accurately selected using table furnished with starter and full load current marked on the motor name plate.

Software:NEMA Motor Data Calculator – Schneider Electric
Developer:Schneider Electric
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NEMA Motor Data Calculator screenshot
NEMA Motor Data Calculator screenshot

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  2. eliecer
    Jun 09, 2015

    Im an electrical engineer from colombia.
    yours papers an excel programs are excellent and very useful.

  3. Fathi
    Feb 04, 2015

    Please where the reading of 380(400) Volt.

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    • Edvard
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      All files are stored at – I’m speaking about good spam free file service (EEP pays a lot by the way). Download button is very clear and visible, you cannot make any mistake.

      Time consuming? Not really. Cooking is time consuming. Are you talking about 5 seconds of your life for downloading some EE guide or spreadsheet you will use for months or years?

      Should I mention that EVERYTHING is free…

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