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Selection Of MCCB, ELCB For Main-Branch Circuit
Selection Of MCCB, ELCB For Main-Branch Circuit

Selection of main and branch circuit breakers //

Spreadsheet calculates the following:

  • Size and type of main MCCB, RCCB and ELCB for continious and non-continious load
  • Sensitivity of MCCB, RCCB and ELCB
  • Size of cable
  • Size and type of sub-circuit MCCB and MCB for continious and non-continious load
  • Calculate total load
  • Calculate main and branch circuit current.
Software: Selection of MCCB, ELCB for main-branch circuit – MS Excel Spreadsheet
Version: 22.8.2012 New
Developer: Jignesh Parmar
Size: 147 Kb
Price: Free
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Selection of MCCB, ELCB for main-branch circuit

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  1. biji mathew
    Jul 01, 2018

    useless … the spreadsheet is not working ….

  2. mamad azad
    Mar 26, 2017

    hi.pleaze pass???

  3. Roman Bogdanov
    Dec 29, 2016

    Hi, How I can get a password for datasheets?

  4. Chanh
    Aug 25, 2016

    I don’t understand some symbol in calculator spreadsheet. Would you like to send me a table for these symbol. I hope your reply soon.
    Thanks and best regards.

  5. Dharmendra
    May 21, 2016


    The Selection of MCCB spreadsheet I can not select more than 120 sq mm cable size , so please update this sheet for other size of cable

  6. Ala Sharief
    May 14, 2016

    The excel file shown above is not calculating well for cable selection , i make test for 3 phase load with current 474 A , and i set cable size 10 mm^2 and excel sheet still give that cable design is O.K. ??!!!!

  7. ahmed abozied
    Feb 20, 2016

    pleas how to open XLS file ,iam try do not open

  8. Hor Chin EK
    Oct 14, 2015

    may I have the password?

  9. gaspar
    Aug 25, 2015

    can i have the password plz? ty

  10. jose
    Jul 23, 2015

    tripping amp rating is wrong no decimal point ..
    overall good work..

  11. kishore
    Aug 11, 2014

    Sir, trying to work with the XL, can’t access, it’s pass word protected,
    can i have the password

  12. Kelvin Wong
    Jul 21, 2014


    I have downloaded this excel worksheet but I cannot access to it as it is being protected by a password can I have the password so I can start to use this excel work sheet?

  13. NPT Châu
    Jun 04, 2014

    Thank Ad very much!

  14. Abdul Wahid
    Jun 03, 2014

    Thanks alot

  15. sudhir
    Mar 27, 2014

    How to download this file

  16. Patrick Weerasinghe
    Feb 10, 2014

    I down loaded the XL on MCCB selection but could not use as the message comes that it is write protected

  17. henry02
    Oct 14, 2013

    Thanks a lots. Excellent !!!

  18. nmr
    Jun 17, 2013

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  19. Edvard
    Nov 27, 2011

    I agree, excellent explanation.

  20. Eagle2011
    Nov 27, 2011

    tnx , they are very useful

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