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Calculate Size of Diesel Generator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
Calculate Size of Diesel Generator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)

Size of Diesel GenSet

This spreadsheet intend to calculate size of needed diesel generator according to the following input parameters:

  1. System Voltage ( P-P ) in Volts
  2. System Voltage ( P-N ) in Volts
  3. Future Load Expansion in %
  4. Average Intermittent Use of Equipment (0.7 To 1.0)

You are about to enter following information for each consumer you have in your consumption calculation:

  1. Equipment (name)
  2. Load Type (linear, non-linear or motor)
  3. Supply (1ph or 3ph)
  4. Qty (num.)
  5. Load (in kW)
  6. Starting P.F
  7. Running P.F
  8. Diversity Factor
  9. Motor Starter (Dol, Y-D, auto-transformer, soft starter or frequency converter)

Calculated results consist of:

  1. Size of Diesel GenSet for linear, Non-linear Load
  2. Size of Diesel GenSet for motor load
  3. Diesel GenSet Efficiency
  4. UPL (unit per liter) of Diesel GenSet
  5. Unit power cost of Diesel GenSet
  6. Approximate fuel consumption
Software:Calculate Size of Diesel Generator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
Version:22.08.2012 New
Developer:Jignesh Parmar
Size:138 Kb
Download:Right here | Video Courses | Membership | Download Updates
Calculate Size of Diesel Generator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
Calculate Size of Diesel Generator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)

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  1. John Galuak Koat
    Mar 05, 2023

    It is helpful to me as an electrical engineer

  2. suram2524
    Nov 30, 2022

    Cannot be downloaded.

  3. Joseph Mwapinga
    May 05, 2022

    I’m happy to have professional discussion related to Power

  4. Swapnil Linge
    May 22, 2021

    Want to know the standard / reference used for DG sizing calculation and criteria to be followed.

  5. Fermin
    May 11, 2018

    Hi guys.
    I am thinking to star a 3 phase motor 75 kw, 460 VAC with a Diesel generator (144 HP rated ), 460 VAC using a soft starter.
    Sombody can help me if this is posible?

  6. mina
    Apr 08, 2018

    hey guys

    how can i calculate the Diversity Factor in a utility with 3 3ph motors that are working simultaneously?

    • Mansour Essaïh
      Oct 24, 2020

      Better late than never.
      The 3 mortors are working simultaneously, so the diversity factor Kd = 1 (*)

      If ypu want to estimate the energy consumption per day, you have to use loading factor or utilization factor generaly = 0.80. But if you know the power absorbed by the machine driven by the electric motor, then, the utilization factor Ku = Machine power/Nominal motor power.

      The global factor Kg = KdxKu.

      If Ku = 0.8, then Kg = 1×0.8 = 0.8.

      If the unit nominal power of your motors is Pn = 22 kW, the total power absorbed is : 3×0.8x 22 = 52.8 kW.

      If your 3 motors work 8 hours per day, then the energy consumed per day is : E = NxKgxPnxt = 3×0.80x22x8 = 422.4 kWh.

  7. vijay
    Feb 08, 2018

    Calculations shown for DG sizing is having minor errors, starting KVA is multiplied twice.

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