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Cost and carbon dioxide

Heating, cooling, and water heating energy, demand, cost and carbon dioxide calculator for homes, offices, and schools.


  1. The value of Average EER for Air-Source Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps is used rather than the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  SEER is based on an indoor temperature of 80ºF, an outdoor temperature or 82ºF, insufficient fan power requirement, and insufficient moisture removal capability in most climates.  These conditions substantially over-predict cooling efficiency. (See “Climatic Impacts on HSPF and SEER for Air-Source Heat Pumps”, Fairey, et. al., ASHRAE Transactions, Vol. 110, Part 2, 2004.)
  2. The value of Average EER for Ground Source Heat Pumps is used rather than the Ground Loop Heat Pump (GLHP) Energy Efficiency Ratio.  GLHP-EER is based on an indoor temperature of 80.6ºF, a ground loop temperature of 77ºF, and insufficient fan power requirement.  These conditions over-predict cooling efficiency especially in southern climates or when ground loops are poorly installed or under-sized.
  3. The capacity and electrical demand of chillers does not include the power use of auxillary equipment and the corresponding heat deduction for distribution of the chilled water and air.  This computation includes the power input of the supply fans, chilled water pumps and condenser pumps.  It also includes a correction to account for the heat introduced into the system by the supply air handler and chilled water pump.  It does not include any penalties if return air fans or fan powered VAV terminals.  This can be estimated by adding the total static pressure (TSP) to the supply fan TSP.
Software:Heating, Water Heating and Cooling Energy, Cost and Carbon Dioxide Estimator
Developer:Instructor and students of the HVAC and Energy Conservation courses at The University of Alabama
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Heat And Cool Cost 7-10

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