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Finding a job

Finding a job is not always as easy as expected. This article will list a few places to look for jobs in the field of electrical engineering.



Contact electrical engineering firms in your area. Even if they do not advertise that they are hiring, send a resume anyways. You never know when a job will become available.


Contact your college or university to see if they know of any employment leads. Many graduates keep in touch with their professors and ask for help when the company they work for has a job opening.


Look at electrical engineering websites and any other engineering related website. They often list employment opportunities.


Get a headhunter to help with the search. Headhunters will determine your job requirements and help find you a job. They are paid by the company who hires you, so it is in their best interest to get you a job as quickly as possible.


Contact a temporary agency to get temporary employment at an electrical engineering firm. This will enable you to get your foot in the door at that company. Even if you are just answering the phones, it will help you get a feel for the environment, you will get to network with other professionals, and you will learn about the engineering business.


Go to as many business related social events as possible to network. Tell EVERYONE that you are looking for a job and collect as many business cards as possible.


Consider being a free intern for 6 weeks. This will enable you to learn about the business. Interns are have a high probability of being hired on full time once their internship is over.


Look at as many employment websites as possible, such as Career Builder and Monster. Post your resume on these sites if that feature is available. Don’t forget to look for jobs that allow you to work from home.


While looking for a job, consider getting an advanced degree in engineering. There are many traditional and online options for schooling.

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Edvard Csanyi

Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of EEP. Highly specialized for design of LV/MV switchgears and LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations, commercial buildings and industry fascilities. Professional in AutoCAD programming. Present on


  1. rupesh
    Jun 26, 2015

    i m rupesh electrical engineer
    i m looking job
    please call me if vacancy is there…

  2. mustafa assal
    Mar 10, 2012

    that’s fine but it’s so hard to find a job in my field directly in my country
    what’s your advice ???

    • Edvard
      Mar 11, 2012

      Try creating profile at World’s Largest Professional Network LinkedIn – and fulfil it 100%. Then start searching jobs in country you prefer.


  3. jigna pandya
    Mar 16, 2011

    Hi I m Jigna Pandya.Electrical engineer
    wants to built own xmer company bt no idea frm where to start z anybody can help me out?

    • Rajanand
      Oct 12, 2011

      All the best for the idea. I don’t have any idea but i wdk to wish you:)

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