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Always challenge your electrician skills

Whether you are professional or a novice in a field of electrical engineering, it’s always a good idea to challenge your electrician skills from time to time. This is your small opportunity to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and to improve your knowledge base and test-taking skills.

Challenge your electrician skills with these 15 questions
Challenge your electrician skills with these 15 questions

If you are about to take the licensing exam, you certainly don’t want to take it more than once or wait for the next testing date :)

Questions are related to equipment for general use: Flexible cords and cables, switches, receptacles, switchboards and panelboards, appliances, fixed electric equipment for space heaters, motor sizing, overcurrent protection, control circuit conductors, motor etc.

To check your results, take a peek for answers at the bottom of article.

Question #1

A 120 volt, cord and plug type window air conditioner supplied by a general purpose 20 amp branch circuit, cannot have a full-load current that exceeds which of the following:

  1. 10 amps
  2. 20 amps
  3. 30 amps
  4. 40 amps

Question #2

A transformer vault that is protected by a halon system shall have a door with a minimum fire rating equal to which of the following:

  1. 1 hour
  2. 3 hours
  3. 6 inches of reinforced concrete
  4. None of the above

Question #3

Receptacles are considered grounded by which of the following methods:

  1. When the grounding contacts are connected to the equipment grounding conductor of the cir- cuit that supplies the receptacle
  2. If the receptacle ground wire is terminated under a metal screw
  3. When wired to a cord connector
  4. When the grounding contacts have been effectively grounded

Question #4

Installations for the electrical heating of a pipeline must:

  1. Be protected from physical damage
  2. Include caution signs posted at frequent intervals along the pipeline
  3. Be identified as being suitable for the chemical, thermal and physical environment of the instal- lation
  4. All of the above

Question #5

The full-load current for a single-phase alternating current 115 volt, 1 horsepower motor is which of the following:

  1. 8 amps
  2. 15 amps
  3. 16 amps
  4. 20 amps

Question #6

A when a transformer is used to create a three-phase, four-wire distribution system from a three- phase, three-wire ungrounded system, the transformer must meet which of the following installation requirements:

  1. The transformer must not be switched
  2. The transformer must be directly connected to the ungrounded phase conductors
  3. The transformer shall not be provided with overcurrent protection that is independent from the main switch and common trip overcurrent protection for a three-phase, four-wire system
  4. All of the above

Question #7

If an electric discharge lamp has any lamp terminals connected to a circuit over 300 volts, then the terminals shall be considered which of the following:

  1. As having formed a continuous loop circuit
  2. Circuit conductors
  3. Energized
  4. A raceway

Question #8

The disconnection means for fixed appliances within a ten-unit apartment building must be in which of the following locations:

  1. Inside each individual dwelling unit
  2. In the main mechanical room of the building
  3. In an accessible common location within the building
  4. Within each individual unit or on the same floor in the building

Question #9

If a GFI breaker is not provided to protect impedance heating, then the secondary voltage cannot exceed which of the following:

  1. 25 volts
  2. 15 amps
  3. 80 volts
  4. 600 volts nominal

Question #10

For fixed electric space heating equipment consisting of resistance elements with a motor, the branch circuit conductor ampacity and the overcurrent rating of the protective device that supplies the equipment shall not be less than which of the following:

  1. 100% of the total heating equipment load
  2. 125% of the total motor load
  3. 125% of the total load of the motor and the heaters
  4. The combined ampacity of all of the equipment

Question #11

A 40 amp branch circuit may supply up to five electric space heaters installed in a two-family dwelling.

  1. True
  2. False

Question #12

Within 30 seconds of being disconnected from the power supply, a capacitor which operates at 300 volts must be discharged to 50 volts.

  1. True
  2. False

Question #13

Protection of the live parts of a generator that operates at 30 volts is required if the generator is accessible to unqualified persons.

  1. True
  2. False

Question #14

On a 120 volt space heater, the non-heating cable leads are yellow.

  1. True
  2. False

Question #15

In a lead acid battery, the nominal voltage is 1.75 volts per cell.

  1. True
  2. False

Answers //

To prove your electrician skills, your results should be the same as provided answers. NEC articles mentioned in answers you can observe in a free draft version of NEC 2014 //

NEC 2014 free draft

  1. A – Section [440.62(C)]
    NOTE: This section requires that that this type of installation not exceed 50% of the rating for the circuit. 20 amp × 0.5 = 10 amps.)
  2. A – Section [450.43(A)], Exception
  3. A – Section [406.3(C)]
  4. D – Sections [427.10, 11, 12 and 13]
  5. C – Table [430.248]
  6. D – Section [450.5(A) and (A1)]
  7. C – Section [410.73(C)]
  8. D – Section [422.34(A)]
    TEST TIP: Keeping in mind that you are looking for the most correct answer, you can see that Answer A is part of Answer D, and although being located on the same floor may mean the disconnection means is in a common, accessible location, Answer C is not as comprehensively correct as Answer D.
  9. C – Section [426.32]
  10. C – Section [424.3(B)]
  11. B – Section [424.3(A)]
  12. B – Section [460.8(A)]
  13. B – Section [445.14]
  14. A – Section [424.35]
  15. B – Section [480.2]

Reference // Electrician’s Exam Study Guide (Purchase at Amazon)

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