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ENERGY Sector - How to connect with right people
There are many ways to engage in ENERGY Sector, some of them are shown below.

Today, with just an internet connection it seems that finding suitable group of people gathered around ENERGY SECTOR is easy. Maybe is sounds like it is, but it ain’t easy just like that. There are many groups and websites that does the same thing, but without a real value.

I would like to present you some of the most usefull and valuable groups on LinkedIn that gather electrical engineers from all around the world.

So, what these groups cover and what they do?

Well, people involved in many aspects of energy like electric transmission and distribution, power substation engineering, electric construction and operating professionals in the electric power industry, high voltage – are sharing their expirience and knowledge, asking questions and getting answers from professionals.

I know that some people use LinkedIn to find a job, and if so, or you’re looking to change the current job and do something exciting in your life, these groups offer many opportunities to improve your job and career.

One note… if you don’t have LinkedIn account, that’s not the problem. You can make it in few seconds, all you need is 2 minutes of your life and maybe a good black coffee :) To create your LinkedIn account, plese visit and simply signup.

So, here are groups I’m talking about:

LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn Groups to Follow

EEP – Electrical Engineering Portal Group

Group dedicated to electrical engineering in global. Sharing and spreading knowledge and expirience of professionals is the main goal of this group. You can also benefit in free ebooks, software and guides related to electrical engineering. (3.372 members)

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Electrical Engineers World

Make a promise to make this group the biggest group of Electrical Engineers. Where we will share everything related to electrical engineering field. (20.000 members)

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Electric Transmission and Substation Engineering & Construction

A networking group for technology and career purposes. (3.331 members)

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Electric Utility Professionals

Group devoted to professionals working in the electric utilities industry: sharing ideas, discussing topics, networking. (13.853 members)

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Electrical Construction Professionals

This group is for all electrical construction professionals to network, discuss projects, look for employment opportunities, and stay current with industry trends. (7.507 members)

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ABB Global Networking

This is the global ABB networking page, for networking and discussion on global ABB matters. As one of the world’s leading engineering companies, we help our customers to use electrical power effectively and to increase industrial productivity in a sustainable way. (7.014 members)

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Electrical Design Engineering – Power Systems and Lighting

This is a technical discussion group for all things related to electrical engineering design including power distribution systems, energy conversion, lighting design, wiriing schematics, routing, MCC, panelboard, NFPA, etc. (5.961 members)

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Electrical Power Engineers

This group is for electrical power engineers to meet, network and coordinate efforts to advance electrical power engineering technology, skills, techniques, and tools throughout the world.
(33.792 members)

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Electrical Professionals Group

EPG aims to bring together both professionals who are experts in their respective fields, and those aspiring to benefit from the expertise of the others. We invite and welcome professionals from generation, transmission, distribution of electrical power etc. (3.552 members)

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Energy & Utilities Network

An informal networking group for those with a career dedicated to the energy and utilities industries across the world. The group is for those people working in the industry over the long term to enable industry evolution, best practice & sustainability. (107.754 members)

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Energy Industry Professionals

This is a group of professionals in the Energy sector (Oil, Natural Gas, Water, Wind, Solar, Tide, Electric Power, Nuclear, Coal) to discuss new projects and job opportunities – Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Total, Siemans, Alstrom, EON, YTL, Wood Group, WesternGeco, Expro, BP Solar, BG, ENI, Subsea 7, etc. (11.389 members)

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Schneider Electric – Intelligent Energy

This group welcomes individuals interested in sharing, developing and fostering innovative solutions in energy management. This is not an employee only group.

Members of this group include industry experts, consultants, architects, urban planners, creative specifiers, building service engineers and executives, among many other professionals and enthusiasts. (21.213 members)

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Global Energy Profs l Oil & Gas, Wind, Solar, Power, Green

This group is created for Professionals and Engineers who work or want to work global in the Energy sector. Including Oil&Gas, Renewable, Green Energy (Wind, Solar, Bio), Mining, Nuclear, Power and Marine.

My goal is to create a world wide network for job seekers and job posters. Besides the platform can be used to share market knowledge, developments and other related subjects. (41.987 members)

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High Voltage Electric Power Equipment

Group for professionals from HV industries: power transformers, generators, circuit breakers, power lines, instrument transformers (VT & CT), testing, diagnostic and monitoring equipment, HVDC etc. It is also intended for IEEE, IEC, IET (IEE) and Cigre members, for professionals from utility/utilities, as well as for university professors and students. (9.527 members)

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Linked:Energy (Energy industry expertise)

The Group includes all of the industries involved the ENERGY Industry including production and sale of energy, renewable energy, wind, solar, hydro, biomass and others. (158.821 members)

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Power/ Energy Sector Professionals

This group has been formed to bring together all professionals having experience in EPC business, Sales & Marketing/ Business Development in Energy/ Power sector or anyone else who wish to make their career in this industry.

Professionals having interest in other verticles like Production/Design or R&D in this sector also also welcome to join… (4.488 members)

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Transformer Professionals

This is the largest group of strictly transformer professionals. This is not a group of Human Resource professionals or recruiters. If you are looking for a group that is made up of the people that are in the industry this is the group for you. Recruiters nor HR will be accepted.

This Community is strictly for Professionals with manufacturing experience in medium voltage power distribution who are leaders, engineers, and executives. (2.957 members)

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Transformer transformers, the largest LinkedIn group for transformers, key place to get quick and reliable answer about transformers from 5000+ experts & professionals from transformer industry, OLTC, bushing and other supplying industries, transformer monitoring, diagnostics and testing industries, power utilities hv hvdc etc.

For IEEE, IEC, IET (IEE) and Cigre members, as well as professors and students.
(7.566 members)

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EE Forum

It is a professional networking group for any one who works in the electronic and electrical engineering. (2.773 members)

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Energy University

Energy University is a unique e-learning program that offers free education on topics related to energy management and monitoring, identification and measurement of energy consumption, and ways in which individuals can impart change to any environment.

The Energy University Group supports those learners from our site, and encourages others to participate in registering and engaging in a discussion that combines professional development and energy awareness. (6.407 members)

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High voltage lines / overhead transmission lines

Group for high voltage line / overhead transmission line professionals around the world. (2.774 members)

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Edvard Csanyi

Electrical engineer, programmer and founder of EEP. Highly specialized for design of LV/MV switchgears and LV high power busbar trunking (<6300A) in power substations, commercial buildings and industry facilities. Professional in AutoCAD programming.


  1. Sunaina
    May 19, 2016


    This is quite an exhaustive list. It’s great. Would like to know if there are similar groups on Twiiter as well?


  2. Mustafa assal
    Dec 20, 2011

    great work

  3. Irina
    Oct 19, 2011

    Thank you for recommending these groups! I would like to suggest another one, which currently has 954 members: ABB Power Products Medium Voltage:

  4. OzgurAyrilmaz
    Oct 17, 2011

    Dear Colleagues,

    I believe that 1 click may change our lives. Thus; I recommend you to Join and Share your ideas.

    Doubtless – joining, meeting and sharing experiences will enable you to meet with experienced, qualified and high level professionals.

    Well, this is what I did previously. Presently, I have numerous contacts from all around the world..

    Hope to See You Soon.. ;)

    • Edvard
      Oct 20, 2011

      Great work Ozgur! Keep on working on all of your groups!

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