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Substation Battery Testing and Maintenance

Substation Battery Testing and Maintenance

This one-day course is designed for substation engineers for better understanding the construction, inspection, and maintenance requirements for substation batteries. Engineers directly involved in maintaining substations and LV/MV/HV DC auxiliary switchgears or those requiring an understanding of the various tests and or diagnostics and analyzing test results will gain a better understanding of best maintenance practices as required by industry accepted standards.

Training program is based on: (1) Canadian Standards Association: CSA Z463- Standard for Maintenance of Electrical Systems; (2) Canadian Standards Association: CSA Z462- Standard for Electrical Safety; (3) National Electrical Testing Association (NETA): ANSI/NETA 2019 Standard for Maintenance Testing Specifications and (4) Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League: Reconditioning Standards for Electrical Equipment.

Each student receives comprehensive digital version of reference material including maintenance frequencies, PEARL test standards and test forms.

Training Objectives:

After the training, the successful candidate will be able to:

  • Verify that batteries are adequately located.
  • Verify that battery area ventilation system is operable.
  • Verify existence of suitable eyewash equipment.
  • Compare equipment nameplate data with drawings and specifications.
  • Inspect physical and mechanical condition.
  • Verify adequacy of battery support racks, mounting, anchorage, alignment, grounding and clearances.
  • Verify electrolyte level. Measure electrolyte specific gravity and temperature levels.
  • Verify presence of flame arresters.
  • Verify the units are clean.
  • Inspect spill containment installation.
  • Verify application of an oxide inhibitor on battery terminal connections.
  • and many more…

Who should attend:

This training is recommended for: Substation engineers and technicians, electrical test technicians and commissioning engineers, protection and control engineers, managers and substation supervisors.

Please note that his training can be modified to suit your specific needs. We will be happy to conduct a needs analysis with you to determine your specific requirements. It can be conducted either on-site or off-site.

I. Battery Types

Objective – Review the basic of batteries commonly used in substation DC supplies.

  • Lead-acid overview
  • Nickel-Cadmium Overview
  • Battery construction and nomenclature
  • Configurations
  • Single post batteries
  • Multiple post batteries.

II. Failure Modes

Objective – Review what causes premature battery failure.

Discuss the failure modes for commonly used battery types, Lead-acid (flooded) failure modes, Lead-acid (VRLA) failure modes, Nickel-Cadmium failure modes.

III. Maintenance Philosophies

Objective – Review the mainteance requirements for each type of battery system.

  • Discuss maintenance philosophies based on the IEEE standards
  • How to maintain the battery
  • Standards and common practices, IEEE 450, IEEE 1188, IEEE 1106
  • Summary best way to test and evaluate your battery

IV. Practical Battery Testing

Objective – Review the individual test procedures required to safely perform the work. Review how to analyze the test results obtained.

  • Capacity test
  • Procedure for capacity test of vented lead acid battery
  • Impedance test
  • Impedance theory
  • Intercell connection resistance
  • Testing and electrical paths
  • Voltage
  • Specific gravity
  • Float current
  • Battery testing matrix – IEEE recommended practices

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Selected Training Course: Substation Battery Testing and Maintenance
Duration: One day (8AM to 4PM)
Price: $549.00

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