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Troubleshooting Complex Electrical Systems

Analytically Troubleshoot Complex Electrical Systems with Deductive Reasoning

This three-day program is designed for electrical troubleshooters and is guaranteed to improve their troubleshooting processes and significantly reduce downtime costs. We have distilled our 5 day course down to an essential masterclass over 3 days with a max class size of 5 (Down from 8) You will have direct video and audio communication between yourself and the instructor and other attendees at all times.

This system is a product of over 30 years of refined development. Thousands of electrical professionals from every industry in the world have attended, and the testimonials speak for themselves. This program will greatly challenge experienced troubleshooters in their skills and their preconceptions but is also flexible enough to develop strong fundamental processes in newer troubleshooters.

They do not teach this methodology in university or technical college, as you cannot begin to appreciate and fully understand it until you are already a credentialed electrical professional. Any troubleshooter determined to improve their game will be able to apply our Analytical Electrical Troubleshooting TM methodology to electrical and other systems, collectively saving hundreds of thousands of dollars of downtime during the career of the successful participant.

It is easy to troubleshoot a familiar system but what happens when they are presented with something they have never experienced? When we watch these troubleshooters in slow motion on an unfamiliar problem we see that more than half of their testing is wasted because they do not use a logical, analytical, planned approach. Hours, and sometimes days, drag on before faults are found. Our experience shows that we can improve the skills of experienced troubleshooters 25%, 200-300% in others and immeasurably for some. This translates into major reductions in unplanned downtime.

Learn the mental processes used to best solve technical problems with engaging and sometimes infuriating projects and systems!

This course will give your troubleshooters the logic roadmap that can be successfully applied to any problem, even mechanical or coding. With a large array of electrical, electronic and other simulators we create problems that require troubleshooters to engage the parts of their brains that are used during ALL troubleshooting situations.

To drill this into your troubleshooters we provide them with an unlimited amount of real life problems and as they gain mastery they slowly and then quickly increase their speed and accuracy.

Just like an NBA shooting coach or a PGA swing coach, we start right at the basics to make sure nothing is missed and then we guide them through an escalating series of increasingly complex problems. At critical milestones, we give your troubleshooters innovative tools and concepts that significantly accelerate their troubleshooting speed and accuracy, resulting in huge gains in their confidence to solve complex industrial problems correctly in record time!

A major outcome from this training will be a huge increase in job satisfaction. Your troubleshooters will be keenly aware of their increased competence and feel capable of extraordinary achievement. The natural result is a dramatic increase in productivity; your people will see the impact of a job well done and will want to do more.

Who should attend

This training is recommended for: Engineers, Technicians, Industrial Electricians, Instrumentation Mechanics, and any other Electrical Worker who must be relied on to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix electrical systems.

You will be able to:

After the training you will be able to: Significantly reduce electrical equipment downtime by rigourously applying our proprietary troubleshooting process

I. Troubleshoot Using An Analytical Procedure

Objective – Troubleshoot an electrical circuit or system following a logical, structured procedure.

  • Describe Analytical Thinking
  • Apply Convergent Thinking Skills
  • Apply Divergent Thinking Skills
  • Apply Deductive Reasoning Skills
  • Apply Inductive Reasoning Skills
  • Develop an Analytical Troubleshooting Procedure
  • Develop an Analytical Electrical Troubleshooting Procedure

II. Prepare To Troubleshoot

Objective – Develop preparatory skills.

  • Gather Data
  • Make Factual Observations
  • Select Troubleshooting Tools

III. Analyze The Faulted System

Objective – Use a systematic process to localize the problem.

  • Deduce Fault Type
  • Deduce Location

IV. Plan Your Troubleshooting Approach

Objective – Use both empirical and inferred data to plan your steps.

  • Evaluate Hazards
  • Select Starting Point
  • Plan Minimum Troubleshooting Steps
  • Deduce Test Results

V. Troubleshoot The System

Objective – Apply a non-redundant series of tests supported with documentation of the process.

  • Control Hazards
  • Conduct Tests
  • Record Tests and Results

VI. Interpret Data

Objective – Utilize results of troubleshooting to both fix the current problem but to also deduce root cause.

  • Evaluate Test Results
  • Adjust Troubleshooting Approach
  • Identify Cause of Failure

VII. Troubleshoot DC System Problems

Objective – Apply analytical electrical troubleshooting procedure to dc circuits.

  • Open Circuits
  • Short Circuits
  • Voltage Drops
  • Grounded Circuits
  • Crossed Circuits

VIII. Troubleshoot Single Phase System Problems

Objective – Apply analytical electrical troubleshooting procedure to single-phase circuits.

  • Open Circuits
  • Short Circuits
  • Grounded Circuits
  • Crossed Circuits

IX. Troubleshoot Three Phase Motor Circuit Problems

Objective – Apply analytical electrical troubleshooting procedure to three-phase motor circuits.

  • Open Circuits
  • Short Circuits
  • Grounded Circuits
  • Crossed Circuits

X. Troubleshoot Electrical Control System Problems

Objective – Apply analytical electrical troubleshooting procedure to electrical control circuits.

  • Open Circuits
  • Short Circuits
  • Grounded Circuits
  • Crossed Circuits

XI. Troubleshoot Unknown System Problems

Objective – Apply analytical electrical troubleshooting procedure to unknown systems

  • What is Known
  • What is Unknown
  • Applying the Process

XII. Conclusion

Objective – Conclude course and evaluate troubleshooting skill progression in both speed and accuracy.

  • Evaluation of Learned Skills
  • Review of Course Goals

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Training Summary

Selected Training Course: Troubleshooting Complex Electrical Systems
Duration: Three days (8AM to 4PM)
Price: $1649.00

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