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Variable Frequency Drive Programming, Maintenance & Motor Control Troubleshooting

Variable Frequency Drive Programming, Maintenance & Motor Control Troubleshooting

This online 3-day training course will give you the comprehensive knowledge and understanding to safely and effectively work on motor control circuits and VFD installations. Real World Simulation based, it will give your staff the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot motors, motor control systems, troubleshoot and program a variety of VFD’s.

A distillation of the most important parts of our our 5 day Lab supported hands-on training, you will learn the essential tests and diagnosis of faulted three phase motors and solid state drives and starting systems, using software labs and simulations.

We cover VFD’s from ABB, Allen-Bradley, Cutler-Hammer, Danfoss, Eaton, Mitsubishi, Sinamic, Telemecanique,Delta, Hitachi, Honeywell, Omron, Teco-Westinghouse, Trane, Weg and Yaskawa.

Hydraulics are also included and we teach your workers how to program constant and variable torque loads with the capability to measure pressure, flow, overload each system and cavitate the pumps.

This broad exposure will give your workers the competence to open the manual for any VFD, set the required parameters and analyze problems. Your systems can also be integrated into this program at no extra cost to you, please prior to the course send us the details of your common site VFD’s.

It is common for workers to recognize current problems and realize opportunities for improvements to their systems during this training. We are ISO 9001 certified and authorized to provide CEU’s for this training. Since 1980 we have trained over 35,000 students.

Special attention is also provided to the dangers of VFD’s and how to work with them safely

Who should attend:

This training is recommended for: Electricians, Instrumentation Mechanics, Technicians, and any other worker who must be relied on to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix electrical systems.

You will be able to:

After the training you will be able to: Troubleshoot electric motors, motor control systems, and program a variety of VFD’s. To test and diagnose different three phase motors with internal faults using IR, DW, WR, impedance and surge testers, and troubleshoot a variety of faulted panels and MCC systems.

I. VFD Hazards

Objective – Work safely around and with VFD’s to protect themselves, others and your facility.

  • Human Dangers
  • System Dangers

II. VFD Applications

Objective – Recognize applications where VFD’s or their improvement will benefit your facility.

  • Energy Savings
  • Process Control
  • Client Systems

III. VFD Connections

Objective – Install a VFD

  • Drive Components
  • VFD Wiring
  • VFD Reference Signals
  • Test Points

IV. VFD 1: Telemecanique Operation

Objective – Install and program a Telemecanique variable frequency drive.

  • VFD Programming
  • Standard Operation
  • Advanced Operation

V. VFD Braking

Objective – Provide braking to a VFD

  • Standard Braking Method
  • Alternative Braking Methods

VI. VFD’s 2-7 Motor Control Projects

Objective – Install and program a variety of variable frequency drives.

  • VFD 2: Sinamics
  • VFD 3: Allen-Bradley
  • VFD 4: Cutler Hammer
  • VFD 5: Mitsubishi
  • VFD 6: ABB
  • VFD 7: Danfoss

VII. VFD’s 8 & 9 Constant Torque and Variable Torque Loads

Objective – Install and program VFDs to control constant and variable torque loads.

  • Application Curves
  • Constant Torque Practical Projects
  • Variable Torque Practical Projects

XIII. Review VFD’s 10 – 17

Objective – Determine how to program, test and troubleshoot any variable frequency drive.

  • VFD 10 – Delta
  • VFD 11 – Hitachi
  • VFD 12 – Honeywell
  • VFD 13 – Omron
  • VFD 14 – Teco-Westinghouse
  • VFD 15 – Trane
  • VFD 16 – Weg
  • VFD 16 – Yaskawa

IX. VFD Control Schemes

Objective – Maintain and troubleshoot a variety of VFD control schemes.

  • Control Modes
  • Feedback Loops
  • Closed Loop and PID
  • VFD Control Schemes

X. Medium Voltage Drives (Inhouse Option Only)

Objective – Program, maintain and troubleshoot client medium voltage VFD system problems.

  • Client Drive

XI. System Problems

Objective – Identify and troubleshoot VFD system problems.

  • Drive Protection
  • System Protection
  • Motor Protection
  • Installation

XII. VFD Maintenance

Objective – Perform predictive maintenance on VFD systems.

  • Standard Maintenance
  • Advanced Maintenance
  • VFD 18 Liquid Cooled VFD’s

XIII. Motor and VFD System Failure Modes

Objective – Identify the failure modes of motor and VFD systems.

  • System Troubleshooting
  • Three Phase Motor Construction

XIV. Commissioning

Objective – Commission a variable frequency drive.

  • Acceptance Testing

XV. Testing and Troubleshooting

Objective – Test and troubleshoot motor and VFD systems.

  • Test Variable Frequency Drives
  • Three Phase Motor Testing
  • Troubleshoot Motor Control Circuits

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Selected Training Course: Variable Frequency Drive Programming, Maintenance & Motor Control Troubleshooting
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