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Get 15% OFF on Pro Premium Plan with discount code: UX21M. Study specialized electrical engineering articles and papers in Low- and High-Voltage areas.

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Why Go Premium?

Premium is amazing. Premium membership gives you an opportunity to study specialized technical articles, online video courses, electrical engineering guides, and papers. It helps you to shape up your technical skills in your everyday life as an electrical engineer in Low- Medium- and High-Voltage branches of electrical engineering.

As a premium member, you can create and customize PDFs from thousands of technical articles, both premium and regular. For engineers who are on the move and need EEP's information on the fly, an Android app with member login is available.

Nowadays, it's hard to get the 'experienced information'. This information does not come from books but experienced electrical engineers working in our industry for many years, and we can tell - it's tough to find. EEP's primary goal is to create the essence of it and put it in the premium membership bottle. This is what you get with our premium membership.

With a premium account, you get additional essence that enhances your knowledge and experience in low- medium- and high-voltage engineering fields.

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Plans and Pricing

Limited time offer: 15% discount on Pro Plan with discount code UX21M (offer expires soon).
Did you know? You get a 50% discount on all video courses & bundles by purchasing the Enterprise Plan.

Check out each plan's benefits and choose the membership that works best for you or your organization. You can purchase annually based Plus, Pro, or Enterprise membership.

Note that premium members with an Enterprise subscription plan have a 50% discount on all EEP Academy's video courses and bundles.
To purchase a plan, click on the button 'Buy Now'. Once on the checkout page, review your order and choose your one-time non-recurring payment method (Paypal or by credit card). Your payment is securely processed by our partner, 2Checkout.

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Regular Technical Articles
Regular Technical ArticlesAccess to regular technical articles in fileds of LV/MV/LV applications
 Electrical Guides and Papers
Regular Electrical GuidesAccess to regular electrical guides, papers and guidelines in fileds of LV/MV/LV applications
 Premium technical articles
Premium Technical ArticlesTwo premium technical articles weekly written by experienced electrical engineers
 Newsletter With Full Articles
Newsletter With Full ArticlesReceive eight newsletters per month with complete technical articles published
 Android Application
Android ApplicationAndroid application for much easier and faster access to your premium content
 Custom Dashboard
Custom DashboardDashboard with latest published premium technical articles and guides
 No Annoying Ads
No Annoying AdsBest experience with no distracting and annoying ads while reading technical articles and guides
 Save Articles To PDF Format
Save Articles To PDF FormatSave every technical article to the beautiful PDF document with chapters
 Advanced Electrical Guides
Advanced Electrical GuidesAccess to advanced LV/MV/HV electrical engineering guides, handbooks and papers
 50% OFF on all video courses
50% OFF on all video courses50% discount granted on all courses and bundles at EEP Academy
 Total Cost
Total Cost:€0.00€89.88 per year€115.08 per year€147.48 per year

Premium Membership Features

Enjoy the benefits of a premium membership on EEP - Electrical Engineering Portal!

Premium Technical Articles

2 premium technical articles per month written by experienced engineers

Advanced LV/MV/HV Electrical Guides

Access to premium LV/MV/HV electrical guides, handbooks and papers

50% Discount at EEP Academy

50% discount granted on all 50+ courses and bundles at EEP Academy

Saving Technical Articles To PDF

Save every technical article to the beautiful PDF document

Newsletter With Complete Technical Articles

Receive an email with complete technical article right after being published

Android application

Fully functional application only for premium members

No Annoying Ads

No distracting and annoying ads while reading technical articles & guides

Membership Dashboard

Dashboard with latest published premium technical articles & guides
Premium Membership Dashboard