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EEP Pro Membership Plan
EEP Pro Membership Plan

Professional EEP Plan

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EEP Pro Membership Plan
EEP Pro Membership Plan

Premium Pro membership plan includes everything of the Plus plan with addition of access to advanced electrical guides and technical papers which will further shape your technical skills. This plan includes specialized technical articles in fields of low- medium- and high-voltage applications written by experienced electrical engineers who have worked or still working in our industry for 15+ years.

These articles are always explained in-depth, and go into great detail on a topic, covering everything that might be useful to power engineers and technicians who work with power substations, maintenance or supervising.

The Pro membership plan includes a feature of printing any technical articles, both regular and premium, in PDF format, which is helpful in saving valuable information for later.

Pro plan includes an Android application for accessing EEP’s both regular and premium resources on the go. It’s worth mentioning that members with this plan can read technical articles and other EEP content without distracting and annoying ads.

As a premium member with this membership plan, you can translate thousands of technical articles into your language and save them to PDFs.

What’s so special with our premium articles?

Nowadays, it’s hard to get the ‘experienced information‘. This information does not come from books but experienced electrical engineers working in our industry for many years, and we can tell – it’s tough to find. EEP’s primary goal is to create the essence of it and put it in the premium membership bottle. This is what you get with our premium membership.

Premium Technical Articles

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