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Electrical Safety for Facilities
Electrical Safety for Facilities (VIDEO)

This two videos represent the introduction to electrical safety for facilities.

In part one we will:

  1. Look at the effects electricity has on the body based on current, voltage, time, path, and resistance
  2. Illustrate how electricity behaves and how shock can result
  3. Discuss the hazards of energized work, give safety recommendations, and illustrate the dangers of shock, arc, and blast
  4. Demonstrate how to isolate or “clear” parts of an electrical system, look at lockout/tagout procedures, and show how to select and install temporary grounds.

Part One – Electrical Hazards

Part Two – Bonding and Grounding

Part Two covers:

  • General requirements for bonding and grounding of electrical installations
  • The function of personal protective grounds
  • Description of basic design requirements for personal protective grounds
  • Demonstration of techniques for installing and removing personal protective grounds – hazards associated with circuit breakers, fuses, transformers, contactors, cables and batteries.

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  1. shantharaju rangappa
    Jul 27, 2016

    Excellent, Very informative in all aspects of engineering issues

  2. ALIKHAN100
    Jan 16, 2014

    its nice for learning

  3. Saoloan
    May 18, 2013

    Most of These Articles and Videos also books which issued by this site(EEP) is very Useful for Electrical Instrumen Practicing,Engineer,Technician & Maintenance…, Amazing…,!!!

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