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This video uses Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation software to teach you how to troubleshoot an electrical motor control circuit. At the end is just an example how our software uses real world workorder system to track student while doing electrical troubleshooting with our simulation software, and the detailed analysis report.

(helps student learn better ways to troubleshoot.)

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  1. allal sahnoune
    Dec 18, 2019

    IT’s interssted

  2. Joseph Macharia
    Jul 30, 2019

    Was so educative ,want more
    How can I download software for simulation design troubleshooting


  3. Ulysess A. Bragais
    May 29, 2016

    pls. send me reference/aid in teaching motor control and basic trouble shooting! thanks and more power!

  4. Bernard
    Nov 25, 2015

    What’s the best way to bury earthrod?

  5. Mr Fodil
    Feb 19, 2015

    The protection of motors is done by thermal relays excits to its comand the thermistance place inside the winding of the motor.

  6. Dre
    Apr 17, 2014


    Nice video, enjoyed the simplicity of it

  7. Muhammad Sarfraz
    Jun 12, 2013

    Dear Sir,
    Could you advice which one is the best software tool for industrial LV power distribution application, design, schematic layout and cables+ component selection of complete and new installation project.


  8. Aiman Amaj
    Feb 28, 2013

    Very nice. The rotating magnetic field is the basic of any AC machine . Note: the armature winding are on the stator .thnx

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