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What we are looking here are five units of energy service meters, five disconnects on the up side and feeder wires coming in. Top wires are going to interior panel. Cable label can be read very clear, and it’s sized for 100A. If you look closer to the neutral conductor, you can clearly see the signs of distortion and discoloration.

These are the signs that something’s wrong with conductor, in this case it’s overheating of neutral.

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  1. Terry
    Jan 19, 2014

    The photo published on Facebook is wrong. The photo shows the three phase connections of a panel but does not show any neutral connection yet it speaks of overheating neutral. The connection of the red taped wire is a problem of overheating, probably due to a loose connection, but it is NOT a neutral connection. I am very disappointed in EEP for publishing something so blatantly incorrect.

  2. Malik
    Jan 19, 2014

    I already add u in Facebook but some time I need more information.What is the actual problem.load go to high.cable loose some thing.our some one short.why this thing happens

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