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Job Opening

We are looking for experienced electrical engineer with writing skills to join our EE Team in spreading the knowledge in fields of high voltage engineering, protection relaying and power plant engineering.

Looking for electrical engineers with writing skills
Looking for electrical engineers with writing skills

Main tasks

This position is responsible for writing technical articles in fields of High voltage in general, High voltage protection relaying and Power plant engineering, including theory, applications and experience in related fields.

This position must be strong experienced engineer who wants to express his/her knowledge in form of technical articles.

  • Technical article MUST be premium, high quality, unique, 100% error free and dynamic for reading.
  • Technical articles will be between 800 and 1500 words.
  • Technical articles MUST have at least 3 relevant pictures (photos, schemes or diagrams) within content. Related videos are welcome.
  • Answer on comments and keep discussion on high level.

Experiences and skills

  • 3+ years professional work experience in electrical industry.
  • Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or related field (Masters degree preferred).
  • Writing and editing skills
    (previously published articles are considered as a plus)
  • In-depth understanding of proper English grammar and spelling


  • This position pays $100-$150 per technical article (max. 5 per month with possibility for increase).
  • Technical writer will get staff credit and be added to our staff writers website page.
  • Promotion of article author to the huge EEP’s audience, up to 2 mil. engineers throughout the world.

Important Notes

Please do not apply for this job if:

  • You have no time for daily updates and articles writing.
  • You are not familiar with technical narrative style.
  • Your english is not perfect.
  • You are not truly interested to join our team.

This job posting is closing on 2018, 15th of september.

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Job description: Technical writer in fields of high voltage, protection relaying and power plant engineering.

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