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Household Power Saver
Household Power Saver - Efficent? What is the real truth?

A household power low voltage saving devices has recently received a lot of attention from both consumers and manufacturers. It is generally used in residential homes to save energy and to reduce electricity bills. It is a small device which is to be plugged in any of the AC sockets in the house (Mostly near Energy Meter). Moreover, some of the companies claim that their power savers save up to 40% of the energy.

Many people believe that the claims made by the power savers manufacturing companies are false. Almost all people who buy power savers do it to reduce their electricity bills.

Many people who have used these power savers said that they could reduce their electricity bills with the devices; however the reduction was not as much as they had expected. Moreover, they could not figure out if the reduction in electricity bills was due to the power savers or because of their efforts to reduce their electrical usage. There have been several serious discussions about the genuineness of the device.

In this note, we will try to find the real truth behind these power savers which claim to save as much as 40% of energy.

Working Principle of Power Saver as per Manufacture

A Power Saver is a device which plugs in to power socket. Apparently just by keeping the device connected it will immediately reduce your power consumption. Typical claims are savings between 25% and 40%.

It is known that the electricity that comes to our homes is not stable in nature. There are many fluctuations, raise and falls, and surges/Spikes in this current. This unstable current cannot be used by any of the household appliances. Moreover, the fluctuating current wastes the electric current from the circuit by converting electrical energy into heat energy.

This heat energy not only gets wasted to the atmosphere, but also harms the appliances and wiring circuit.

Household power saver device - Schematic diagram
Household power saver device - Schematic diagram

Power Saver stores the electricity inside of it using a system of capacitors and they release it in a smoother way to normal without the spikes. The systems also automatically remove carbon from the circuit which also encourages a smoother electrical flow. This means that we will have less power spikes. More of the electricity flowing around circuit can be used to power appliances than before.

Basically it is claimed that Power savers work on the principle of surge protection technology. Power savers work on straightening this unstable electric current to provide a smooth and constant output. The fluctuation in voltage is unpredictable and cannot be controlled. However, the power savers utilize current fluctuation to provide a usable power by acting like a filter and allowing only smooth current to pass through the circuit. Power savers use capacitors for this purpose. When there is a surge of current in the circuit, the capacitor of the power saver stores the excess current and releases it when there is a sudden drop. Thus only smooth output current comes out of the device.

Moreover, a power saver also removes any type of carbon in the system, which facilitates further smoother flow. The main advantage of power savers is not that they provide a backup system in times of low current, but that it protects the household appliances. It is known that a sudden rise in the power can destroy the electrical appliance. Thus, the power saver not only protects the appliance but also increases its life. Moreover, they also reduce the energy consumption and thus the electricity bills.

The amount of power saved by a power saver depends on the number of appliances on the electrical circuit. Also, the system takes at least a week to adapt itself fully to the circuit, before it starts showing its peak performance. The maximum amount of voltage savings will be seen in areas where in the current fluctuation is the highest.

Household Power Saver Scam Review

Power Factor Correction for residential customers (home owners) is a scam? At most, each unit is worth as an investment. Power factor correction does make sense for some commercial / industrial customers.

Many companies are promoting and advertise that their Power Saver unit are able to save domestic residential power consumption by employing an “active power factor correction” method on the supply line. The concept seems pretty impressive as the concept is true and legally accepted. But practically, we will find that it’s not feasible.

To support above statement first we need to understand three terms:

  1. Type of electrical load of house,
  2. Basic power terminology (KW, KVA, KVAR).
  3. Electrical tariff method of electricity company for household consumer and industrial consumer.

There are basically two kinds of load that exists in every house: one that is resistive like incandescent lamps, heaters etc. and the other that’s capacitive or inductive like ACs, refrigerators, computers, etc.

The power factor of a Resistive Load like toaster or ordinary incandescent light bulb is 1 (one). Devices with coils or capacitors (like pumps, fans and florescent light bulb ballasts)-Reactive Load have power factors less than one. When the power factor is less than 1, the current and voltage are out of phase. This is due to energy being stored and released into inductors (motor coil) or capacitors on every AC cycle (usually 50 or 60 times per second).

There are three terms need to be understand when dealing with alternating (AC) power.

  1. First Term is kilowatt (kW) and it represents Real power. Real power can perform work. Utility meters on the side of House measure this quantity (Real Power) and Power Company charge for it.
  2. The second term is reactive power, measured in KVAR. Unlike kW, it cannot perform work. Residential customers do not pay for KVAR, and utility meters on houses do not record it too.
  3. The third term is apparent power, referred to as KVA. By use of multi meters we can measure current and voltage and then multiply the readings together we get apparent power in VA.
Power triangle
Power triangle

Power Factor = Real Power (Watts) / Apparent Power (VA)

Therefore, Real Power (Watts) = Apparent Power × PF = Voltage × Ampere × PF.

Ideally a PF = 1, or unity, for an appliance defines a clean and a desired power consumption mostly Household Equipments (The dissipated output power becomes equal to the applied input power).

In the above formula we can see that if PF is less than 1, the amperes (current consumption) of the appliances increase, and vice verse.

With AC Resistive Load, the voltage is always in phase with the current and constitutes an ideal power factor equal to 1. However, with inductive or capacitive loads, the current waveform lags behind the voltage waveform and is not in tandem. This happens due to the inherent properties of these devices to store and release energy with the changing AC waveform, and this causes an overall distorted wave form, lowering the net PF of the appliance.

Manufacture claim that the above problem may be solved by installing a well-calculated inductor/capacitor network and switching it automatically and appropriately to correct these fluctuations. A power saver unit is designed exactly for this purpose. This correction is able to bring the level of PF very close to unity, thus improving the apparent power to a great extent. An improved apparent power would mean less CURRENT consumption by all the domestic appliances.

So far everything looks fine, but what’s the use of the above correction?

The Utility Bill Which We pay is never based on Apparent Power (KVA) but it is based on Real Power (KW). The utility bill that we pay is never for the Apparent Power- it’s for the Real Power.

By Reducing Current Consumption Does Not Reduce Power Bills of Household Consumer.

Study of Power Saver in Domestic Load

Let us try to study Household’s Reactive-Resistive Electrical Load and Voltage Spike Characteristic by example.

1. Power Saver in Reactive Load of Home

Let’s take One Example for reactive Load: A refrigerator having a rated Real Power of 100 watts at 220 V AC has a PF = 0.6. So Power=Volt X Ampere X P.F becomes 100 = 220 × A × 0.6 Therefore, A = 0.75 Ampere

Now suppose after Installing Power Saver if the PF is brought to about 0.9, the above result will now show as: 100 = 220 × A × 0.9 And A = 0.5 Ampere

In the second expression we clearly show that a reduction in current consumption by the refrigerator, but interestingly in both the above cases, the Real Power remains the same, i.e. the refrigerator continues to consume 100 watts, and therefore the utility bill remains the same. This simply proves that although the PF correction done by an energy saver may decrease the Amperage of the appliances, it can never bring down their power consumption and the electric Bill amount.

Reactive power is not a problem for a Reactive Load of Home appliances like A.C, Freeze, motor for its operation. It is a problem for the electric utility company when they charge for KW only. If two customers both use the same amount of real energy but one has a power factor of 0.5, then that customer also draws double the current. This increased current requires the Power Company to use larger transformers, wiring and related equipment.

To recover these costs Power Company charged a Penalty to industrial customers for their Low power factors and give them benefits if they improve their Power Factor in. Residential customers (homes) are never charged extra for their reactive Power.

2. Power Saver in Resistive Load of Home

Since a resistive load does not carry a PF so there is not any issue regarding filtering of Voltage and Current, So Power = Voltage X Current.

3. In Voltage Spike / Fluctuation condition of Household Appliances

In above discussion simply proves that as long as the voltage and the current are constant, the consumed power will also be constant. However, if there’s any rise in the input voltage because of a fluctuation, then as explained above your appliances will be forced to consume a proportionate amount of power. This becomes more apparent because current, being a function of voltage, also rises proportionately. However, this rise in the power consumption will be negligibly small; the following simple math will prove this.

Consider a bulb consuming 100 watts of power at 220 volts. This simply means at 240 volts it will use up about 109 watts of power. The rise is just of around 9% and since such fluctuations are pretty seldom, this value may be furthermore reduced to less than 1%, and that is negligible.

Thus the above discussions convincingly prove that energy savers can never work and the concept is not practically feasible.

What happens when Power Saver is installed?

The Fig shows the result of using Power Saver. The air conditioner (which has a large compressor motor) is still consuming reactive power but it is being supplied by a nearby capacitor (which is what is in those “KVAR” boxes). If you were to mount it at the air conditioner and switch it on with the air conditioner plus you sized the capacitor perfectly, then there would be no reactive power on the line going back to the fuse panel.

If the wire between your fuse panels is very long and undersized, reducing the current would result in it running cooler and having a higher voltage at the air conditioner. These savings due to cooler wiring is minimal.

What happens when Power Saver is installed
What happens when Power Saver is installed

A further complication is that if you install the “KVAR” unit at the fuse panel, it does nothing for the heat losses except for the two feet of huge wire between the fuse panel and the utility meter. Many KVAR units are marketed as boxes that you install at a single location.

If your power factor box is too large, then it will be providing reactive power for something else, perhaps your neighbor.


Power factor correction devices improve power quality but do not generally improve energy efficiency (meaning they would not reduce your energy bill). There are several reasons why their energy efficiency claims could be exaggerated.

First, residential customers are not charged for KVA – hour usage, but by kilowatt-hour usage. This means that any savings in energy demand will not directly result in lowering a residential user’s utility bill.

Second, the only potential for real power savings would occur if the product were only put near in the circuit while a reactive load (such as a motor) were running, and taken out of the circuit when the motor is not running. This is impractical, given that there are several motors in a typical home that can come on at any time (refrigerator, air conditioner, HVAC blower, vacuum cleaner, etc.), but the Power Saver itself is intended for permanent, unattended connection near the house breaker panel.

And certainly not in the way the manufacturers recommend that they be installed, that is, permanently connecting them at the main panel. Doing that drags the power factor capacitive when the inductive motors are off and could create some real problems with ringing voltages.

The KVAR needs to be sized perfectly to balance the inductive loads. Since our motors cycle on and off and we don’t use the air conditioner in the winter, there is no way to get it sized properly unless we have something to monitor the line and switch it on and off capacity (capacitors) as necessary.

Adding a capacitor can increase the line voltage to dangerous levels because it interacts with the incoming power transmission lines. Adding a capacitor to a line that has harmonic frequencies (created by some electronic equipment) on it can result in unwanted resonance and high currents.

For commercial facilities, power factor correction will rarely be cost-effective based on energy savings alone. The bulk of cost savings power factor correction can offer is in the form of avoided utility charges for low power factor.

Energy savings are usually below 1% and always below 3% of load, the higher percentage occurring where motors are a large fraction of the overall load of a facility. Energy savings alone do not make an installation cost effective.

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Jignesh Parmar

Jignesh Parmar has completed M.Tech (Power System Control), B.E (Electrical). He is member of Institution of Engineers (MIE), India. He has more than 20 years experience in transmission & distribution-energy theft detection and maintenance electrical projects.


  1. Don Harris
    Nov 09, 2023

    Many are trying to scam us out of our money; Solar is two exspensive to own unless you have 100K up front (or you finance), and still excess power back to the grid is non-reimbursable in TX. I just want the truth and fair deal, I’m 66.6yrs and on a fixed income making it difficult to afford a lot!

  2. Daniel Mann
    Nov 05, 2023

    I write this comment bases upon my 39 years of engineering experience and with a bsee plus registration as a professional engineer in Texas and Oklahoma.
    The explanation using engineering terminology will only confuse the average individual who has zero background n engineering. About 1985, I was tasked with evaluating a device similar to the Stop Watt. I compared the energy consumption of various loads with and without the so called energy saving device and found no difference which could be documented. This should be all that is necessary to prove the device is a scam. There is also an IEEE paper issued in 2022 which performed tests similar to ones I performed in about 1985, which determined the so called energy saving devices are a scam.

  3. Barbara Hornet
    Nov 01, 2023

    I don’t understand “rel=no follow”, but I’ll go on anyway. Thank you for this article— and the many hours of work put into it. Doubly thank you that I didn’t spend hard-earned money on a scam.

  4. Ron Navidad
    Oct 23, 2023

    Thank you very much for a very detailed discussion of these e-saver products. I didn’t think they worked, but I was close to experimenting, by buying one. You saved me $$.

  5. Doug Chung
    Oct 22, 2023

    Thank you for the informative discussion on the power saving devices. The details cleared up the differences in the terminology and its respective actual usage.

  6. Tom Gibson
    Oct 10, 2023

    I retired from a electrical utility co and glad you have broke this down for the public to understand the concept and be aware of the scam, people are selling snake oil all the time.

  7. Chris
    Sep 27, 2023

    Jignesh, your coverage of the facts was quite informative. Bottom line, residents pay for power. Lines losses in homes are small, and can’t be compensated for with such a stupidly small device, and would be prohibitively expensive for the cost of building a real working phase corrector low pass filter. The Power Department does phase correction for the transition lines where losses are substantial.

  8. Karl
    Sep 10, 2023

    Thanks for the refresher so that I can share the reasons with a friend that wants to install a wattsaver.

  9. laura mcgee
    Sep 08, 2023

    I put this site in my favorites.

  10. jay catedral
    Sep 05, 2023

    There is nothing complicated about this issue. ANY product selling for $100 or less that claims it can reduce your electric bill without eliminating appliances is simply a scam. On a similar note, products selling for about the same amount claim to double or triple your gas mileage. Over the counter drugs claim to treat heart disease, cancer, etc. The axiom is simple, If it’s too good to be true, it is not true.

    • Bruce
      Sep 13, 2023

      You are so right. There are so many false and misleading products in the marketplace today that far too many uninformed people respond to and receive no material benefits. Please continue your well informed and professional research that “tells it like it is”

  11. Graham Burge
    Sep 04, 2023

    Not sure why I would publish a comment that you people will delete if you don’t agree. The truth of the matter is that there is no savings in these gadgets. You have been had, too bad so sad!!! So go ahead and delete me because you don’t want anyone to know the truth!!!

  12. Delores Clemons
    Aug 28, 2023

    Is it safe to leave the Power Savers plugged in while the home is unoccupied?

    Aug 17, 2023

    I have an oversized kitchen. My countertop has several outlets for the following.
    Coffee percolator, K-Kupp Coffee maker, Air Fryer, Microwave and Toaster Oven.
    If I use more than one appliance at a time- my main circuit breaker or the GFI
    would trigger and disconnect. Although I have saved very little on my energy bill the
    Pro Power Saver ended the loss of power, allowing me to use multiple devices at
    the same time.

  14. Stan Marks
    Aug 06, 2023

    First, unplug your lamp and change the wall socket. There’s a short, which can cause an electrical fire. You may even see some black soot around the plate. Outlets are very inexpensive and can be purchased at any big box store. They are easy to install.
    When you’re dealing with electricity, there’s always a chance for electrical shock.

    Good luck..

  15. Stan Marks
    Aug 06, 2023

    I’ve been using these so called plug in power savers, all over my home, including one next to my circuit breaker, in the basement. I’ve had them for several years.
    I find there is no difference in my electric bill.
    If I could afford it, I would switch to the solar panels. Unfortunately, I’m retired and on a fixed income.

    Thanks for your insightful article.


  16. patty
    Aug 06, 2023

    I want to know what is happening, technically when you plug a lamp into a household socket and you see sparks, same if you unplug it, seeing sparks. The obvious, it’s extremely deadly because of the fire risk. But what about electric shock? At 1 rental this happened in, I was told the electrical box is old and bad and that it is drawing more electricity than the condo needed. The landlord didn’t want to fix it, too expensive. I moved, but not before I told every neighbor around me, they might lose their home due to fire.

    • Mark Andrew
      Aug 16, 2023

      You may have a slack connection in the outlet, so consult your elewctrician

  17. Rick
    Aug 02, 2023

    There is a response to these “Magical electric saver” devices that actually purchased one and dissected it. The pictures show that the supposed “capacitor” that was saving energy was not even fully connected to the electric lines. The device was simply a resistor and LED to provide the green light. I think most of the evergy saving people see on their bills is due to seasonal weather changes that change the need for AC or Heat. I was a utility energy that tested power factor for consumers, worked to improve it and was responsible for voltage management at utility substation.
    These devices are a method to separate the buyer from some of their money.

    • Mimi Hunt
      Aug 08, 2023

      So if these electric power savers do not function as they should, why are they still in the market, this is a scam. This is basically stealing money from clueless customers. We all should put a stop on useless electric power savers, or file a class action lawsuit.

  18. Nick
    Jul 12, 2023

    A good explanation but I do not understand this statement.
    “Moreover, a power saver also removes any type of carbon in the system, which facilitates further smoother flow.”
    What carbon can there be and how can it be removed by this?

  19. Alix Remponeau
    Jun 05, 2023

    Interesting article. In my situation, the power company delivers fluctuating voltage from 220 down to 140 quite frequently. I purchased an AVRDSA3000VA to help stabilize the voltage I feed my home telecommunication equipment and desktop.
    When I use the AVR, my bill increases drastically. I suspect that increase to be caused by the work it does to maintain 220v. At 13 pesos per killowat, my bill jumped from about P4000 to P5000 and 6000 occasionally. In essence, by delivering a lower voltage, the utility company gives itself a raise. It gives less, but gets paid more.

    I would love feedbacks on this situation.

  20. Kathryn
    May 13, 2023

    Thank you for this article. It confirmed my impression that these devices would not perform as claimed.

  21. Kathryn
    Apr 22, 2023

    Thank you for this technical explanation. I was skeptical about the exaggerated claims of power saving and electric bill reductions. I would not want such a device in my home that would increase power line voltage up to dangerous levels.

    In Appreciation,

  22. Edwin Beard
    Apr 14, 2023

    The one thing I’m seeing most that could be worth using these is that they protect appliances during a power surge. Correct?

  23. Nancy Hilliard
    Mar 10, 2023

    So a power saver is just a fancy night light.

  24. Rich
    Mar 09, 2023

    I have used the Pro Power over a month now. My electric bill went from $103.00 the previous month to $88.00 this last bill. Was it because of Pro Power? Don’t know.

    I am eager to see this month’s bill.

      Apr 19, 2023

      OK, so, Rich thinks he is saving money with the Pro Power…is he?…is anyone monitoring this thread?///that was 3.9.23, today is 4.19.23.

    • Robert H
      Jul 13, 2023

      It’s now July. How’s it going?

  25. Larry
    Mar 08, 2023

    Industrial capacitors work to improve PFactor for the power suppliers. The more motors, the more KVAR is needed. The most efficient system uses properly sized capacitors located at the terminals of the motors. Usually, this application is appropriate for systems that are powered by generators to improve efficiency.

    • Donald Kelly
      Mar 15, 2023

      Well said. In the majority of households, bills are based on KWH only, in higher demand homes, there may be multirate steps home). Most utilities may use a peak KVA (over shortened periods) as done with industrial cases. Why bother?. Note that large motors, (200KW), and short power outages ,the capacitors can cause up to twice normal starting torques than would occur without capacitors. I have analysed such a case.

  26. Tom Clement
    Feb 10, 2023

    The article appropriately debunks the idea that reducing spikes in an electrical circuit would significantly decrease your electrical usage. But it’s sad that it claims (several times) that “a power saver also removes any type of carbon in the system, which facilitates further smoother flow.”

    This is, of course, nonsense. An electrical circuit doesn’t have “carbon” in it that could be removed by a capacitor. Perhaps the author meant to say that if the claims of energy savings were true, then overall release of carbon into the atmosphere by burning of fossil fuels would be reduced. Yep, that would potentially be true if the premise was correct (which the article debunks). But could someone explain how a capacitor can “remove any type of carbon in the system”? Geez!!! The things people write and the things people believe!!!! It’s really discouraging.

    • tunamister
      Feb 25, 2023

      put out an idea & someone wants it , wether its Rediculas or not..!!.. solar candy for sun spot headaches.!!

    • Carl Falk
      Mar 05, 2023

      I just put the vacuum cleaner nozzle over the wall outlet and remove the ‘carbon’ that way…

      • Dee Jay
        Nov 20, 2023

        Carl, Thanks for your brief bit of humor on this thread!
        It gave me pause to laugh aloud, which as you may know is good for ones health &
        good spirits.
        these energy saving devices are nothing more than LED night lights at best….
        PS: My vacuum cleaner also removed some accumulated dust that if correctly ionized
        might have sparked under high humidity and started a fire! Wowzer… Don’t spill
        your beer in your AC extention cord!! :-)


  27. John T
    Feb 09, 2023

    WOW! Finally someone wrote this up correctly. Thank you. I remember some one back in ~1965 trying to push this concept. It was two caps and twp coils of 10 gauge wire. That might smooth out the waveform right behind the filter but it is not saving money. HOAX

  28. Richard Gildner
    Jan 23, 2023

    Thank you for this article, it is true.

  29. Reggie Macamaux
    Jan 22, 2023

    Not being and electrician I am reading a lot of information I don’t know anything about. Electricity!! However, I also understand that the way it was explained was quite confusing due to that fact…However I will probably purchase a couple of these units and try them out for the winter just to satisfy my curiosity. I have a whole house generator so don’t really need these items. However my curiosity has killed my cat so to speak. So, in the long run I will purchase a couple of units, probably three of them, install them as directed and test them out in my home. If they work, they work. If not for what they are selling for I won’t consider the investment a loss.

  30. Cate
    Jan 22, 2023

    Thanks for the info, a little to techy for me to understand , but the bottom line was be conservative on power consumption and save your cash to buy more Led bulbs for replacement !! Thanks again 👍

    • Ken Phillips
      Feb 15, 2023

      The sellers are counting on the subject being too “techy”.

  31. Jessi
    Jan 04, 2023

    I have purchased a power saving product and it has worked without me changing any of my power consuming habits. I have read your evidence that it shouldn’t but all I can say is regardless, that it does. Depending on the season from 50-100$ a month.

    • James Brewer
      Jan 29, 2023

      What brand of saver do you have?

      • Donald Kelly
        Mar 04, 2023

        the article is even, without the carbon, ignoring facts. these devices are capacitors which store energy in one half cycle (0.008 second at 60Hz) and return it to the supply in the next half cycle (inductive loads do the same but with lagging vs leading current. these gadgets near the meter do not change the downstream load, except for minor changes to the supply voltage at the meter. To be effective they must be adjacent to the inductive loads. Note also that for the location at the meter, the capacitances reduce the power factor when little or no inductive loads are present. on a quiet night with all lights and appliances are on, pf would be near 0. By the way, avoiding low pf helps but typically in cases where this important, averaged peak KVA is a betterIn industrial and some commercial situations, putting capacitors near large or continous or large inductive loads does help as that does reduce kVAR . For households where typical bills re based on KWH there is no need to spend the money on these devices.

    • Ani
      Feb 24, 2023

      What brand did you buy @Jessi?

  32. Theresa Mayar
    Jan 02, 2023

    Thank you for expanding my knowledge base. After reading the articles I will not be purchasing the power Pro. More of my money saved !!

  33. Fred
    Dec 27, 2022

    The seller includes this statement: “The systems also automatically remove carbon from the circuit which also encourages a smoother electrical flow.”

    Is there on staff an individual who might describe how this specific process works?

    • Steve sokol
      Jan 23, 2023

      I have to admit that it has been well over 60 years since I complete my electricity courses as a physics major in college. Still this comment makes no sense to me. How does an electric circuit lose carbon? Are the power companies actually using carbon core wires in their transmission lines now? Even if they are, where does the carbon go? I have the adapter on my junction box to allow me to input my own electricity but I’m waiting for a HUGE drop in fuel prices.

  34. Michael J. Wisniewski
    Dec 24, 2022

    A lot of the info is above my comprehension of electricity, but the bottom line is what counts. I have always been suspicious this was the case but with so many various manufactures advertising them, there might be some validity to them. The reply from Matthew “Dec. 06, 2022” really put the answer to bed. Thanks again for the information, Mike

  35. Emma Francis
    Dec 19, 2022

    I purchased this product and it does not reduce bills, total waste of £40!
    Not a happy purchaser

  36. Jeff Edington
    Dec 13, 2022

    I live in a region the the power company charges demand charge to residential customers. I don’t know how the demand is calculated. I am in Yuma Arizona and APS is the power Company. Is it possible for them to measure power factor. And also I have a roof top photo voltaic system. I am curious as what the power factor from to DC inverter might be.

  37. Mike Pavuk
    Dec 12, 2022

    Excellent article and exactly correct

  38. Matthew
    Dec 06, 2022

    Someone on the internet busted one open to examine the guts. The unit is comprised of one (1) 100µF, 150 VAC, 60Hz electrolytic capacitor and an integrated circuit that controls a light emitting diode (LED).

    Residential homes are mainly comprised mostly of resistive load as indicated by the high utility power factor. The best way to provide “cleaner power” is to increase the load power factor by adding capacitance to counteract inductive effects (motors, switching power supplies, etc.). Because capacitive reactance is readily absorbed by the utility infrastructure, these components must be placed as close to the load as possible.

    A typical residential household uses an average of 2000 watts each hour at greater than 0.95 power factor. Each Pro Power Save unit effectively adds a 540 VAR (Volt-Ampere Reactive) component to “clean” the power. A detailed calculation (kVAR = Real Power (kW) x [(tan(arccos(original pf))) – (tan(arccos(target pf)))]) proves that 137 of the “Pro Power Save” units would be required to increase the power factor from 0.95 to 0.96. *IF* the units are spread equally across both legs of the 240V service, a customer could possibly save $.000059268 for each kWh of power usage. (This is based on $0.10/kWh cost of base power).

    Under these optimum conditions, a customer would recuperate the $6,713 spent for 137 units after using 113,265,168.4 kWh. At 2000 watts per hour, a customer’s monthly bill should reflect approximately 1,440 kWh; therefore, it would take 6,555 years to recuperate the cost of the Pro Power Save units.

    However, if a customer just wanted to feel “greener” by installing only one (1) Pro Power Saver unit, the $49 cost would be recuperated in 47.8 years of use… the warranty is only 90 days. This is a great scam.

    • donald Kelly
      Mar 08, 2023

      Mathew, overall you have given an excellent comment. However ,note that in a cycle , reactive VARs whether inductive or capacitive will be taken from the supply for half a cycle and returned in the next half cycle -net 0 over a cycle. Yes, There will be power lost in the resistance on the supply side of the “saver” but on the load side, it will have little or no effect. To have a good effect the saver shoud be as close to the inductive loads as possible, reducing the real power loss from the motor to the supply. Note also that the “saver” will be producing 540VARs day and night independent of household loads.

    • Donald Kelly
      Mar 10, 2023

      I must retract my previous praise. your calculation is wrong somewhere. Consider the triangle where VA =2000/ 0.95 =2105VA and the angle is arcccos 0.95 =18.2 degrees. The resultiing reactive Var =2105 times sin18.2 =657 VARs Subtract 540 VAR gives a new total of 117VAR the new value expressed as a complex number 2000+j117 which ,in polar form, is 2003 at an anglle of 3.35 degrees which leads to a new pf of 0.998 Adding more ‘ ower savers ” will reduce the power factor(capacitive rather than inductive )
      However most houses have 120/240 V systems with some loads at 240 V and other loads split between 2 120V main branches and “savers” would be on both branches. and the utility appreciate your gift. Agreed, putting one of these near an inductive load will reduce wiring losses slightly- not worth the cost or effort. Where I live energy charges are based on KWH only, one price per KWH up to a set total and an increased price above that.

  39. Lynne LaGoy
    Dec 06, 2022

    Does this power saver affect the lighting, making it dull? How do we know how much we are saving before we receive our bill? What if NYSEG calls us or shows up at our home, what do we say?

  40. Mike Permantier
    Nov 23, 2022

    Thanks for the information,,,,,I do believe that insulation and the use of led’s for lighting is a key to savings,,,,to bad it took them so long to market the led bulbs they really save so much it is wonderful…..Thanks again…..

  41. Tom
    Nov 21, 2022

    As a electrical engineer and one who has wired my 6000 sq ft house, there is no free lunch , these devices do alter your current flow but will not save much if any money.. Look for any air leaks and be sure your attic is well insulated. I installed foil between the rafters and loowered the summer temperature by 13 degrees and made the winter temperature much warmer. Insolation is the cheapest way to save money on electric bills.

  42. Jack Melnick
    Nov 20, 2022

    But let’s hear from someone (other than a shill from the company) who has actually installed one and compared month to month electric bills. DO THEY DO ANYTHING?

  43. Don Lloyd
    Nov 10, 2022

    Have you been targeted by an illegal business practice or scam? REPORT IT TO THE FTC! Do it now!

    Anyone that has experienced a fraudulent transaction should report the event to the Federal Trade Commission.
    Their website address is:

  44. Tom McGowan
    Nov 09, 2022

    There is no basis for the twice repeated “Moreover, a power saver also removes any type of carbon in the system, which facilitates further smoother flow.” Carbon where? Removing it how?
    The 90% reduction in power bills claims are ridiculous.

  45. Alice Trout
    Oct 30, 2022

    No such thing as a free lunch. These things will save you zero and are a naughty con.

  46. Mary H Yarborough
    Oct 27, 2022

    I have ordered a set of these devices. I’m no electrician, but I’m intelligent enough to deduct that something is amiss in my electrical system, because I am paying up to five times more a month than any home owner who has complained about their power bill. Therefore, it would appear that the marketers of these devices are playing on desperation since even those whining about a $150 electric bills (when mine is $350 for a 2,000 sq ft home) reflect a general concern about spiking energy bills.” An electrician inspected my breaker box and everything and said it’s all proper. So, if it’s a scam, it’s targeting folks like me. I cannot figure out what has created power bills that are 50% higher for the same usage a year ago, and at least 60% more than two years ago. My home has been hit with surges, which Dominion has addressed, but has not stopped it. If any of you pros could explain what I could do, I’d appreciate it. For example, does an upgraded breaker panel and breakers affect energy efficiency? In terms of those power savers, wouldn’t it be important to assign them to circuits on which higher power consumption exists? Otherwise, does breaker amperage (ie, 20 amp vs 15 amp, etc) on a circuit using multiple computer devices, entertainment systems, lights, etc. affect consumer anymore than a 10 amp circuit with a few of these? Sounds stupid, I know. But would I be better off segregating my devices or powered elements such them they are dedicated to different circuits instead of loading one circuit, and would that have any effect on the consumption/cost of electricity? ?These are basic homeowner questions that I believe should be addressed, and whether any power saver devices should be plugged into multiple circuits. In my view, I could see that my home (built in 1975) may have electrical systems that may not have the efficiency of newer systems, 12-2/3 14-2/3, 10-2, 6-2 circuits notwithstanding. Please address this, because the monthly electricity bills are breaking me. Thank you, gentlemen.

    • Bob
      Nov 07, 2022

      I think you’re digging too far into the weeds for an excessive household power problem. Don’t know what power plan you have with your utility but some plans involve an excess charge for going over a set rate and it will be stated in your utility bill. Some utilities have house energy inspections at no cost where the inspector will use heat sensors to detect conditioned air leakage around the exterior of the house. Did you buy an e-car that requires a special household transformer ? Have you bought many consumer appliances. that need transformers ? A transformer, although small, adds up with other “vampire” transformers.. Maybe try putting your chargers on a switchable power strip that can be shutoff when not used. Has regular maintenance been performed on the heavy demand appliances, like frig, freezer, etc.? The motors and coils should be vacuumed once a year. Furnace and air conditioner filters need to be replaced. The other alternative is to buy electrical timers for heavy demand appliances that shutoff during set intervals, like a frig at night which stays cold for half a day without power. Open window blinds and shutters during the day for light. Buy a manual carpet sweeper to substitute for a powered vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning – you get added benefit of some exercise. Powered dental irrigation can be replaced by a purchased hose device you attach to the sink or showerhead and you will have practically endless supply of water.

  47. pat ganley
    Oct 22, 2022

    do they really work. what is the average saving a month ?

  48. Robert Hales
    Oct 21, 2022

    Years ago, I worked in manufacturing as a supervisor at a Fortune 500 Company. The plant had lots of motors. Motors with very light loads have low power factors. The demand factor for peak loads can be as high as 50% of an industrial bill. Our power factor was below 92%. We were given 90 days to get it up to that value or pay a demand surcharge based on PEAK KVA. We analyzed each motor’s load. If the 5 HP motor could be replaced with a 3 HP motor, it got replaced with the smaller motor. If the 3 HP motor could be replaced by a 2 HP, it was replaced. Every motor in the plant was optimally sized to the load. We avoided the extra charge.

  49. Vickie
    Oct 17, 2022

    Thank you for saving me money, my tip for saving money, is to do your research on these so called money saving gadgets. I was getting ready to order a power saver and thought maybe I should do some research on them and low and behold I came across your article. Thank you for keeping it real !

  50. Khondker A ahmed
    Oct 15, 2022

    If the power saver does not save energy/money for residential customer -how they are selling their products. Why nobody/ consumer affair does not act on them
    To stop this products because their claim is completely false.

  51. Carlos E Maldonado
    Oct 12, 2022

    Thank you for a wonderful article on the such-claimed power savers. As a retired Chemical Engineer (BSCHE) I enjoyed reading it very much.

  52. Geoff Clark
    Oct 10, 2022

    It’s an excellent article by Jignesh. I am a retired electrician and for forty years worked at a very large industrial site that used a great deal of electrical energy. The majority of energy used was for large industrial motors, so to help with power correction to help reduce current demand, a power correction unit was built on site. It was a bank of very large capacitors.
    Power correction in the domestic home is a waste of time and money.

  53. Lomax
    Oct 08, 2022

    I have never in my life read such a load of rubbish in all my life.
    You were asked a question……Is the Power Saver a Scam……All it required was a Y or N.
    But no, you went into a lot of drivil that no one can understand including yourselves.
    The electric companies must really be afraid of these power saver.

    • Paul
      Oct 09, 2022

      This is an excellent article and certainly not drivel! Unless of course you are a seller of these devices!
      To put it simply for you, yes these devices are a waste of money although technically they are not a scam as the have a function in the power correction factor and some limited protection of equipment.
      In summary they are more of a deception than scam in that they will not actually save you money if your are a domestic user as your meter will always charge you for actual power used rather than reactive power.

      • Jerry Wakeen
        Oct 14, 2022

        Good job Paul. Reactive power vs Real Power is the main point. The power companies already correct the power factor by adding capacitors around their grid. The idea is to reduce reactive current by bringing the power factor closer to one, that is away from an inductive load toward a resistance load. This reduces losses in the lines and power companies have long long lines. You can see the relatively small capacitors hanging on power poles, not every pole but now and then. Smaller than the transformers that is. The typical home owner does not benefit because the meter is reading actual power used and not reactive power. Also the wiring in the home is not as long or carrying the loads that the power lines do, what is a fine tuned solution for a power company is negligable to a home owner. A “hard start” kit for a heat pump comes close but it is just a help for the compressor to get started.

      Oct 12, 2022

      I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  54. Darlene Lewis
    Oct 07, 2022

    No matter what you save… takes the SAVINGS Back by selling the product to you.

  55. Chris Read
    Sep 30, 2022

    Thank you Jignesh for this excellent article – female but understanding all the way, and I will definitely not be purchasing any one of the ‘energy saver’ units. Will continue to make do and mend instead.

  56. Ray
    Sep 29, 2022

    I purchase 2 electricity saving spike buster last year and in this short time they have both appear to have stopped working.
    The green light does not come on any more.
    Apparently they are out of warranty.
    A waste of money…………….

  57. Bill Bradshaw
    Sep 12, 2022

    What power companies are charging/penalizing for poor power factor on a residential service? Sure, it could help with some of your motor loads, but like pointed out by another writer, you only clean half of the circuit with a plug in unit. You would need two and be sure to plug into each leg of your 240v circuit. Waste of money.

  58. Donn Hilton
    Sep 09, 2022

    People should understand that all homes have two phases of power coming to their home. Each phase is 120 volts and go to your basic wall outlets and your lighting. Combined the phases make 240 volts which go to things like your electric stove, water heater, that sort of thing. If you are to correct the power factor then you have to do it for both phases. By plugging a little unit into one outlet that will only do half the job. Power factor correction for industrial applications has been around for over 50 years.

  59. Peggy Moore
    Jul 30, 2022

    Thank you all for the information, especially Trevor Tesswood who cued me in that the previous comment was a joke. I am trying to reduce expenses in my home and was looking at one of the devices for sale. It mostly sounded logical but there were things that made me doubt it’s value. For one thing I do not trust the phrase “up to”. If one is guaranteed to loose up to 10 pounds, loss of even 1/4 pound meets the “up to” criteria. I was glad to locate this post where the item was discussed without brand names. I almost understood most of it as all technical terms were explained. Thank y’all again. I am not going to purchase the energy saver. ….and I am not going to look up neutrinos.🙂

  60. Hal Marston
    Jul 11, 2022

    Thank you, Jignesh.

    I have often wondered if you could efficiently address whole house or facility power surge, drag (dip in supply) and demand change requirements with a jumbo UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) essentially an in-line, main, recharging battery array or some other storage method.

    The key word is “efficiently” and the special problems ROI (Return on Investment), durability, scale, size and safety present. Any thoughts?

  61. Cindi
    Jun 13, 2022

    Like I can ever even understand that article. Greek to me.

    Jun 03, 2022

    Hi. Tks for this excellent article.
    In our country, more and more “intelligent power counters” are installed in households. People don’t rely on them and are thinking they can be fit by the Energy Supply Company to increase their bills as they want.
    What does exactly “intelligent counting devices” mean ?
    Sorry for my approximated english.

  63. Malcolm
    May 25, 2022

    Thanks for all the info. Obviously not worth buying. Too good to be true

  64. Finn Harder
    Apr 17, 2022

    I wholeheartedly agree. Remove carbon indeed?

  65. Larry b
    Apr 06, 2022

    It “removes carbon from the system”????

    Utter bollocks.

  66. Richard Dennis Muller
    Apr 01, 2022

    Hello Everyone,

    All electrical systems are different in people’s homes due to the many electrical contractors that have to install the systems differently and use different electrical equipment due to patents. Some will save 0% and some will save 90%. This leads to chaos which leads to stability. Read chaos theory on the internet. I have installed a power saver and I also have solar panels. My power saver is allowing my solar panels to produce electricity at night with solar neutrinos in addition to daylight. Look up neutrino solar panel technology. My solar panels are manufactured as neutrino solar panels. Some solar panels will not work to produce power at night. I produce 6500 kWh/year with sunlight and 8500 kWh/year with solar neutrinos. A person needs a specific type of solar panel and power saver to produce power at night with their solar system and neutrinos. I currently save 30% on my electrical bill because of this. My question is are there any people in the US who also experience this? I am writing a science paper on this and I am going to publish it if I can find 100 people who experience the same thing. If you want more information then contact me at my email address of [email protected]. I have found out that if someone pays a lot for their solar panels then they might experience the same thing that I do and if they paid less for their solar panels then they might not experience this due to the less expensive solar panels not being manufactured to provide this benefit. My theory is that everyone eventually pays the same amount for their electricity over time no matter what they do.

    • Trevor Tesswood
      Jun 21, 2022

      Okay, you really had me with the whole fake science thing about neutrinos. I thought you were just a bit psychotic.
      And then I saw the date that you posted this. You had me chuckle when I realised what you were doing.
      Any luck with recruiting the 100 lunatics?
      Very very funny.

  67. ANAND
    Nov 17, 2021

    What is the benefit of smoothening of the power cycle ?

  68. Bong
    Nov 04, 2021

    India Just Accept that China has Better idea from nowadays😅
    And i understand you recieved a lot of money from power company in india just to give a bad side of this device. Because many electric companies afraid if every consumer using this device n u know what happened😅

    • Donald Kelly
      Jan 18, 2022

      Jingnesh is right, These ‘home power savers” are not worth buying -particularly when placed near the meter. There are many claims for these devices that are nonsense. They take some known information and then go into fairyland.. Some try to tie them to Tesla, who was a 3 year old when the principle was first analyzed.. Another has a 300KW rating but plugs into an ordinary 15A 120V socket ..

      • Donald Kelly
        Jan 27, 2022

        With regard to my last comments, The monetary benefit depends on how your electric cost are determined by the type of meter in use..Some meters only record real power. (or are set to do this. My home meter is electronic but I am billed only on KWH. Other meters measure KWH as well as maximum KVA in a time (typically 20 t030 minutes). Originally these were not used for homes, but now,in high demand homes and cheaper meters that may be done by some utilities..
        All the graphs that are presented, do not show the instantaneous power in a cycle (60 cycles/msecond). nor do they show that the average over a cycle
        Check your bill.If it shows only KWH related information -there is no effect on the bill. If there is both KWH and Max KVA, there is a monetary saving.due to a better power.factor.

        • Douglas Daw
          Jun 29, 2022

          Extremely interesting (and entertaining) discussion. Theory and beliefs and between the lines, facts…
          an education!

    • Donald Kelly
      Feb 04, 2022

      Jignish is telling facts based on science, Electric companies are not afraid of this device. Power factor improvement for typical homes isn’t worth while . The principles, on which these devices are based , are well known (since before Kepler, who first presented a mathematical analysis when Tesla was 4 years old.).. Those who have a knowledge of basic electric circuit analysis see the scams.

  69. William bird
    Oct 27, 2021

    How do I order?

    • ru ko
      Mar 04, 2022

      Don’t order! Read the above comments. Do some research on the net. Google it. These devices are nothing but cheap capacitors in a fancy box. A total scam. Power companies are not afraid of them. They actually like them because they raise their power factor.

  70. ROBERT
    Oct 10, 2021

    Well I read all the negative reviews but I must disagree; they actually worked GREAT for me. I have a small house (650 sq’) and I just got a notice that my 12 month averaged bill is going from $140 a month to $105 a month, based on a 6 month review. I noticed a 19% reduction the first few months after installation (2), but now it’s at 25% reduction. I have 2 AC window units, and a stand alone indoor AC, used moderately this past summer. And a oxygen Concentrator that runs 8 hours a night. They refunded me $43.75. Which almost paid for the 2 that I bought ($50). Now I notice the same units are selling at WMT for $10 – LOL. Saving 25% each month is fine with me !!

    • ANAND
      Nov 17, 2021

      Interesting. Could you please share more information about the make of the instrument , power rating etc ?

      • Tom Crowder
        May 15, 2022

        So cutting to the chase do electrical power savers save energy consumption in a typical 3 bed home

    • Donald Kelly
      Jan 26, 2022

      Does the outside temperature vary over the year? It takes a lot ore energy to cool from 90F to 70F than it takes to cool from 75 to 70. This will have much more of an effect on your bill than the “power saver” . I assume the indoor AC unit has a tube to vent the air out of the room. If not, it is putting more heat into the room than it takes out. This is basic thermodynamics.

    • Chia doe
      Mar 30, 2022

      650 sf w/electric bill of $104? Seems high, I have 1200 sf (plus 1000 sf basement) with $70 average monthly bill (all electric – includes heat – no oxygen machine). I use one 5,000 btu window AC and two dehumidifiers and space heaters in mid Missouri.
      Depends where you live but I’d try to insulate more.

  71. Richard Riley
    Oct 08, 2021

    I think I got scammed as I purchased 3 of these devices and followed the instructions to a t. Since using these for three months my electrical bill is now doubled. Futher more after using these about 1 week later the light went out on 1 of them leaving me with 2. I have read many reviews on this product and have not seen many positive answers with this product. Therefore I am wondering why the lights do not work and also why my bill is twice as much as I was previously being charged. Something is differently wrong. Please reply ASAP before I am forced to take further action.

  72. John Havranek
    Oct 03, 2021

    I bought 3 of these waste of money devices last year. I monitored my electrical bill for 3 months. My bills were more than the previous year, and more than the previous month. I unplugged them, and my electric bill went down. Waste of money, ineffective!!!

  73. Karen Le Seure
    Sep 27, 2021

    Do these ever go bad or need replaced every so often?

  74. David
    Sep 20, 2021

    So why don’t manufacturers of electrical products incorporate power saving circuits ? Or do they

  75. Peter Kearney
    Sep 17, 2021

    In this house for 42 years my electric bill is usually around $1400. Last year i plugged one in next to my breaker panel and pse g l.i. Sent me a check for $454. I don’t know who is right but I cashed the check.

  76. cuervo setentaytres
    Aug 13, 2021

    Hmmmmm. I am confused about how these units can affect energy usage by plugging them into a two-phase 110v circuit. How does that account for typical central AC devices which use 3-phase 220v power connections ?

  77. Mike
    Jul 30, 2021

    As a consumer of the Power-Save ABET 2201 product in my house, I have a hot tub w/jets, pool w/filters, several refrigerators, freezer, 2 microwaves, forced hot air, hot water heater, toaster, gas stove, 2 washers, 1 dryer, 2 air conditioning units, 1 dehumidifier, many TVs, many computers, 5KW solar panels system, and a standby generator that kicks in whenever I lose power + 1/week for maintenance. I also have a eco-monitoring system so I can tell what lines are consuming how much electricity. I have a lot of stuff. I was told by the installer, that the capacitor would reduce costs by reducing spike demands as the capacitor would help condition the line. Exactly how much he could not say. What was explained to me was that the Power Company charges you monthly based on the highest Amperage you draw to determine the KW you will be charged for. They monitor the highest draw and use that in the calculation, even if it was only for a small fraction of the time. So no, I do not believe the capacitor in these devices supplies significant power to make up the amperage draw. I would need to install a powerful battery bank (tesla option?) to supply power nightly when the solar panels are not producing to insulate myself from power company charges. The solar panels+capacitor did reduce my monthly bill from $350/month to $150/month on average. However, there is a gotcha. The original power saver eventually burned out. When it did, it became a sink and kept drawing excessive power. My monthly bill went back up to $350/month, even with the solar panels. Not being an expert, I was not sure what to do. I turned off the power saver and the bill returned to close to normal. I have since re-installed a new power saver, but now I know these are only good for the warranty period and to keep an eye on it.

    So I guess it depends on how many motors you have in your house and when they turn on. I have many different devices, not counting the occasional power tool.

    And maybe I was fed a line of bull about how the power company assesses your monthly charge but that has yet to be disproven.

  78. jack goldwarg
    Jul 19, 2021

    Where is it best to install 2 units for a 100 amp. 220 V electrical system?

  79. Stanley
    Jul 09, 2021

    I am concerned that the writer does not understand the effect of voltage increase/decrease?!
    100w bulb at 220v does not increase to a 109w bulb at 240v. It increases to 119w !
    Simple Ohms Law calculation. Makes me worried about the correctness of the rest of the presentation. For the record, I also do not believe the power savings claims by the manufacturers of these devices.

    • trent
      Jul 13, 2021

      not ohms law…. watts law
      100/220 = .454545 amps
      p=.454545 * 240

      • Nick
        Jul 13, 2021

        Just done the calculation, it’s 119w however as the filament is brighter and hotter the resistance will increase which will lower the power drawn slightly.

        • Houston
          Jul 16, 2021

          Yea for Nick and the resistance of the tungsten will increase more than one might think so it will be closer to 115 than 109 or 119 with a 20 volt increase on the tungston

      • Jim Kirk
        Nov 13, 2021

        No – this wrong – you cannot use the same current value to calculate power after you change the voltage. The current is dictated by voltage by Ohms Law I = V/R

        So at 220V / by the current 0.454A = load resistance = R – 484 ohms which is constant.

        Now V – 240 / R – 484 = I – 0.495A

        So the power drawn by a 220V 100W bulb when the voltage is increased to 240V is

        P = V x I = 240 x 0.495A is 119W

        Using P = VI simply does not work.

        Getting back to the original issue – Power factor correction at the fusebox is always beneficial irrespective of VAR metering because reducing the Reactive power also redcues the True Power which is measured by the domestic meter, but it would be very expensive to install in domestic situations and would not be financially viable.

        Power cleaning is installed at the point of use of equipment – it will save a small amount of money but is normally used to protect vulnerable equipment (computers) from waveform spikes. This has been overtaken in the UK by the 18th Edition regulations which requires Surge Protection to be intalled at the fusebox.

        Power Conditioning is installed at the supply position and is a great energy saver as well as protecting equipment. It involves using capacitors to chop the peaks off the waveform at 230V. (In a 230V supply the peak voltage of the waveforms is 325V, therefore there is 95V of wasted energy on each cycle which is paid for by the customer It requires a large amount of equipment for a 230V 100A supply, would be very costly to install and dumps high values of power down the earth conductor – it is not permitted.

        This is what the Voltex energy savers claim to acheive

    • Jonathan
      Sep 08, 2021

      There are other issues with the article but that doesn’t change the fact that these plug-in “power saver” devices are scam products which will have no measurable effect on people’s energy usage or electrical bills.

      Those suffering from voltage spikes due to fluctuating distribution line voltages in their area should have an electrician install a whole-house surge protector into their main electrical panel.

      People who wish to reduce their monthly electric bill would be wise to invest in grid-tied photovoltaic solar from a reputable installer.

  80. Shanoona Mohamed
    Jul 05, 2021

    I am interesting in enary power saver

  81. Netsanet yitna
    Jun 30, 2021

    Can u show me the circuit diagram of those power saver

    • Michael Kemp
      Jul 03, 2021

      Can you show me a typical electrical schematic of a power saver box

  82. Britt Mcilwain
    Jun 18, 2021

    I think it’s ?

  83. martha gnanapoo
    Jun 17, 2021

    can I buy two unit and place in one at the hall downstairs and another one up stairs.
    do it help in reducing the electric bill . can my usage is high due to air condition 3 units
    on at night. I jus bought this power saver.

  84. Enmanuel
    Jun 11, 2021

    Really good article. Explains everything as it is. I came here because I had a doubt. It was cleared when I red “The Utility Bill Which We pay is never based on Apparent Power (KVA) but it is based on Real Power (KW).” That was all. Thanks a lot.

  85. Mike
    May 31, 2021

    You are ether full of shit or a dummy

    • Rob
      Jun 04, 2021

      Why’s that

    • Paul
      Jun 12, 2021

      Wow, Mike you’re a gem, aren’t you ?

  86. Stephenph
    May 26, 2021

    I have bought 3 energy saving plugs so will report back.

    • Mr. Tracy Malloy
      May 29, 2021

      I’m an electrician and electronics technician and I am rather surprised at the numerous significant errors in Jignesh’s write up given his alleged electrical background. He is correct that these devices are garbage and my calculation is the device could only save you $3-$5 Can or USA funds per year if it was plugged in 24/7. It has an approximately 2-3 microfarad capacitor inside which does all the savings work so these stories about saving 50-60 dollars a month are impossible unless you plug in 25 of them at a time. There is no carbon in the circuit and the case for spikes he mentions is exaggerated if he means a North American power source. The device does not store energy and use it later either and these are only a few of his numerous errors which I did not think an engineer could make. The 25-40% savings is the manufacturer’s misleading statement which is possibly referring to the lagging low power factor of split phase or shaded pole motors in the home but this device will not fully correct all of the low power factor. If you bring your power factor up to unity, then any of the additional dozens of power savers plugged in will likely consume power and increase your bill.

  87. Mark
    May 24, 2021

    I bought one of them for my apartment. Just plugged it in and forgot about it. After one month, my electric bill dropped from $128 per month to $67 per month. I don’t know what anyone else’s experience has been, but it literally saves me $60 bucks every month since I’ve had it.

    • Up
      May 31, 2021

      Are you for real are you sure it’s not from wether change

    • Mike
      May 31, 2021

      You need to relook at that. it’s impossible to save the way your electric company charges you for electricity unless you are a company with 500 employees

  88. David bennett
    May 24, 2021

    I had a 46.00 drop in my electrical billing from using these power savers.

    • Mike
      May 31, 2021

      You are ether full of shit or a dum ass

  89. Butch Silvercloud
    May 23, 2021

    Somewhat truthful article. Power savers… all of them, are a scam, so don’t waste your money. What bothered me about this article is the idea that the savers can, or might, remove CARBON. That is the most outrageously ridiculous thing I’ve heard in days. Nope. There is no carbon to remove in the first place… where is the carbon? Show me the Carbon? Sheesh… dumb, dumb, dumb. Anyhow, power savers are a scam and I’m spending time going after the jerks who make, promote and sell them. I’m coming for the jerks on the planet… with no mercy, none.

    • Mike
      May 31, 2021

      How much was your bill to begin with

  90. Robert H. Cooper
    May 17, 2021

    There are significant cost reductions for Power Factor improvement if the billing structure penalizes for P.F. of less than one. These situations occur in industrial situations where there are heavy inductive machinery loads.

  91. Paul Waygood
    May 16, 2021

    Have two voltex units. No savings. No proper CE mark TOTAL SCAM

  92. Nancy MacLennan
    May 11, 2021

    I purchased 3 voltex electricity spike buster but none of them are showing a green light strip that is lit when plugged in . PLEASE ADVISE WHAT I SHOULD DO. THANKS.

    • DJ Mean Al
      May 12, 2021

      What should you do? Well, let me tell you…
      You should throw them immediately in the BIN, where they belong!!

      These devices are a scam. Sorry to say Nancy, but you have been conned.

    • Adrian Waygood
      May 20, 2021

      Nothing! It doesn’t matter. They don’t work: they are a scam. Whether the light is on or off is irrelevant.

    • W L Thomson
      May 27, 2021

      Install them at the bottom of your trash can, where they can absorb carbon from your burnt toast.

    • Mike
      May 31, 2021

      Get your money back if you can. Even if the light comes on it is impossible for them to save you more then 2 to 3 cent a month if you’re lucky.

  93. Marion Campbell
    May 10, 2021

    Would one of these devices reduce effects in sound equipment, such as buzz or hiss?

    • Mike
      May 31, 2021

      No they will not and they can’t save you money!!!!!!!

  94. Tom Cunningham
    May 08, 2021

    I note that marketing for these devices is full of phrases like “you may save” or “as much as” which are red flags that at best, the devices are engineered for averages, and with the wide variety of devices in homes as well as types and size of residences, it is very unlikely that any one person will see any significant difference. My power bills vary from month to month based on temperature, how much I am home to run appliances, and many other factors making it very difficult to determine actual savings.
    It’s also interesting that one of the vendors chooses to advertise next to this article.

  95. Terry O'Keefe
    May 07, 2021

    They both can’t be right!!! John
    MAY 06, 2021
    I can’t understand how “M.Tech (Power System Control), B.E (Electrical), member of Institution of Engineers (MIE), who has more than 13 years experience in transmission & distribution-energy theft detection and maintenance electrical projects.” doesn’t know Ohm’s low.)))
    The power is proportional to square of voltage, so the 100W bulb consumes 19% more power at 240 v than at 220V, i.e. 119W, and not 109W.
    Saying so, – people who left all those positive reviews and claiming dozens of percent of bills reduction from using anything plugged into a power socket, either never studied in the school or not real people but rather “Power saver” manufacturers with fake comments.)) Michael Probasco
    MAY 03, 2021
    Your analysis is BS! I am an EE, AE, Masters. I put these in my home and save 30%. Are you part of the new world Oder or the cabal. These devices are outstanding!

  96. John
    May 06, 2021

    I can’t understand how “M.Tech (Power System Control), B.E (Electrical), member of Institution of Engineers (MIE), who has more than 13 years experience in transmission & distribution-energy theft detection and maintenance electrical projects.” doesn’t know Ohm’s low.)))
    The power is proportional to square of voltage, so the 100W bulb consumes 19% more power at 240 v than at 220V, i.e. 119W, and not 109W.
    Saying so, – people who left all those positive reviews and claiming dozens of percent of bills reduction from using anything plugged into a power socket, either never studied in the school or not real people but rather “Power saver” manufacturers with fake comments.))

  97. matthew
    May 06, 2021

    i was wondering if this device really work voltex is worth the money

    • Nick Ireland
      May 18, 2021

      I do not understand how anything, plugged in after the electricity has come through the meter, can feed back to it to reduce the reading.

    • Matthew
      May 31, 2021

      No matt they are not Worth the money. It is impossible for them to save you more then 2 to 3 cents on you bill if you are lucky.

  98. Michael Probasco
    May 03, 2021

    Your analysis is BS! I am an EE, AE, Masters. I put these in my home and save 30%. Are you part of the new world Oder or the cabal. These devices are outstanding!

    • Frankie
      May 25, 2021

      haha you just sounds like a professor doesn’t believe you got cheated.

  99. Michael Probasco
    May 03, 2021

    Your analysis sounds good to you, but is BS! I put the system in my home and am experiencing a 30% reduction in electric bills. I took EE in college. You might want to relook at your analysis. Cheers!

    • Harold Harkonen
      May 10, 2021

      Hahaha Michael Probasco, You are a *****, go back to high school to learn what a watt is!

    • Adrian Waygood
      May 20, 2021

      Well, Michael, you must have missed the lesson on power factor improvement.

  100. robert
    Apr 30, 2021

    If it sounds too good to be true……it is !

    • matthew
      May 06, 2021

      i was wondering if this device really work voltex is worth the money

  101. Emanuel Ng
    Apr 30, 2021

    I am getting pop-up ads for a power saving device called Voltex that costs a WHOPPING $78.00 per unit as I am reading this article!

    • joseph koncur
      May 03, 2021

      I bought 4 units for a total of $23 including shipping. I plugged them in today, so I don’t know if they will reduce my bill yet. But at that price, it doesn’t matter anyway, if it doesn’t work, OH Well it was worth the trial.

      • Mean Al
        May 12, 2021

        Sorry to say Joseph, you just wasted $23.

  102. Nick Ireland
    Apr 25, 2021

    At the most basic level, I do not understand how any device plugged into a wall socket, down stream of the box/meter where the measurement is made, could possibly provide any effect back to the meter.

  103. Reuben
    Apr 08, 2021

    First time I’ve heard of carbon being in electrical circuits lol

    I’ve certainly missed this being an electrical engineer for 30 years. Guys, your article is rendered ridiculous when you write things like this.

    • Frank
      Apr 15, 2021

      They don’t even give instructions on what to do with the huge pile of carbon the devices remove, I’m wondering if I could get a truck big enough to ship it. Do you think the power utility would take it off my hands?

  104. Joshua Billing
    Apr 08, 2021

    Yeah, as soon as I read that it corrected Sine waves with capacitor technology, (and that is paraphrasing by taking the vague descriptions of what they claim the device does to save you money, put them all together, filtering out the nonsense and crap, and reduce the claims down to the lowest common denominator) and you are left with a magic box that SOMEHOW filters power from just one outlet near your supply meter, and corrects ALL of the power in your house even though all of the appliances, lights, outlets and etc aren’t all on one breaker? It’s a freakin miracle!! They should call it the Jesus Gigawatt Box!! So they basically think we are dumb enough to believe that all of the electricity in our house will filter through this box at some point in the circuit, or that the electricity is just radiating everywhere around us, and like a giant ghost trap( ala Ghostbusters) this device pulls in the energy all around us that is being emitted through our walls from electrical wires? It will also cut down on the radiation emitted from said wires? Wow… I had no idea that governments around the world were pumping in such dangerous radiation and stealing money from us, and the hair on our heads doesn’t even stand up or we don’t build up electrical charges simply by moving through the charged particles that are coursing thru our homes in great enough amounts to shoot electric fireballs at one another.. Seriously, if 30% of our power bills was just wasted electricity, lost inside our homes and residual dirty carbons coming thru our electrical wiring, the crisis these power companies would be concerned with wouldn’t be the money they could potentially lose, it would probably be the millions they would potentially kill because of their product, and the trillions in property damage caused each year… I know my science isn’t even remotely close to accurate, I’m merely explaining all of the crazy thoughts in my head watching the infomercial for one of these products.. I am just amazed that claims like this could be made, and products that are so clearly BS, and evident scams can be freely marketed, even when every scientist with a basic understanding of the principles of electricity is screaming scam at their TV’s in millions of homes in the USA.. Why do we have so many types of crime investigation bureaus for every other kind of crime, but no agency looking into Snake oil salesmen? It makes about as much sense as the science that makes this product sell

  105. John McHugh
    Apr 07, 2021

    The Voltex device adds claim that the device is patented so I asked for the patent numbers, reminding them that falsely claiming a patent where none exists is a crime. The reply:
    “Patent is very complex thing so in order to be able to sell in multiple places the company decided to risk it for the expansion. We assure you that all of the item we sell is secured and made with high valued materials.” This appears to be a power factor correction device, at best, and will probably not alter your electric bill unless your power company has very strange metering.

  106. Malcolm Metcalfe P.Eng.
    Apr 04, 2021

    It is very hard to believe that this was written by an engineer. For example – the calculations on the refrigerator are wrong. The current is not calculated correctly – AND while correcting power factor reduces reactive power (kVARs) it does NOTHING to the WATTs consumed. Residential customers almost everywhere in North America do NOT pay for amps, VARs or kVA – only for watt-hours. The ONLY change to a bill would be the result of a small loss in the house wiring caused by reducing current – but that would almost certainly be less than 5% unless the power factor was far less than 70%.

  107. Dan
    Apr 01, 2021

    I almost agree with you 100%, but don’t forget about losses. Although your electric bill won’t see any noticeable change, there is additional energy lost (heat) from the spikes and waveform distortion. This is due to the fact that most circuits are designed to pass low frequency waveforms and filter the higher frequencies and spikes caused by various inductive devices. As an example, if you have a good quality power strip, you may notice that it gets a little warm. That is the filtering built into the power strip. For those of you that are yelling scam, the part you are misunderstanding about this article is the operational power saver device which when applied correctly works very well but has no impact on your home utility bill. What the article is trying to tell you is that even if you get a working device, it won’t change your utility bill because you are billed on ACTUAL power used which will be the same regardless of whether or not you have PF correction. PF devices are primarily used in manufacturing facilities and are charged for peak current which is a completely different ballgame and unrelated to residential utility bills.

  108. Brenda
    Mar 23, 2021

    I’m a senior trying to cut hydro costs. This sounded good to me, so I googled it to get info. Thanks so much for providing the things I needed to know. I’ll admit I don’t understand all of your article, but enough to realize it’s not worth paying out my hard earned money for this item. Thanks so much.

    Mar 22, 2021

    I sincerely appreciate being able to learn the truth about any product I might like to purchase. Thank you

  110. John
    Mar 20, 2021

    This has always sounded like a SURGE Protector. My area, Florida, the power co. (LCEC) has installed Surge suppression at the entry point to the house. That would be the same effect (?). This offers a guarantee of protection against surges. We get lots of bad storms for 5-6 months, some are Tropical / Hurricane. 20+ years with no problems. To me that is the benefit. Placing another device should not be helpful. Please correct me if I am not correct.

  111. Joanna Hulsman
    Mar 15, 2021

    I purchased the ROHS Electricity Saving Spike ((misspelled Spixe) Buster to save on my electricity bills. DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY! This is the most bogus product I’ve ever seen, a scam just like any other to part you from your money. It never saved a cent on my electricity bills, and the front two green lights went out on one of the two units less than a month after installing. I’d like to sue the company(ies) responsible for this ripoff.

  112. Lindy
    Mar 11, 2021

    Thank you so much, you just saved me $50. Bless you.

  113. Karl Schneider
    Mar 07, 2021

    All of these ‘review’ sites are nothing more than poorly disguised ADVERTISEMENTS for these useless scamming pieces of Chinese crap that can NOT do what they lie about….er, ‘claim’. Anybody dumb enough to pay for one of these bogus contraptions deserves to be swindled.

    • Karen Kapfhammer
      Mar 08, 2021

      These devices are like putting a water filter on one faucet and expecting it to benefit the whole house. A surge protector gets put in line first, and is a good way to protect appliances and electronics. This article is such a scam

      • Phil
        Apr 22, 2021

        Good analogy Karen … Love it :-)

    • Joshua Billing
      Apr 08, 2021

      Seriously. If a little voice in your head wasn’t screaming “don’t buy this piece of $h1t, it’s a SCAM!! SCAM…SCAM.., then how would you like to invest money in ACN Telecommunication?? A great company that will be the #1 communications company when phones switch from analog to digital!! (Don’t mind the company’s 100 other aliases, or tens of thousands of complaints to the Better Business Bureau because Donald Tump himself is the key spokesman!!!) Or, how about I sell you 30k in Iraqi Dinar since the banks are going to remunerate now that democracy has taken hold, and since the banks are backed by oil the renumeration will make 1 Dinar, now valued at $.56 on the dollar, worth $36.23 per Dinar! I have approximately 56,258 Dinar that I will hesitantly part with for over a 10k LOSS because I need the money now!!! But my misfortune and lack of a sound financial plan could be a HUGE payday for YOU!! … Because if you have $31,504 (plus applicable sales tax, finance charge, national transfer rate of 10%, attorneys fees, transfer rate calculation services and insider surcharge interests, not to mention the B.S.W.S.T.D.O.H. ((brave soldier who smuggled these Dinar over here)) fees) and you have the Financial saavy to turn one man’s idea into millions, and you can wait another 6 months to reap your reward, your $31.5k (plus above fees) will make you a millionaire twice over because that measley 31.5k (plus hefty aforementioned fees*) will net you no less than the modest valuation estimate provided by my foreign currency strategists of $35.67 per Iraqi Dinar, that you wisely purchased for the embarrassingly low, and it should be illegal cause you are robbing me here, cost of $.56 each (plus signifigant, probably, definitely gray area, inside-ish, illegal aforementioned fees*) you will walk away (contract may be voided without reason or warning*) with the mindblowingly hefty sum of $2,006,722.86!! That’s a markup of, well, I’ve given you enough!! You are gonna be the freakin millionaire, you pay your own guy to do that math (10% surcharge for math calculations in this ad*… All fees due at time of contract signing✓ .Buyer accepts all money laundering and exporting charges potentially* punishable by law— Seller reserves the right to breach contract at any time– All sales final.. Charges, surcharges and fees non refundable* Buyer agrees to pay seller 15% of final sales price.. Seller not responsible for false or misleading advertising. Buyer agrees to loan his wife or daughter, whichever is the greater value, for 2 weekends a year for mostly oral and anal sex. Breach of any above conditions voids contract in which any and all monies paid for Dinar revert back to seller under the California penal code 420.69 suck it.. all sales final).. Please sign here..
      If only I could find 100 people who were dumb enough to buy one of these power saving devices.. I got a million good scams, I MEAN investments!! A million investments to get rich!! (Me not you…says the companies that make this garbage

  114. sig
    Mar 04, 2021

    big scam installed 2 in my home my bill did not go down 1 cent.

  115. Trish
    Mar 03, 2021

    You should really leave your political comments “Trump method” out of your opinion.

    • Bob
      Apr 03, 2021

      That’s right, no Trump comments, just be happy he is finally gone. Also the power saver is useless, don’t wash your money.

      • Bill
        Apr 15, 2021

        Right better save your money….gonna need more now that Biden is in charge and fuel and electrical prices have soared!

  116. jack grossell
    Feb 18, 2021

    I plugged in a 250wat light inline with a KWH meter’ and got a reading, then I did the same with a “electricity saving box” plugged in line with the light, if the “electricity saving box” works I should have gotten a different reading, but I did not proving those things do not work as they clam. Em I right on testing that device that way?? Thank you for your time. jack

  117. Susanna Dzejachok
    Feb 07, 2021

    Thank you for the interesting and helpful article.

    Feb 05, 2021



  119. John Foley
    Feb 03, 2021

    Hi, just wondering if Two different power energy power saving devices were were used instead of one what would happen…..?!!!

    • Gordy
      Feb 10, 2021

      The light on Rudolphs nose would FINALLY work. Christmas is saved.

  120. king
    Feb 02, 2021

    “Cleans carbon’. All you need to know. Much like headlight fluid replacement. These are guys who sell beach front property in Idaho. They are not concerned about lawsuits…around only for “a limited time”. By the time the scams are reported, they are sipping Mai Tais on that Idaho beach.

  121. Philip
    Feb 02, 2021

    When there is no customer service or support email for device, don’t waste your time on it.
    Here are my “common sense” questions to ask about power savers.
    I would not spend even a wooden nickel on these devices!:
    Hi whoever you may be,
    Your product is certainly every enticing. However, I have yet to find any information on the Web that gives me reason to invest.
    First, I do not understand how your product is related to Ohm’s Law.
    Second, as far as I know, my energy costs are based upon a measuring device outside my home to calculate how much electricity/energy I am using. How does your device (or devices) interact with this Electrical Meter? It would seem logical to have some kind of surge protector/regulator outside the house, before the electricity enters the counter. How does your device affect the quantity coming into the house? Or does your device affect the electrical demands of the devices in their start-stop cycles? (I do recall that many years ago there was a big rush to leave all lights on in skyscrapers because turning the lights on took a greater surge and thus it was less expensive to leave them on.)
    Third, you say “there are no electricity saving benefits for heating appliances, such as electric stoves, electronic cookers, etc.” So wh;y bother with your device? Please elaborate on the “etc.
    I have 3 wine coolers, 3 refrigerator/freezers, 1 freezer, 1 built-in stove-top, 1 microwave oven, and 1 convection oven; plus several induction burners. Most are commercial.
    Fourth, I do not understand the reasoning for the geometrical layout for the placement of your devices: on or near the main breaker box, and the rest at 500 sq. ft intervals. How is this to be measured if your rooms are larger or smaller than 500 sq. ft? And why square feet? Doesn’t make sense.
    This is really a great scam and too well presented in the manner of “Trump”

    • Gordy
      Feb 10, 2021

      The relation to electrical principles are these:

      The more ‘ohms’ they sell these scam-claimed devices, the more current(cy) their bank accounts get.
      The resistance is futile.

    • Pam Fleuret
      Mar 05, 2021

      Boy the manner of “Trump” came out of left field and didn’t address the whole of your article. Nullified everything else you said even if you made since.

      • Jimmie chapman
        Mar 06, 2021

        Do you already see what’s going on??. You say F*** trump. By the time Biden gets through with you, you will wish to hell, that you had trump back. And you can bank on it. Be careful for what you wish for. Your getting exactly what you voted for. A nightmare.

    • Jest Sayin'
      Mar 15, 2021

      Trump is selling electrical savings? Hm. I thought I clicked on EEP, not CNN.
      Take your TDS somewhere else.

  122. DEnnis Yoj
    Jan 31, 2021

    All lines / circuits ARE connected together as they all connect ultimately to the two/three supply lines.
    Any capacitor is then connected to all the house circuit’s. Electrician.

  123. g riutzel
    Jan 31, 2021

    Excellent article Technical but well written for laymen and serious homeowners who want to understand how things work.

  124. Shobana prasad
    Jan 16, 2021

    My mom in law bought power saver from Amazon. And plugged it in to save money on electric bill. Hubby tells me that it’s fake. Daughter tells me that we should return it.
    There are 2 plugged in and 3 sitting on a table. I don’t know if it works ❓

    • Dennis Carman
      Jan 23, 2021

      These power savers are 100% fake. The day I got mine , the thing screamed fraud. So since I bought three, I decided I would open one up and take a look inside. There are two lights and two Ted wires going into a black box filled with clay. I cut the black box apart and discovered what I thought might be resin was instead just clay. I cut it apart. Guess what? There is no capacitor, there is nothing! The wires are just stuck in the clay connected to nothing. This is one hell of a fraud.

    • Jason robards
      Mar 02, 2021

      My electric bill has gone down. And that’s using electric heat day and night. Appliances. Electric blanket.. so is this my imagination?

  125. Thomas F Nagle
    Jan 11, 2021

    This reminds me of the old hot-rod magazines (1950’s) that advertised a device that allowed a reservoir of tap water into your car’s carb to increase gas mileage by 10 fold!

  126. dave ascher
    Jan 09, 2021

    despite all the discussion about KV and KVA and cleaning up voltage and current, nobody has addressed several basic questions:

    1- How does plugging one of these “devices” into an outless anywhere in the house affect anything at all plugged into different circuits and different outlets. The “explanations” in the artile and in the desperately positive comments seem to be base on the idea that there is just one line connecting all the devices in the house in serial. In fact, the devices are all connected in parallel and while there may be interactions between the amount of current flowing through different devices connected in parallel, plugging a box with a few capacitors into on outlet does not immediately come to mind as a way to dynamically influence anything going on with all the devices drawing power from all the other outlets – whether on the same circuit of different circuits.

    2- The article says it takes a time (a few days, weeks, or months) for this device to “figure out’ how to reduce your measured (actual Kv) power consumption. I am not an electrical engineer, although I have had some education in electrical and electronic theory, the former involving moters and generators – and the effects of inductive loads on power meters. I cannot imagine what a box containing a few big capacitors, plugged into one outlet on one circuit on the house side of the meter, might be doing to incrementally improve efficiency after it is plugged into the wall. There doesn”t appear to be any “learning” component involved that would examine the wave forms for the voltage and/or current in order to tweak some algorithm (there is NO algorithm to be tweaked) and continuously improve the “cleanliness” of the voltage and current sine waves. Even if there were such an algorithm, something that monitored the noise on the voltage and current, and an algorithm (there appear to be NONE of these) then see question #1.

    3) How has this device and similar devices continued to be sold despite it obviously being a nonsensical fraud? The Federal Trade Commission should have shut down the sale of this device an others like it long ago – after, evaluating the claims about savings, the gobbledigook theory of operation, and/or even running some simple tests – with the help of the folks who sell these silly things, of course, just to keep it on the up and up.

  127. Bernard Bohanon
    Jan 02, 2021

    I believe certain power savers will work and there are those that are a scam. I don’t think a company would put a product out there and say it works without first having it tested and have used it themselves. This could lead to lawsuits especially if the device causes damage and can be proven. You just have to test it for yourself and if you are not pleased get a refund or it will just be a loss. The product isn’t that expensive and if it works you will profit on down the line get your money back in a few months.

    • ruko
      Feb 07, 2021

      The reason they don’t test these bells and whistle boxes is they don’t work. All the outrages claims are anecdotal.They also lie about power suppliers not liking them boxes when in fact these devices actually help the suppliers by raising their power factor. Read the many articles on the net about this scam and you will see the light. They really do have fancy ads don’t they? It’s just carefully thought out bull s….

      • ruko
        Feb 07, 2021

        “the boxes not them boxes”

        • Kay HIgdon
          Feb 26, 2021

          That;s bold, Teach!

          • Kay HIgdon
            Feb 26, 2021

            Hmmm, That’ bold, Teach!

  128. Kevin Russell
    Dec 30, 2020

    ANY “engineer” that made this statement:

    “Moreover, a power saver also removes any type of carbon in the system, which facilitates further smoother flow.”

    Needs to hand in his degree, and ask for a refund from the “higher education” organization that issued the degree and accept a degree as as snake oil salesmen. Or take up a trade cutting lawns. Such crap that is used to sell a product or concept.

    • DEnnis Yoj
      Jan 31, 2021

      “Removes carbon” Sure it does, and it makes one win the lottery.

  129. Lorne DeWitt
    Dec 30, 2020

    I’m a computer engineer, and this product is BS; Don’t waste your money! First the lines coming out of your breaker box are each on it’s own circuit, so that the refrigerator is on it’s own line, the hot water heater is on one of it’s own, the AC, microwave, and individual rooms etc.

    That means if you plug the Instawatt, or any such similar device into an outlet, the absolute most you could ever hope for is; That it might help that single circuit alone. So if you have 40 breaker switches in your breaker box, and assuming the product actually does function as claimed. You would NEED 40 devices to plugged into an outlet that is tied to each, and every single circuit in your house. It simply cannot affect any other circuit outside the one it’s plugged into!

    If you want to reduce the wear, and tear that spikes, and surges causes on your household electronics, and appliances. I would recommend a better investment. You can attain a home surge suppressor unit at any electrical store, near you, or order one online. Don’t be cheap as the better filtration provided by the unit the better protection you’ll get.

    I called city electrical supply in Brooksville, Fl, near my home, and they offer one for $175.00. I seem to remember paying just $40.00 only 10 years ago, and mine’s still going strong!

    • Rick
      Jan 02, 2021

      My house was built in 2002 and at that time, a home surge suppressor was required in all new construction.

      • Jimmie chapman
        Mar 06, 2021

        False statement: there is no such requirement. Where did you get such information.while you cannot be required to purchase such a device, it is not a bad idea,but you cannot be forced to buy such. What if you cannot afford such a unit, will they turn off your service?? Answer: NO. What planet do you live on. This may be a requirement on Mars…not sure. Will have to check. My home have no such devices neither does any my rental houses. Truth being told electric co not interested if your house burns down…not their problem. Law enforcement doesn’t either .fire dept?! Nope, the president…nope. Dog catcher,, ah this must be the one….nope These are things you have to do on your own…..if you like. You do not buy such a unit before they turn on your service. Never asked about, never looked to see if you have one. Nothing to sign stating such as this. This must be a secret requirement .

  130. Dory Campbell
    Dec 21, 2020

    Had there product improved since this article was written?

  131. Paul LoSchiavo
    Dec 13, 2020

    The comments alone make for fascinating reading. My question is basic and probably reveals my own ignorance about the mystery that is electricity. Query, does the induction from solar flux that flows along the Earth’s magnetic field lines and sometimes causes overloads in transformers and other electrical phenomena add to the current that is conducted by power lines?

    • Teresa
      Jan 06, 2021

      I like your question!

  132. Mike Hunt
    Dec 04, 2020

    “Moreover, a power saver also removes any type of carbon in the system, which facilitates further smoother flow” HAHAHAHAHA no seriously stop.

    This is so much bullshit. If you bought one of these you are seriously gullible. Look for info on youtube. Its just a damn capacitor and a couple of LED’s. It will do zero for your bill and actually is liable to increase it due to the constant load of the LED’s. Most power companies do not charge you for spikes anyway. Seriously people, don’t buy this shit.

    • Stephen Jones
      Dec 23, 2020

      But how do you get the smoke back in :)

      • Kenneth Berger
        Dec 25, 2020

        A fool and his money will soon part company. I saved money by installing a set back thermostat mainly for the air conditioner and furnace. Try to use LED and fluorescent lighting when I can. Also be careful with extension cord you be surprised how small the wire gauge is.

        Jan 22, 2021

        They sell a “COLLECTOR BOX” that after it’s filled with smoke, you pour it back in!

  133. william eilinsfeld
    Nov 09, 2020

    i bought the powervolt deices to save $in my apartment…6 of them! although they may not save me a dime is it ok to leave all or any plugged in for any minimal advantage at all? please repley thanks.bill God bless

  134. Matt
    Oct 11, 2020

    P.T. Barnum said: “There’s a sucker born every minute!” Well, he would of hated me! I’m the eternal skeptic that reads the annoying fine print, reads EVERY REVIEW, & painstakingly searches for the signs of misleading wording in representations of products.

    So, I would have been the guy, excitedly, pointing out which of Mr. Barnums displays were hoaxes. In fact, you’d of likely seen me being thrown out for it & later read my article about it as well.

    The bottom line: there are more than enough cues, tells, facts from electricians, & personal experiences from home-owners who’ve purchased the product, to easily make an accurate assessment of this product.

    For homeowners…these types of products seem all but worthless, with minimal savings. I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT GETTING ONE! Other people have reported a host of problems, with appliances not working properly, and so on.

    Not to mention the elephant in the room! Forget the outrageous claim that it would save homeowners nearly 40% on their heating bills! Think about it. If it really saved that much electricity (“budgeting it”, making it “Cleaner,” or however they want to phrase it, to put lipstick on their pig) IMAGINE WHAT THAT WOULD MEAN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!! GOVERNMENTS around the world WOULD BE MANDATING THIS, instead of inferior technologies, in housing EVERYWHERE! (In newly built houses of course, but their would be programs for existing homes) The WHOLE WORLD would be clamoring: “SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!!!” & “STOP GLOBAL WARMING!!!”

    No, no…I wouldn’t trust these people to watch my dog.

  135. A R Rao
    Oct 05, 2020

    Will powersavers help even if I have a UPS system at home?

  136. David D.
    Sep 06, 2020

    Many people are concerned with the effects of harmonic-generated EMR on human health.

    It would seem that these devices, used as a line conditioner rather than as a power saver, would help in this area.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  137. Granville Eberwein
    Aug 23, 2020

    I bought & installed 2 in the configuration recommended…one near the breaker box & one as far away as possible. There may have been a savings but nothing drastic. Hard to tell. My July bill was $462 & my Aug bill decreased $24 to $438. Can’t really go back to June bill because the summer heat increased so much between May & June. Maybe my Sep bill will give more info but it seems that if there’;s a savings, it’s not nearly what the advertised ‘up to’ amount could be. Live & learn I guess.

    • Chris Haley
      Dec 11, 2020

      All of the reviews MAY be from people who purchased these items during a high load season, winter or summer. Then buyer evaluated the product when there bill were lower in the low demand season. These may be real reviews, which I seriously doubt they are only showing the high 5 star reviews and removing the 100 negative reviews for each positive. That is probably a conservative guess. If you search for reviews on product using Google or whatever browser you use and find all the links lead to the exact same add for the product you are trying to find unbiased reviews on, ” HERE’S YOUR SIGN “! If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS! If we could fix stupid, these type of people selling useless products would have to get real jobs.

  138. Robert Vaughn
    Aug 10, 2020

    I get rewarded for using more electricity. I can be 500 KWH off between 2 bills, but my bill will be only $10 or $15 off. My actual rate for using less than 800 KWH is around 11c, but anything over 2000 KWH is 6.5c. I see no point in investing on new product. I get punished for using less. So I just let it rip.

    • dew
      Dec 18, 2020

      You made the very best point out of all of them, good show!

    • Tim
      Jan 17, 2021

      Interesting math. Keep in mind, you have to use the first 800kw before you can get to the cheaper power. If you could reduce your power so that you never reached the 800kw limit, you would save money. For that matter, any reduction in electrical usage saves you money regardless of the rates unless going over the 800kw limit reduces the charge on all of your electricity.

      I am not suggesting any of these “electrical reduction devices” actually work.

    Jul 26, 2020

    The only time I use an electric blanket is in the winter…..I put it on my favorite recliner ,WRAP MY BODY IN THE BLANKET.and keep MY BODY WARM…..I DON”T CARE If the house is cold.I ONLY CARE IF MY BODY IS COLD…..that makes more sense to me than a piece of crap plugged into an outlet to SAVE ELECTRICITY

  140. John
    Jul 22, 2020

    I saw the advertisement. I ordered 2 of the “Electricity Saving Boxes“.
    Before the boxes arrived I found (on YouTube) Information stating that the Electricity Saving Boxes do not do what they say they do.
    I emailed the distributor 3 times. No reply. I found a phone number. I called the phone number.
    The person on the other end said that although their Co. has somewhat the same name as the electricity box Co. they are not affiliated with that Co.
    The person stated that they are receiving many calls from concerned box customers stating that they are not receiving reply’s to their emails concerning the box. In addition: the person said that they heard the Company selling the Electricity Saving Box is not excepting returns

    • DJ
      Sep 04, 2020

      It’s “accepting returns” not excepting!

      • Randy
        Sep 22, 2020

        Grammar Police lmao ( . )

        • Richard Fenner
          Dec 04, 2020

          Grammar is a basic skill that should have been learned in middle school. There is no excuse for poor grammar nor for misspelled words.

          • Anne Flippin
            Dec 05, 2020

            THANK YOU, Richard! There are so few people in this world who know or use proper grammar, and it IRKS ME, TOO!

          • A Wiliams
            Dec 23, 2020

            What if someone has a learning disability? Is that legitimate enough for you?

          • Darmuj Sravastmathikia
            Jan 01, 2021

            I speak grammatically correct Hindi and German, with English as my third language. People who pass judgment prematurely and write down stupid things without knowing the circumstances of an individual are just plain jerkoffs, jerkoff! How’s my grammar and how many languages do you speak and write without errors? Less than two is a low achieving, mentally challenged person where I grew up. So, my slow friend, wie geht’s, Madarchod?

          • JOLLY
            Jan 02, 2021

            Grammar correctness all depends on one’s education

          • Merlin Greenberg
            Mar 05, 2021

            Your second sentence is grammatically awkward. The word “nor” is not used in a correct manner.

            “There is no excuse for poor grammar nor for misspelled words.”

            “There is no excuse for poor grammar or misspelled words.”

  141. Mike Ziegler
    Jul 10, 2020

    After reading the article on the “power saving” devices, I am astonished at the changes in the laws of electronics. If P=IE is still a law of electronics, then the KW per hours the electric company uses to calculate the bill should change if as in the example of the refrigerator are true. from a current usage of .75 amp to .5 amp should result in a KW savings as a refrigerator running on 220 v and .75 amp would equal 165 watts, and take the same Refrigerator running at 220 v and .5 amp would now be 110 watts. So the KW per hour would also be reduced. It is physics and the laws we were all taught about electronics. Now, I am not saying I believe or disbelieve the “power savers” work, but the examples given just do not add up.

    • Dalebert
      Jul 24, 2020

      Considering the voltage and current (0.75Amps) are out of phase, P=IE is not totally true. Multiply the power factor due to phase shift times IE, then the real power is 110Watts. The reason is that the voltage is high before the current starts flowing. For the first instant, voltage is high but current is zero, so the P=IE will be zero. Inductance (motors, coils,) are slow to react so current is lagging the voltage with AC.

      Sep 03, 2020

      Thanks for raising this doubt. While going through the explanation of this M.Tech guy having 13 years of experience, even I got confused with my basic understanding of physics lessons of xth std. where i scored 93%.

      I’m not an expert just a Hotel mgmt. guy interested in physics involved in our daily life. understand this much, that if current demand gets lower we get reduced electricity bills.isn’t it ?

    • Bob Koure
      Dec 06, 2020

      None of that has changed… but electric motors don’t work the same as resistive loads. More of an issue for anyone billed for ‘power factor’. (Go google PF for how that works if the above didn’t explain it well enough). PF is part of new appliance energy ratings. Makes a HUGE difference for power providers.

    • Adrian Waygood
      Jan 27, 2021

      Ken: Your mistake is thinking that the equation for power is P = EI. In fact, it’s P = EI multiplied by the cosine of the phase angle (the angle by which current waveform lags or leads the voltage waveform. That is an IMPORTANT distinction. See article in for a full explanation on why power savers are a scam. And, incidentally, it’d kilowatt hours NOT kilowatts per hour ( no such thing).

    • Lionel Adrian WAYGOOD
      Jan 27, 2021

      You are using the wrong equation for power (it only works for d.c.). For a.c., it’s P = E i multiplied by power factor) .That is a very important distinction.

  142. Fanjid
    Jun 13, 2020

    The simplest way to save on electricity bills is to do the tasks yourselves instead of using electrical appliances. Do the dishwashing by hand instead of using a dishwasher. Better still buy paper plates and then you can throw away. Buy extra blankets in winter then you wont need electric heaters.

    • Harry
      Jun 29, 2020

      I’m not sure switching from washing plates and dinnerware, to using throwaway paper plates/plastic utensils will save money. It would depend on how much time/energy/money it costs to produce/distribute/sell the Paper/Plastic items.
      I am so impressed by Jignesh Parmar’s explanations. You are one very, smart man. Thank you.

    • Robert
      Jul 19, 2020

      You’re not thinking clearly, buddy.
      1. Dishwashers typically use less water than handwashing. They can process several meals’ worth of dishes, depending on the number of dish-users, saving on water-heating costs. They also save precious time. By the way, pre-washing dishes is stupid and unnecessary, beyond a light rinsing, if your dishwasher is any good. Wish I had one.

      2.Paper plates!!?? Aaaaaah! Super-wasteful of raw materials and money, and add to the mountains of waste. Where do you think “away” is, anyway?

      3. The only thing you say that makes real sense is to use blankets instead of heaters. Using heat when you’re in bed would be moronic, whether it’s household heat or electric blankets. An exception I use is a small heating pad for my feet that I turn on the lowest setting out of four before getting into bed and which automatically turns off in two hours. It saves me much discomfort from my typically cold feet, which would take easily an hour to warm up without assistance.

    • E Montville
      Oct 10, 2020

      Using paper plates requires trees. We need to use less water and some dishwashers use less than if you washed them by hand. You have to think of the carbon use, not just using less electricity. It’s also a complicated problem.

  143. Charles Rohrer
    Jun 12, 2020

    I was beginning to think there might be something to the “house hold power saver” until the article said it “removed carbon from the electricity”.

  144. Philip S Gilmore
    May 26, 2020

    Many years ago, out in the country, we were the last residence at the end of a 240 volt, 2 phase line (hot, neutral, hot with 240 volts across two hot lines and 120 volts across either hot line to neutral comong off a 4160 volt dual line)(common in USA.). We found that ac units dropped out on hot days and fluorescent lights refused to start. My personal power meter showed voltage in the 113 volt range and lower on some days. Power co. Engineer did not believe me but after 3 calls in one week, he agreed to place a recording meter on the line. When he came back a week later, he had to apologise. Not only was the voltage seldom above 113 volts but it sometimes dropped below 100 for a few minutes each morning. After investigating, he discovered a business 2 places “up stream” from was using several notoriously inefficient motor driven converters to produce 3 phase power for his machine shop. The solution for the power company was to install two capacitors (one for each hot line) that evened out the flow and raised the voltage around the clock for us. They worked but they were not the puny caps put into these energy saver boxes. They were each larger than the transformers (that reduced the 4160 volt lines to 240 volts) and had to be mounted on a new dual pole rack up near line height. That engineer learned something that time… sometimes the customer really IS right!

  145. Philip S Gilmore
    May 26, 2020

    Thanks for the information. I have done a lot of residential and some light commercial wiring over the years (following the US NEC, but never knew why kva and kw were different numbers. I will stick with kw but will be aware that kva is larger than kw and serves no practical purpose for residential wiring. Thank you!

  146. Melissa
    May 22, 2020

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, it will not save money but will prevent uneven electrical current spikes. Which I assume would be better for your electrical system and appliances.


    • Linda Shobe
      Sep 19, 2020

      Hubby did electrical work on submarines for 22 years. He says don’t bother. It’s only highly sensitive electrical equipment than needs “clean” electricity. (no spikes). Things like MRI machines in hospitals. It is good to get a surge protector which does about the same thing and protects your electrical items from harmful spikes. Any financial savings are minimal to non-existent.

  147. Darlene Lewis
    May 19, 2020

    I have a multi outlet strip that is suppose to control surges….it works fine

  148. E. Tingley
    Apr 16, 2020

    Your editor stinks. Multiple typographic errors, poor syntax. No idea what you’re talking about. You only want to sell styff.

    • sean
      Jun 23, 2020

      E. Tingley, are you that really stupid as you appear?

  149. Jacob Sazz
    Mar 09, 2020

    Thank you for this information-rich article! It is indeed true that no device can help us to “save” energy unless we change our habits. We did try a few devices in the past as they claimed to save electricity but none of them really worked. We now use a power monitoring device by Ohm Assistant ( which helps us to monitor the power consumption rather than save it. This is better than all the devices we’ve used so far and I would definitely recommend it (if you’re in India)

  150. Hitendra Amrut Pandya
    Jan 08, 2020

    I do not understand the term “The systems also automatically remove carbon from the circuit which also encourages a smoother electrical flow.” Somebody, please elaborate!

  151. Eric Bogantes
    Jan 07, 2020

    I had been working in energy efficiency more than 25 years, all those “magic savers” are a scam. Power factor correction reduces costs, but households are billed by kWh not kVA, you will save only in wire losses.
    The internal circuit in those energy savers most of the time has a semiconductor (diode or SCR) which inject Harmonic Distortion (THD) in the system making electromechanical meters to read less than real consumption (this is fraud), with electronic meters have no effect.
    I read this thread and saw a lot of non hands on comments. Don´t led be fooled by happy sellers.

    • David
      Jan 20, 2020

      Agreed on residential but disagree on commercial. Our system is patented and is now being installed in over 20 states as we speak for fortune 500, 100 and 50 companies.

      • Art Wilson
        Feb 03, 2020

        I would like to know if this would be beneficial for a residential application where a 1HP motor runs all summer long for a swimming pool? Would you suggest only using it during the summer months when the a/c and pool are working?

        • Philip S Gilmore
          May 26, 2020

          Personally,, if you want to do this, calculate (or have a knowlegable friend do it) what size capacitor(s) is/are needed, then place this new unit in line between pump and power source and switch it automatically (relay or solid state relay) so that it is only online when motor is actually running. Keep in mind that 1 hp is approximately 750 watts plus motor inefficiency. Capacitor will level out the surges but won’t save money because residences are billed by kilowatt usage only. Also, due to the way ac voltage and current flow operate, the capacitor will raise your average voltage, perhaps higher than the motor is designed for. Home pool filters usually do not truly need 1 hp so there will be more inefficiency due to this than power factor correction. Manufacturers use one hp so that they can use one filter/pump assembly for most pool sizes that they make. You may save more if you install it on wire one guage size larger than spec’d – especially if the wire length is close to or over 100 ft.
          My opinon? Get rid of the pool and use someone elses’ pool. Think of the savings in chemical alone!

        • Charlie
          Jul 11, 2020

          Buy an Energy Star variable speed pump, they cost more but many electric companies give rebates as well as the manufactures like Hayward. From everything I have read and all the people talked to, the claim is that they save money. With our power company the electricity is cheaper from 9pm-7am Mon-Fri and all day Sat and Sun, so we run the pump very little during the higher priced time of day. I’ll be replacing our pump next May when the rebates come out, this is it’s 7th year which is average for how long they last.

          • Joe Sockit
            Nov 30, 2020

            Really everyone, The only way to save money on electricity is to use less. Do you really belive that plugging in a $60 capacitor into a wall plug does anything? What you can do is run high draw appliances like electric dryers at the time of day when electric is cheapest. Typically the most electric is used 6 am to 9 when businesses open, machines start up, computers, lights, printers ect.. are fired up drawing a lot of energy. Usually 8pm ot later the draw is lower, thus the price is lower. People will find these electric cars are going to be expensive to charge. Whenever energy is converted from one form to another, there is loss in the conversion. So we have to drill for the oil/gas, and in some cases coal, transport it to the electrical plant, burn it to heat water to steam to run turbines that in turn run generators, then transport the electricity to your house, convert it down from 48k volts or whatever line you are on, then into your car battery. I count 5 conversions with losses of 10-30% depending on the conversion and efficiency of the equipment. So while electric cars are here to stay, are they envirionmental saviors? hell no, you just don’t see it like you do with a gas car. And do some research on what is in that battery (Super toxic heavy metals and explosive lithium) and how it is recycled, (It’s not). Be informed, I’m sure the technology will improve. But just be careful buying a used Prius that needs a battery replacement, you will be in for a big surprise.

      • Robert
        Jul 19, 2020

        Ah hah! This is the most telling comment of all. It is an admission by a manufacturer/seller that these things don’t work in homes, which is what the ads I’ve seen are selling to.

  152. Lou Hernandez
    Jan 07, 2020

    2020 USA National Electrical code when adopted state by state now requires a surge protective device on all new residential buildings. The device discussed is NOT a UL 1449 rev 4 surge protective device.

  153. Steve
    Dec 22, 2019

    I had a friend back in the ’70s who sold such a device (and gave one to me). I was a 10″ square box that he told me to hook up outside at the electrical panel. I didn’t, but I did open it up – three capacitors (I don’t remember the uf values) and nothing else. What I remember about capacitors was that they are a ‘short’ to A/C, and an ‘open’ to D/C. So, (and yes a little bit of electronic knowledge can be dangerous!) I decided they really didn’t do anything and I tossed it. I did find a device that was used at the source (refrigerator) and it’s claim was that it reduced the frequency of the electricity to the fridge (after startup) to slow the motor down, because the thought was you really didn’t need all those revolutions for the fridge to do the job. So, less RPMs = less electrical usage. I really don’t think that one worked as well because of intermittent cooling demands. Now, my fridge has a variable speed compressor (digital converter, same principle) that not only saves $$$, but also varies RPM according to demand.

  154. Suro
    Oct 17, 2019

    Everywhere there is science. In earlier times we used to see systems working… these days tech is making a fool of people as well. I remember an electrolux my grandpa bought ran oñ kerosene. Well.. a liter could.keep it alive for 2 weeks… we could see the flame in a metallic mirror…. it was an amazing power saver… let someone use solar instead

  155. Jess
    Oct 12, 2019

    Thanks for the article. I am interested to know whether one of these cheap household devices would work as well as the expensive “cleaners” sold for use with electronic musical equipment. They seem to do the exact same thing. Fluctuating currents can cause audible changes and wear things out faster, but everyone I know is using surge protectors because they are cheap and available.

  156. Doug Zundel
    Sep 21, 2019

    Can you decide Advise us on the new power saving device called okowatt?

  157. R.Samuel
    Jun 24, 2019

    All the power savers advertised are plug in thr it is only single phase. But most houses hzve three phase supply. Can any manufacturerr or supplier explain how a plug in power saver will work on a three phase meter. By your explanation I can understand really you know the subject or not

    • Chris
      Dec 27, 2019

      Not sure where you live, but houses in the USA mostly have single phase power. Older, large homes in hot climates used to be wired with three phase for large AC units, but that has been replaced with multiple units now.

  158. Ragavendran
    Jun 10, 2019

    Can call me back r share your contact

  159. Bob
    Feb 07, 2019

    Total and absolute fraud here. There are many dead giveaways. In addition to all the fiction written here, is the problem with grammar. This was written by someone with, at best, a tenuous grasp on the English language. BUT these type of people fleece folks every day.

    • Michael Lee Steib
      Apr 12, 2020

      Grammar problems do not necessarily imply fraud.

  160. james russell
    Nov 06, 2018

    You lot would be better off investing in LED lighting to save on power consumption and would also save you money in replacing lamps as they have a longer operational life span. Then after that you would be better off investing in solar panels and a good inverter or solar controller and battery and being off the grid.

  161. Mike Scirocco
    Sep 21, 2018

    What do you mean when you make this statement, “a power saver also removes any type of carbon in the system”. What is an example of carbon in a system? I don’t know what you’re referring to here.

    • SM
      Feb 01, 2019

      That is the statement/claim made by the power saver company, not the author

    • Kevin McGivern DS
      Jan 01, 2020

      I concur. First and foremost – how can something plugged into a socket “remove carbon from a system”? Better question: What carbon? This theory works for industrial buildings that run electric motors – it is called load correction. Any of these “power savers” are a bunch Horse puckey.

    • Rob
      Jul 10, 2020

      By using the sun power and wind power removes the carbon use.

  162. guruvaraja ganesan
    Aug 16, 2018

    I think the author academically studied the subject and not understood the real purpose of capacitor resistance circuit to assist in power factor correction and surge suppression.
    He used carbon in electrical parameter , where he studied such terms to explain electrical energy.
    Putting his unsolicited non technical inexperienced novice theory in first google search for power savers will mislead lot of people believing his academic degrees.
    Without proper experiments and proof he explain the thing.
    When P.F in a system is improved the system operates well and do real savings

    • Mike S.
      Sep 21, 2018

      What are your sources? Where are the numbrers?

    • Stephen
      Aug 03, 2019

      Again, as above, the claim about carbon removal was by the selling company, not the author.
      In his explanation on how the system actually works he does not mention carbon removal at all.
      A shorting circuit will, of course, carbonise the shorting and arcing points but these cannot be removed by improving circuit conditions, only prevented.
      Further, the author dies not state this system doesn’t work but states that as long as the system is in operation at, and only at, the same time as the capacitive and motorised loads and to only the extent required, then it will work very well, but the system doesn’t reduce the billing on power consumption for industry effectively enough to outweigh implementation costs EFFECTIVELY and to not affect household billing at all since households are not charged in the sane way as industry given that industrial machines are penalised as being the CAUSE of the “dirty signal” in mains electricity.
      I learned long ago from an electrical lecturer that in the UK in order to clean up the signal on power in the National Grid that one power station would have to be ENTIRELY sacrificed to the cause.
      This would improve the power so well that the overall consumption would be reduced by nearly a half.
      Imagine the loss ou’d income to the power companies and how much they’d have to increase cost per unit to make up profit margin.
      This would cause uproar even though the overall cost to the consumer would remain the same as they’d see the increase wasn’t due to cost but profit (although use of that sacrificial power station would translate to cost, the public wouldn’t see or care about that) and they’d be angry and possibly start rioting over it (people can be volatile over some such things).
      Thus the cost is put into industry and the status quo remains.
      If every house and industry fitted these power saving devices to clean up the signal and they incorporated an additional activation/deactivation circuit fur when ac unit or fridge/freezer motors and industrial motors and charger units and power tool transformers were active/inactive, then the power station sacrifice theory would be unnecessary, the signal would be clean, the power consumption would go down, all at cost to industry and households (who weren’t being directly charged in single additional surcharge form anyway, only through annual rise in unit price), the power companies would continue to raise prices and unit charges and not tell everyone that they (the public) were the ones cleaning the signal but that it was the actions of they (the power company) at their own cost and effort with rising prices on wages and materials and continue to raise surcharge anyway..
      Thus the effective way to manage this is to cut your own bills and surcharges where you can and not spend money where it will do you no good regardless of effort or cost..

    • Somya Vatsa
      Dec 10, 2019

      Well thank you for saving that, I have spent months doing it and analyzing data but this fraud here talks absolute nonsense without any backing for his nonsense. PF correction saves energy. Period.

  163. Marites canciller
    Jun 14, 2018

    I bought this electric saver 4 mo.s ago if i amnot mistaken at 1st mo. I think its work because my electric bill go down almost half of my regular bill but my 2nd mo. Of having this device, When i got my electric bill i found out that my bill go back as regular bill i ve recieved until now this devices still on the outlet where no one cant touch it ,but my electric become higher and higher than ever. Now the cost of my electric bill is 1200 pesos .wheni dont have this devise my bill only 800 pesos only 1 mo. This device makes me happy from 800 it become 400. And i bought this device here in your site at 2500 pesos . Can u pls explain to me what should i do to make me happy of this.thanks

    • Boi
      Sep 12, 2018

      RIP english

      • KillaBee
        Aug 25, 2019

        lol yep.

      • Suro
        Oct 17, 2019

        Abcd avenue
        India 700101

    • Jerome Robinson
      Feb 24, 2019

      Install led lighting and put timers on your water heaters so when not in use they would not kick in and reheat the cold water. This method should work fine.

    • A Justin Devavaram
      Aug 27, 2019

      If capacitor goes wrong it vil increases your EB bill sir this is my experience

    • Cid
      May 13, 2020

      Reply to Marites Canciller: I think perhaps you are a victim of a smooth-talking “snake oil” salesman, I regret to say!

  164. Ravi Gupta
    May 23, 2018

    Power factor correction actually reduces power consumption, because every load is linked to efficiency. If 80% is efficiency of device then 20% are losses. Loss is calculated as I2R. If current reduces, correspondingly the loss reduces which saves power.

    • Krishnan
      Aug 23, 2019

      When power factor correction is introduced into the system the voltage and current in the transmission line is in phase and the transmission loss is reduced giving advantage to electric company not to the subscriber. Since electricity being saved by reducing transmission losses amounts to electricity produced, such devices may be encouraged if it works to avoid national wastage.

    • Suro
      Oct 17, 2019

      Power factor correction is about reducing the reactive power which doesnt do any work in the literal sense.. as the knowledgeable author said adding capacitive load may be dangerous as a power system may suffer from certain instabilities like self excitation at the alternator. So static var compensation is deployed to control the amount of var pumped in the grid. Jignes bhai rightly stated that identify and switch off wasted power. You can control. If you want that auto regulated.. use motion sensors to switch off in empty rooms… PLC like logo or diy like Raspberry pi can be used to switch of timed devices. For airconditioners we should use a larger capacity single unit instead of multiple to cool a larger area… probably best to interconnect the rooms and have a single unit cool to a temperature setting and switch off.. inverter acs can be the best answer. For heating sun is the best source.

  165. Roger
    May 14, 2018

    None of these so called devices work, at all. I have just shut down the third site maintaining that they work, they do not. On a Flourescent light in a factory there are reasons to fit a capacitor. In easy terms the capacitor brings together the current and the voltage. This is required because the electricity supply companies charge a premium for poor power factor, the relation ship between how far the voltage and current are out of phase with each other. The reason being that if the current and voltage are out of step then the power company have to supply more electric than is indicated. This can even cause connection failures. In a house the difference is immaterial. However, on new electricity meters even that is covered. So none of these boxes are any good, As for claims of spikes etc, well the only real way to stop the parasitic spikes etc is to use a proper item for example a Uninteruptable power supply that is working through internal transformers. So, if anybody tries to sell you one you now that the so called power boxes are a scam. I have just caused another to be shut down, it was called Ecovolt from eastonia. Read Fraud.

  166. patel asha m
    Dec 16, 2017

    Thanks for information. I bought maxx environment power saver. In my home 1 freeze, 1 TV, 1 washing machine. Is it safe to use power saver or not? And it’s green light is off so thisthis device is working or not ? please suggest me that I can use it or not?

    • Ravi Gupta
      May 23, 2018

      There is no harm as we any connect our laptops, computers which have capacitive effect. So connecting a capacitive power saver will not harm. It will help in reduction of spikes.

    • Suro
      Oct 17, 2019

      It is wasteful .. as explained it is of no use.

    Dec 02, 2017

    As per Indian electricity act domestic consumers are to be billed on kwh basis hence reactivate power consumption should not be recorded by domestic energy meters but i am very much doubtful about energy meters provided by electric supply company, in my openion new electronic meters measure some reactivate power component also. I visited several single phase meter testing labs of power supply company and requested them to give demo for testing the meter at different power factors but equipments such as phase shifter RSS meter etc were out of order. And it is told to me by several responsible people that energy saver really reduced their bill up to
    some noticeable amount.This thing also support my claim that energy metere do count reactivate power. Now i will purchase one and see
    what difference it makes.

  168. sun
    Oct 13, 2016

    only power saver 3 phases with a kvar capacitor and controller Power factor, c/k and more can true save, depends the inductives load. if good for hotels or place use for sample many air conditioner. here can get good result saving.

    for product picture you show yes many power saver , and aslo every power saver with a socket plug is are scam, and you can see china is number one place for scam power saver , same recently shenzhen jumbo power saver , product dont save only $1 and more him increase your bill electric .

    i use another factory form Taiwan use a true power saver 3 phases and i know 90% is are scam power saver, my for every customers i install power saver. i try with a meter 3 hours without power saver and 3 hours with power saver and compare kw/h with a meter same model form company electric.

    so here can see true power saver and scam power saver.

    we not recommended buy power saver from shenzhen jumbo power saver is are 100% scam
    Also noted Alibaba aliexpress made in china protect gold suppliers because every year gold suppliers paid $6000 to $7000 for show product to is website, problem bad verification form alibaba aliexpress i show to 1 video to youtube is are bad veryfication you can see to the disclainer alibaba the company promose. just promise for get gold supplier status and scam to international.

    you can see the video here before you want to risk buy form b2b alibaba SCAM

    King regards

    metas :
    shenzhen jumbo power saver scam
    Alibaba the hive of gold suppliers SCam

    • Whitman Qin
      Nov 08, 2016

      To all who may see it:

      The report from Mr.Sun on Oct.13.2016 isn’t correct and he doesn’t respect the truth.

      As he said that only Kvar capacitor with PF controller can save. I don’t think that he knows much about the real saving technology.

      If as he said, Jumbo power saver is scam. Then how to prove that his words is true ? Jumbo saver is PF correction device with Kvar capacitors and we have lots of saving examples to show customers. How can Mr.Sun that there is saving by other Kvar savers while there is no saving by Jumbo? If he really know about this tech, then he shouldn’t say it like this.

      In fact, His aim isn’t helping buyers to make right decision. His aim here is going to use blacklist to say Jumbo bad words. He wanted Jumbo to die and this is his destination.

      Mr. Sun,our former customer who doesn’t respect the business rules and he is not honest person.

      I swear in the name of the God here, Jumbo didn’t cheat Mr.Sun. Dare Mr.Sun swear in the name of God that he is really honest on this matter ?

      We lost business due to his bad behavior and we have all proof to show what kind of of Person he is. He is using all blacklist and links to show Jumbo bad words as revenge.

      If any customer want to know the truth, you are welcome to contact. [email protected] for more info.

      If any supplier see this information, I don’t suggest you to do business with Mr.Sun.

      If you really want to be headache, just try to do business with him. I do believe that he got lots of bad buying history in China. And you will be 100% unhappy.

      Even Alibaba has no words about him. He said that alibaba is scam and didn’t protect his benefit. In fact, for the whole process, alibaba is protecting the benefit of customers. We have all proof to show it.However, during the communication with alibaba, his attitude and words didn’t stand right,so,he failed. And now he can only say bad words about Jumbo as revenge.

      He retuned the goods and we refunded him 100% money. Still now he tell fake story online that he lost 1220USD.

      I want all to ssay,if you buy some products from China and you damaged the products during wrong operation and wrong installation, then you ask the supplier to refund. Will the supplier do it ? Maybe 99% won’t.

      However, we respect the benefit of others and we refunded all. And we don’t want to be headache with Mr.Sun. However, Mr.Sun still say online that he lost 1220USd and even ask me to give free H20 saver for compensation and also he ask Jumbo to give him shipping cost from Cambodia to China. Is it fair ?

      He said that Jumbo has defect on the products. Yes,Jumbo isn’t 100% perfect and we still have a long way to improve the quality and everything and now we are doing that to make ourself better and better.Besides, I have the confident to say that we are the best power saver manufacturer in China. Maybe customers don’t believe what I say, then you are welcome to compare any other brand from China with Jumbo and tell us the disadvantages. Most welcome.

      We work with customers honestly, not like Mr.Sun, can only say bad words and use knife on the back. This kind of person I dare to say, if he didn’t get brain problem, then must be a person without good temper and personality. If he is good person, then he will not use blacklist to say words which isn’t true. His negative can’t help any customer , only the best way for him to revenge for his so called lost. You will see may fake reports from many webs when you search Jumbo power saver. All are from Mr.Sun or Mr.Tee Sama. Maybe they are same person.

      I would like to make this information open, for the reason that Jumbo never worry about bad words from customers. But we respect the customers who give us real advices. If the person who like Mr.Sun, in the aim for revenge only. Then,we have enough confidence to say big NO.

      Thanks for your attention and best wishes to all who may see.

      Jumbo Team

      • Prakash Bhatt
        Sep 10, 2019

        Good answer sir,no one has rights to negative marketing against any company or products,we also work in same line as an Electrical Engineer i like to say that % of Power savers are depending upon power quality given by EB company,and its veries as per service provider.

        Please share your product details i m intrested to do business with you.

        Prakash Bhatt

      • Ms Moon
        Jan 20, 2020

        You speak too much about Mr Sun and not enough about your product and proof of concept that it works, as well as explaining how.
        I believe your comments here are nothing more than a smear campaign of Mr Sun for expression of his opinions only.
        If he caused your company damages, sue him for your loss. If your product lost sales due to his words, prove it.
        The sales of “Jumbo” should speak for itself through the ratings of others who bought and are using the product. Every product speaks for itself. If it’s an amazing product, your sales should not have been bothered by the bad opinion of what ONE customer says, it should be reflected in your profits from the consumers who bought and believe in your products.
        All you did here was try to discredit Mr Sun because his words and due to your business dealings not working out. You resolved your issues with him, move on.
        Bashing an unhappy customer who has opinions about your business or it’s practices is not something a professional representative of a thriving company would do.
        Those claims of business loss would be handled by your attorney in a law suit, NOT babbling on the internet where people are trying to find out REAL REPUTABLE information to make informed decisions.
        Your words reflect badly on your company and it’s reputation. Basically a waste of space.
        With that being said, I wish you luck in your future endeavors of your business and your products.

        • Gary Lee Ash
          May 04, 2020

          Well said! Spot on in your assessment!

  169. Oskar Ohakas
    May 06, 2016

    “The systems also automatically remove carbon from the circuit which also encourages a smoother electrical flow.”
    This statement – to remove CARBON from the CIRCUIT – is misleading. No electrical engineer, textbook etc do not use word CARBON in such semantic mood. At least I am not able to find out such slang usage (to remove carbon from electrical circuits) inside electrical engineer community or any other inner circle.

    This error is circumstantial evidence that mr. Jignesh Parmar is not 100% competent in the field.

  170. Lance
    Feb 16, 2016

    Hi there, while true, at the same time using a high quality power meter, I noted a 15 Watt savings on a 70 Watt florescent light fitting. It was running at 100 Watt there was no cap across the supply so I added one and it dropped by 15 Watt. There was an instant savings and this is the way to do it. A cap on the far end of an unloaded line can cause the voltage to increase and is considered dangerous. Also just adding capacitors can result in harmonic amplification of the voltage, increased voltage distortion. Ask any car audio nut, they know that often adding a supply cap can make more noise or hum in the audio rather than removing the noise, a result of a greater voltage drop across the supply lines. You can always save energy by reducing the resistance of the supply cable. We all accept a 5% volt drop on a supply cable but fail to remember that it implies a 5% power loss!

  171. vievk
    Nov 24, 2015

    Sir, I have two ac , one geaser my bill is 12000/-pm , how can I reduce it.

    Thanks Vivek

    • Prakash Bhatt
      Sep 10, 2019

      we The “SIGMA” leading company in Power savers and Active or Reactive Harmonic filtration devices , we have proven that in BVQI,ERDA nad CPRI also they certified us there are 17-36% savings it can do in industrial as well as domestic loads,

      please connect our sales Team they definitely help u.

  172. Hoq
    Sep 02, 2015

    The so called “Power saver” found in the market for house hold use is 100% fraud . Pls read the article in the following link :

  173. Suraj M
    Aug 31, 2015

    I have saimax 3G power saver. When I used it first time all 3 LED indication were ON. But suddenly last green LED started to fluctuate and after a while it goes OFF. So please let me know if the saver is working or not. And what is the meaning of the 3 LED lights.

  174. mahir
    Jul 09, 2015

    I am needed so much

  175. 3liswaid
    Jun 15, 2015

    thank you for this article it’s very helpful ,
    in my country salers sells this device about 50$ and the device is written over it 100 A and 300,000 watt
    they fool people ,,
    thank you

  176. Glen
    May 01, 2015

    E$aver 1200 works at my home and office, saving me over 30% and for all of my clients including big billers saving between 21-36%

    • Glen
      May 10, 2015

      I read quite a bit on your discourse on PFC and electricity saving, stating that such is negligible for residential lines, well I am no engineer/scientist, but simply a user of two Electricity Saving devices and my experience runs contrary to your comments.

      My success led me to become a dealer of the same equipments saving multiple supermarkets several thousand dollars monthly (3 Phase), a single phase user over $1400 in 3 months and several other single phase clients 3 digits savings of at least 20.09% monthly!

      • emmanuel mallari
        Jul 17, 2015

        i did have one at home and i saved 25 to 35% on my monthly bill. the electric company could not believe it so they took my meter away and replace it with new one. when we inquired why, they simply said they will send it to factory to check as there seems to be a problem with my reduce electric usage. until now i am using it with success.

        • sima
          Nov 13, 2015

          could u please let me know what kind of power saver u used
          ill be grateful for ur help

          • Vaidya
            Nov 26, 2019

            I am using one from Sai Energy Saver from India, Surat.

      May 28, 2015

      I read your comments. but I want to know if power saver really reduces our electrical utility bills?, If yes then where can I get it in India?

    • ru ko
      Jan 18, 2017

      Glen, you are either not telling the truth or you have been hoodwinked. These devices are worthless for the average home owner.

    • Yuri Slotznikopoulos
      Jan 01, 2021


      Science is non-negotiable. Your device either follows the rules or doesn’t. Since many have negated your device on electrical principles, it’s not possible for the device to work in your home. If you are telling the truth, then you are saving money monthly because you are probably unconsciously turning off more devices around your home when not using them, such as lights, stereo equipment, televisions, etc. I’m sorry but just wishing something to work that opposes electric principles is only that – wishful thinking.

      I think that perhaps you should do a bit more education and less anecdotal evidence. I order to sell your device to homeowners, you have to be naive and misinformed, or devious and unscrupulous. I hope it’s the former, not the latter. And before the word gets out to the masses, you should find another source of income.

  177. ed
    Mar 14, 2015

    Fixed capacitance type PFC only works when it is of right capacitance value to a given motor load. Since the household has different motor loads and switched at different times, this may not work all the time. For household, automatic power factor correction should be the way to go.

    Any reduction in current will reduce the speed at which the disc on the meter rotates, hence reducing the monthly readings. More info right here

  178. Stephane Bois
    Mar 09, 2015

    Thanks for the information. It did bring long forgotten concept of my automation and control course….It was a nice review! People will more end more dream of saving as price of energy rise up!

  179. Arthur
    Feb 26, 2015

    I have 2-50 Amp power saver 1200, 1 at my home and the other in my office. I installed them in Nov 2014. For November my bill fell from $112.00 Average to below $78, the next bill was under $86 and my last bill ie for Jan 2015 is $68.25, so for me, my US made Power saver saves over 30%.

    Re: my office in Nov I paid $57.43, Dec $38.17 and Jan $29.88. In Dec I saved 34% and in Jan 48% or an additional 22%. so maybe, you need to by your from the USA!

    • Arthur
      Feb 26, 2015

      I have 2-50 Amp power saver 1200, 1 at my home and the other in my office. I installed them in Nov 2014. For November my bill fell from $112.00 Average to below $78, the next bill was under $86 and my last bill ie for Jan 2015 is $68.25, so for me, my US made Power saver saves over 30%.

      Re: my office in Nov I paid $57.43, Dec $38.17 and Jan $29.88. In Dec I saved 34% and in Jan 48% or an additional 22%. so maybe, you need to buy yours from the USA!

      • shalam
        Mar 02, 2015

        Can u please tell what is the brand of your power saver.
        Thank you

        • Glen
          May 09, 2015

          Esaver 1200

      • Tracy
        Jul 21, 2020

        Arthur, what brand?

  180. henry
    Jan 31, 2015


    You write: “The systems also automatically remove carbon from the circuit”

    Remove carbon, the element ‘C’ (atomic number 6), is that what you say? I have never seen any instrument removing ‘carbon’ or anything tangible from an electric circuit. Electric energy is converted in other types of energy, yes, but carbon?

    So what do you mean?

    • asg
      Feb 07, 2015

      He meant it in a descriptive sense, carbon build up in an exhaust creates poor flow, he used it as similarity to an electrical network flow.

    • AndyChow
      May 10, 2015

      The guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Engineer my b—. These power saving devices don’t work, it’s just a scam. It doesn’t remove carbon (which has nothing to do with electricity), it doesn’t do anything.

  181. Lotus
    Jan 14, 2015

    Dear Mr. Parmar,

    I just find your article very useful. You have given a perfect explanation of the power saver use for domestic consumer. But I want to ask you a question about my situation. First of all, I give you a little introduction of the problem. I have on the roof of my house a solar plant for domestic production of energy. In the max period of production – in summer – in the most productive hours of the day – i.e. from 12:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m. – the inverter of solar plant goes down in error for security because it overcomes the limit voltage permitted for the immissions of energy into the distribution line. The limit is reached because my house is at the end of household distribution line and the cables have a less diameter because very old. In every case, the household told me that from their measurements the parameters all right. Anyway the problem persist: the distribution line couldn’t take all the energy produced.
    The question is: could the use of a power saver reduce the problem? Theoretically, it modulates the energy signal like a filter, so the energy that will be inmitted into the elettric line would be all taken. What do you think about that?

  182. Tony
    Jan 13, 2015

    Hello, I purchased energy saving devices from a small manufacturer. They actually said I needed two to cover my entire home. One to be plugged in for the odd numbered circuits and one to be plugged in on the even numbered circuits (in the breaker box). I did experience a savings of about 7 or 8 % on average on my electric bill. However, I also seemed to experience some problems with my electricity, such as furnace blower refusing to run properly, refrigerator problems, etc. so I am wondering if the stored power can cause problems. I no longer use the devices.

  183. Mr. Indrajit Desai
    Jan 01, 2015

    Article is nice and helpful.

  184. sunil pawar
    Dec 16, 2014

    is there any power saver gadget/device which would really reduce watts after installation for domestic/residential &commercial consumers and also reduces electro magnetic interference,radio frequency interference as per Indian standards?I will be thankful to you if you guide me with your valuable advice. please send me your contact details of jignesh parmar sir

  185. anwaar
    Nov 14, 2014

    Thanx dear for nice explanation. but how could they fool people at large scale. I would appreciate comments from a user of this product

  186. anwaar
    Nov 14, 2014

    thanx dear for explanation. but the question remains , how could they fool public at large scale?

  187. Roberto
    Nov 13, 2014

    Thanks for the explanation, clearly is s hoax

  188. sudhir shinge
    Nov 05, 2014

    Empower saver Prix liest. Maharashtra. cod.416122. India.

  189. Mahinda
    Nov 04, 2014

    Thanks al lot for your explanation

  190. Dmitri
    Oct 02, 2014

    Thank you for the self explanatory article. Saved my money just now by not buying it.
    Better off invest in uprating household size of the wire from #14 to #10
    Save some money on decreasing resistance of the wires, in 10 years will get mine 3-5% of energy bill back (after paying for the new wires) it is better then saving less then 1% with this useless device.
    Thanks again.

  191. Ravinder Aggarwal
    Sep 21, 2014

    Currently using plug in device made by la-costa . seems ineffective. please call me on 09810075222. Best Regards R.Aggarwal

  192. senthil kumar
    Aug 07, 2014

    Thanks.. after reading this i saved my money which i planned to buy ps.

  193. Fazal
    Jul 07, 2014

    It is indeed a very informative article. I am thankful to the author for this valuable knowledge.

  194. maria
    Jun 05, 2014

    Thank you very much for this article. It helped me make the decision not to purchase an energy saver.

  195. anil
    Jun 03, 2014

    Nice explanation and educative.
    Can someone please let me know among lot of manufacturers in India, which one is good and reliable and if i can buy the product online?

  196. A. N Sharif
    May 07, 2014

    Very nice of you & your products.
    I am interested for the product of household power saver.
    I am Bangladeshi.

    Thanking you

  197. sps
    Apr 23, 2014

    What is the size of capacitor should be used for 1HP motor, 2HP motor and 500W refrigerator for power saver purpose? For 230V 50Hz grid. Thanks in advanced.

  198. srinivasan
    Apr 10, 2014

    Appreciate this article .We require 3 Phase Energy Savers.The products should reduce reactive inductance and increase the power factor. electronic product is preferred.

    is there any product like this if so what could be the ideal savings and approx cost

  199. Juhn 3:16
    Apr 03, 2014

    Most of those selling household type energy saving devices that plug into an outlet ask the consumer to wait a few months to observe their “savings” and base it on the actual bill. In reality, if the device can really save on electricity consumption, it can be instantaneously measured by using a standard watt or kilowatt meter. The kilowatt-hour is just a measure of consumption after one hour. Some use a clamp on ammeter to prove the energy savings. What they were showing is volt-amperes not watts which is volt-ampere multiplied by the power factor. The consumer pays for the watt-hour (or kilowat-hour), not volt-ampere-hour. Perhaps the scammer is banking that by probability half of the buyers will experience some reduction in billing although half will experience an increase in their bill, although the gadget does not have anything to do with the reduction/increase in billing. Perhaps the tariff got lower of there are fewer days in a period covered. Anyway the one half of the consumers who found their bill reduced will be happy and attribute the reduction to the “energy-saving” gadget. The other half may just keep quiet or be shy in filing a complaint.

  200. Gilles Moniot
    Apr 01, 2014

    Excellent article.
    C’est bien expliqué et on comprend que les arguments de vente des fabricants sont une arnaque puisque la facture d’électricité en résidentiel est basée sur les kWatt. Peu importe le facteur de puissance que nous avons à la maison.
    Merci pour vos explications.

  201. nit
    Mar 23, 2014

    hello mr. jigu parmar. I like your article. and I am agree with you. but I had seen and observed in 3 phase load system, that if I connect a 3 phase capacitor across the load then current goes down. But I also observed that unit consumption of load (kwh) per day also reduced.
    I just need to know ., why did it happen.?
    please reply me on my mail id
    [email protected]

  202. Stephen
    Mar 12, 2014

    Nice article, very informative.

  203. Key
    Jan 29, 2014

    These articles would be a lot nicer if you followed standard scientific writing practice and provided an abstract summarizing all your findings at the beginning of the article. Otherwise it was interesting.

  204. amritlal
    Jan 20, 2013

    the capacitor for reactive compensation comes with price . more time you expose these capacitors to grid system, more is the chance of capacitor dying. And if we consider a harmonic distortion in supply , the capacitor life drastically comes down as the capacitor draws more current than its intended. i still feel this power saving should be prevented being sold unless it is tested and the values are tabulated and the performance is tested for at least a year.

  205. JV_ROMAN31
    May 21, 2012

    Does capacitors affect the operation of a disc type watt hour meter? I have seen some demonstrations wherein the rotation of the disc slows down everytime the device is turned on.

    • Marcel
      Jul 23, 2015

      What can of bull is that I would need proof of anything would work at all to bring electricity bill. Down35% or45% saving give me a free sample of proof please my. Address 342 bonavista st Rockland. K4k1n7 prove me rong if

    • Lionel Adrian WAYGOOD
      Jan 27, 2021

      No. None whatsoever.

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