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Transformer analysis

Power transformers are used extensively by traditional electric utility companies, power plants, and industrial plants. This technical article summarizes the basic types, connections, and diagrams of transformers needed for analyzing the electrical transmission and distribution systems.

Analysing power transformers in electric power systems
Analysing power transformers in electric power systems

Analyzing electric power systems, either through manual calculations or software simulation, use the simplest models of the various components (for example, lines, cable, generators or transformers, which is the subject of this article) that show the phenomenon being studied without unnecessary detail.

Transformer equivalent circuits not only make the principles clearer, but also these simple models are used in practice.

Table of contents:

  1. Transformer equivalent circuit
  2. Phase Shifts in Three-Phase Transformers
  3. Three-Winding Transformers
  4. Autotransformers
  5. Earthing (Grounding) Transformers
  6. Harmonics
  7. Tap-Changing Transformers
  8. Typical Parameters for Transformers

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