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MV dual fed switchboard with 2/3 type transfer
MV dual fed switchboard with 2/3 type transfer

Connected to article: Example of standard MV/LV network structure

Network structure:

  • MV consumer substation;
  • The main MV switchboard can be backed up by a generator set and it feeds two MV/LV transformers;
  • MV switchboard can be GIS or AIS and consist of following cubicles:
    – two incoming feeders (from utility)
    – two transformer cubicles
    – bus riser and bus coupling cubicle(s)
    – two outgoing transformer cubicles (supplying LV switchboard)
    – two cubicles connected to generators for backup power supply
  • The main low voltage switchboard has a dual power supply with coupler
  • Each bus section of the main low voltage switchboard has a UPS system feeding a priority circuit
  • The secondary switchboards, terminal boxes and motor control centers are fed by a single source

Reference: Protection of Electrical Networks – Christophe Prévé 

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