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Electric Testing and Maintenance Lectures

Video lectures presented here give recommendations for field commissioning and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment. Videos cover low voltage as well as meidum/high voltage equipment and systems.

Electric Testing and Maintenance (VIDEO courses)
Electric Testing and Maintenance (VIDEO courses)

The necessity of safety precautions during work on electrical equipment is extremely important and therefore maybe over-emphasised. The following videos are segmented by equipment type. For each component, a recommended minimum practice for preventive maintenance is provided.

This Electric Maintenance Courses consist of various video lecturers collected from Youtube.

No. Video Course Title Watch
1 Infrared Thermography for Maintenance New .
2 Electric Motors and Control Testing .
3 Maintenance of Medium Voltage Air Circuit Breaker .
4 Electric Testing Fundamentals – Electrical Connections .
5 Electrical Panel Preventative Maintenance .
6 Energized Services Performed on a 400A Distribution Panel .
7 Testing of Home Electrical Installations .
8 Home Inspection of Grounding and Panel Box .
9 Checking for a Bad Circuit Breaker .
10 How to Change a Circuit Breaker .
11 Recognizing Overheated Neutral .
12 Industrial Inspection and Testing (Ring final circuit tests) .
13 Electrical inspection and testing of supply and primary switchgear for a large electrical installation .
14 Introduction To Electrical Safety for Facilities .
15 Outdoor Electrical Safety .
16 Electrical power equipment safety .
17 TanDelta/Power Factor Testing – Background .
18 Power Transformer Testing – General .
19 Power Transformer Testing – Measuring DC winding resistance of transformer .
20 Testing of Protection and Measurement Equipment .

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  1. rammanohar
    May 26, 2020

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  2. lauro liwanag
    Apr 02, 2020

    im working at national grid corporation of the philippines. my concern is most of our old CT ipf test results are poor. is the old ct pass the ipf requirements during the time it is manufactured? ex manufactured year 1977

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    Aug 29, 2015

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    • xeeshan
      Nov 24, 2015

      @deepanker simply install the IDM first on your pc and then click the video play button option,it’ll automatically lead you to the download option.

  23. mohamed
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