Learn AC Distribution Panel Drawings: Single-Line Diagrams, Wirings, and Interlocking Schematics

A course dedicated to the design and analysis of an AC Distribution Panel (ACDB) and its components and proper schematics analysis. You will learn how to successfully read and analyze ACDB's single-line diagrams, wirings, and interlocking schematics. A case study is included. 18 lessons and 2h total course length.

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Course Description

Welcome to the course dedicated to the design and analysis of an AC Distribution Panel (ACDB) and its components and proper schematics analysis. You will learn how to successfully read and analyze ACDB’s single-line diagrams, wirings, and interlocking schematics.

AC Distribution Panel (ACDB) is one of the most important panel type in power substations, power plants and factories.

AC Distribution Panel explained in this course has two incomers (two sources), where one power supply is fed through the auxiliary transformer, and the other is fed through the Generator. Interlocking is provided between incomers and the coupler. The course explains a single-line diagram, interlock logic, interlocking schematic, and wiring functionality. Normally open and closed concepts are also presented.

Finally, you can find schematics drawing for self-study.

What you will learn in this course:

  • ACDB Drawing General Characteristics
  • ACDB Drawing Component List
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Drawing Legends
  • Undervoltage and Overvoltage Relay F27
  • Current Transformer, Polarity at Primary & Secondary side
  • Current Transformer Star point formation, towards line, towards bus philosophy
  • Change of direction of current due to change of star point
  • Concept of Essential bus and Normal Bus
  • Interlocking of Incomer 1 & 2 & Bus Tie explained
  • UVT Undervoltage Trip Coil in Air Circuit Breaker
  • Timer circuit
  • Trip/Close Coil Save Contact
  • Interlock Logic, Auto Manual Off Operations
  • Symbols & Legends
  • AC Supply Distribution SLD Drawings
  • Auxiliary Contacts, NO & NC
  • AC Supply Distribution Detail Drawings
  • Metering & Indication Circuit at Control Panel
  • DC Annunciator Circuit
  • Socket & Lighting Circuit
  • Typical Lamp Test Scheme
  • Terminal Strip Drawings
  • Front and Side View

Whos is this course for?

  • Practicing power system engineers
  • Substation engineers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Electrical engineering students planning on pursuing a career in power engineering
  • Power System Protection Engineers
  • Under Graduated

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following materials:

  1. ACDB Schematics Course Presentation (PDF)
  2. ACDB Schematics of Course Example (PDF) 
  3. Design guidelines for substation and power distribution systems of buildings (PDF)
  4. Electrical troubleshooter for AC/DC circuits, relays, contactors and PLCs (PDF)
  5. Schematic Representation Of Power System Relaying (PDF)

About Instructor

Muhammad Kashif

Muhammad Kashif Shamshad is an Electrical Engineer and has more than 17 years of experience in operation & maintenance, erection, testing project management, consultancy, supervision, and commissioning of Power Plant, GIS, and AIS high voltage substations ranging up to 500 kV HVAC & ±660kV HVDC  more than 10 years experience is with Siemens Saudi Arabia. He completed over 20 high voltage substation projects, Operation & Maintenace of Substation & Power plants in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for different electric utilities including Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Marafiq, National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC), WAPDA, and K-Electric. Also, he led testing and commissioning teams to implement electrical infrastructure projects for many types of industrial clients (Steel, Petrochemical, etc.) in both countries, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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  • 18 Lessons
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