Muhammad Kashif



Muhammad Kashif Shamshad is an Electrical Engineer and has more than 17 years of experience in operation & maintenance, erection, testing project management, consultancy, supervision, and commissioning of Power Plant, GIS, and AIS high voltage substations ranging up to 500 kV HVAC & ±660kV HVDC  more than 10 years experience is with Siemens Saudi Arabia. He completed over 20 high voltage substation projects, Operation & Maintenace of Substation & Power plants in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for different electric utilities including Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Marafiq, National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC), WAPDA, and K-Electric. Also, he led testing and commissioning teams to implement electrical infrastructure projects for many types of industrial clients (Steel, Petrochemical, etc.) in both countries, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.



    12 Lessons

    Learn How to Operate and Analyze Interlocking Schemes for Substation & Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

    A complete understanding of the GIS substation standard operating procedure, interlocking schemes, sequence of operation for shutdown, trip & restoration which are the most critical topics for operating substation engineers. 12 lessons in 1h 36m total course length.

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    42 Lessons

    Generator Protection Course: Concepts, Applications and Relay Protection Schemes

    This course provides in-depth knowledge of the major electrical protection principles, applications and schemes associated with generators. Learn generator differential protection, restricted earth fault protection, negative sequence or unbalance protection, overcurrent protection, and many others. 42 Lectures and 5h 56m total course length.

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    18 Lessons

    Learn AC Distribution Panel Drawings: Single-Line Diagrams, Wirings, and Interlocking Schematics

    A course dedicated to the design and analysis of an AC Distribution Panel (ACDB) and its components and proper schematics analysis. You will learn how to successfully read and analyze ACDB's single-line diagrams, wirings, and interlocking schematics. A case study is included. 18 lessons and 2h total course length.

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    16 Lessons

    Gas-Insulated Switchgear Course: Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance, Testing

    This course covers the essentials of a Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS), main components and layouts/diagrams, and GIS equipment being dealt with. You will learn to recognize GIS parts and to properly read various GIS diagrams. 16 lessons in 3h 2min. total course length.

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    24 Lessons

    Learn How to Depict Switchgear and Substation Single-Line Diagrams

    Learn single-line and three-line diagrams, their differences and graphic electrical components that figure there. Learn various elements that represent equipment like a circuit breaker, isolator, earth-switch, power transformer, CTs/VTs, arrestor, auxiliary transformer, etc. 16 lessons in 3h 37 minutes total course length.

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    20 Lessons

    Restricted Earth Fault Protection (REF) Course: Principles, Relays, Schematics and Settings

    Learn in detail Restricted Earth Fault (REF) protection and its installation, connections & schematics (for transformer, motor, generator, shunt reactor and autotransformer), calculations and protection requirements. An example of a real REF relay is included. 19 lessons in 3h 14 min.

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    9 Lessons

    The Essentials of Capacitor Banks: Connections, Calculations and Relay Protection

    This course is one of the essential courses for electrical engineers. It explains the theory behind capacitor banks, their series and parallel connections, protection and much more. The course is based on the use of capacitor banks in the field.

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    27 Lessons

    Overcurrent Protection Course: Principles, Relays, Schematics and Settings

    Learn how overcurrent protection works in power systems, the concept of short circuit and the different types of faults. Special attention is paid to instantaneous and time delay protection types (normal, very and extremely inverse relays). Relay settings are explained in detail. 21 lessons in 3 hours and 29 minutes.

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    46 Lessons

    Distance Protection Course: Learn How Distance Relay Protects Line and How to Set It Correctly

    The course is dedicated to a deep understanding of distance relay protection and correct setting calculations. The course starts with relay characteristic angle and fault characteristics and continues with detailed explanations of impedance relays, Mho and offset Mho relay, etc. 45 lessons in over 5 hours.

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    22 Lessons

    Transformer Differential Protection Course: Understanding Schematics, Relay Settings and Testing

    Learn how to analyse and troubleshoot transformer differential protection schematics, relay setting calculations and trip characteristics. Study transformer winding connections from vector diagram and drawing relay settings calculations curve. 22 lessons in 3h 53m total course length.

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    40 Lessons

    Learn to Read and Analyze Circuit Breaker Schematics and Control Wiring Diagrams

    This is an intermediate to advance level course dedicated to schematics and control wiring diagrams of high-voltage and medium-voltage circuit breakers (applicable to power substations, switchyards, power plants, etc.). 39 lessons in 7h 14min total course length.

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    24 Lessons

    The Essentials of Relay Protection and Control in Power Systems

    Learn power system protection and control concepts, protection schemes and relays, primary & secondary equipment, and electrical wiring with practical examples. 85 lectures in 9h 11m total course length.

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    4 Lessons

    Course to Relay Circuitry and Understanding Control and Protection Schematics

    This course covering basic level to intermediate will teach you to understand relay circuitry and read and analyze control and protection schematics.

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