Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: Wiring And Busbars

Learn important components inside electrical cabinets, particularly wiring (conductors) and busbars systems (60mm). The course is real-life oriented and it includes 119 photos of electrical cabinets from international projects. 11 lessons in 52m total course length.
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Course Decription

This course covers components and circuits inside and outside electrical panels: wiring inside a cabinet and a 60mm busbar system. The course is real-life-oriented, and whether you work as a designer, panel builder, or system integrator, you will have a real benefit.

There are two real treats at the end of the course (last two videos/lessons):

  1. 119 photos of electrical cabinets from international projects: both power and control cabinets, also SIVACON
  2. RiLine60 busbar system in 3D in Eplan PRO Panel: where we experience in 3D how a 60 mm busbar system looks in “reality”.

Course Summary

  1. How to properly represent a wire cross-section / color in EPLAN
  2. Color standard for wiring
  3. Most common wire types used to wire components inside panels
  4. SPECIAL CASE: Short circuit proof conductor / cable – when and why to use it
  5. External power supply / voltage – special wire color (e.g. in Germany)
  6. Wire colors for grounding purposes
  7. How to properly represent a busbar system in EPLAN
  8. Components necessary to build a 60mm RiLine busbar system from Rittal
  9. Dimension busbars and calculate the heat loss
  10. 119 photos of electrical cabinet from real-life projects

Who Is This Course For

  • Panel builders/wireman
  • Electrical designers
  • Automation engineers
  • Students of electrical engineering/industrial automation


  • Basic knowledge of Eplan Electric P8
  • Basic understanding of electrical engineering components and symbols


Please note that Ivan is not a certified trainer for EPLAN products nor EPLAN partner. Video courses by Ivan Vidovic presented on EEP Academy that are demonstrating how to work in the Eplan Electric P8 computer program are solely his work and are not endorsed nor approved nor certified by the manufacturer of the aforementioned computer program. EEP Academy does not sell EPLAN products nor is an official representative of EPLAN company or EPLAN products.

For the purchase of the aforementioned computer program and/or for official training on how to use this computer program and/or for official certification and/or for official support contact the owner/manufacturer of the aforementioned computer program which is: EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG, An der alten Ziegelei 2, DE – 40789 Monheim am Rhein.

About Instructor

Ivan Vidovic

Ivan is a graduated electrical engineer with 10 years of professional experience in the electrical design of various industrial automation systems: automotive industry (Daimler, VW, etc.), and process industry (TEVA, Coca-Cola, Lactalis, etc.). Professional experience in Oil & Energy, Food & Beverages, dairy factories, chemical industry, Automotive (car body manufacturing - Karosserierohbau and industrial paint shops - Lackieranlagen). International working experience (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China). I have been working in EPLAN since 2010, since version 1.9. Eplan Electric P8 Advanced User Certificate.

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