Ivan Vidovic





Ivan is a graduated electrical engineer with 10 years of professional experience in the electrical design of various industrial automation systems: automotive industry (Daimler, VW, etc.), and process industry (TEVA, Coca-Cola, Lactalis, etc.). Professional experience in Oil & Energy, Food & Beverages, dairy factories, chemical industry, Automotive (car body manufacturing - Karosserierohbau and industrial paint shops - Lackieranlagen). International working experience (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia, China). I have been working in EPLAN since 2010, since version 1.9. Eplan Electric P8 Advanced User Certificate.



    11 Lessons

    Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: Setting Up NFPA Project and Circuit Diagrams

    Learn to set up your EPLAN project to work and create circuit diagrams according to the NFPA standard. 11 lessons in 1h 22m total course length.

    6 Lessons

    Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: Translation for Multilingual Projects

    Learn everything that is to know about the Translation Module in EPLAN with a practical example of an international project. 6 lessons in 55m total course length.

    6 Lessons

    Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: The Essentials For Beginners

    Learn the basics of EPLAN, the essential functions, and sections to be able to create decent circuit diagrams with PLCs, circuit breakers, contactors, electric motors, etc. 16 lessons in 2h 40m total course length.

    4 Lessons

    Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: Custom Symbols, Tips and Tricks

    Master your electrical design skill in EPLAN by learning symbol libraries management, custom symbols, layer management, and functions that will help you to work more efficiently. 11 lessons in 1h 3m total course length.

    6 Lessons

    Electrical Design of an Industrial Packaging Machine

    Master electrical design of industrial automation systems - packaging machine (wiring diagram and PLC (S7-1200) analysis - I/O signals explanation). 6 lessons in 46m total course length.

    8 Lessons

    Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: Motor Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starter

    Learn in-depth to design and implement the most common motor starter for industrial automation applications – the Direct On-line (DOL) Motor Starter. The complete circuit diagram and circuit components are included. 6 lessons in 1-hour total course length.

    4 Lessons

    Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: Wiring And Busbars

    Learn important components inside electrical cabinets, particularly wiring (conductors) and busbars systems (60mm). The course is real-life oriented and it includes 119 photos of electrical cabinets from international projects. 11 lessons in 52m total course length.

    2 Lessons

    Electrical Panel Design in EPLAN: Pilot Devices from Allen Bradley

    Learn how to plan and design pilot devices such as emergency stop pushbutton, selector switch, pilot lights, twin pushbutton, etc. for various industrial panels using EPLAN. 7 lessons in 54 min. total course time.

    4 Lessons

    Power Loss Calculations in Electrical Panels Using Rittal Therm

    Learn how to calculate power (heat) loss and dimension climate control system (fan, AC) for electrical panels using Rittal Therm software (free of charge). 6 lessons in 37 min. total course time.

    17 Lessons

    Industrial Electrical Panels Design Course

    Learn the main features of industrial electrical panels (cabinets) starting from the basics, major accessories you can see inside, and design recommendations using AutoCAD. Examples from real-world projects and applications are included. 16 lessons in 1h 20m total course length.

    5 Lessons

    Low Voltage Power Calculations in SIMARIS Design Tool

    Learn how to plan and design low-voltage power distribution systems using this powerful (and free of charge) software from Siemens. 12 lessons in 1h 25m total course length.