Power System Protection for Students (Generator, Line and Transformer Schemes Explained)

Learn about power system protection philosophy and techniques, and how to analyze relaying schemes of power systems, including instrument transformers, transmission lines, power transformers, and generators. 6h 16m total course length.

Course Description

This course presents an introduction and overview of power system protection philosophy and techniques. Step-by-step lectures take the student to learn everything necessary to understand this field of electrical engineering. This course covers relaying schemes of power systems, instrument transformers, and then goes deep in analyzing protection schemes of transmission lines, power transformers, and generators.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand detailed principles of power system protection,
  2. Read and analyze practical relaying schemes,
  3. Completely understand applications of digital power system protection

In this course, we will discuss certain attributes of protection relays that are inherent to the process of relaying. In general, protection relays operate after some detectable damage has already occurred.

Their purpose is to limit, to the extent possible, further damage to equipment, to minimize danger to people, to reduce stress on other equipment and, above all, to remove the faulted equipment from the power system as quickly as possible so that the integrity and stability of the remaining system are maintained.

Transmission lines are primarily exposed to short circuits between phases or from phase to ground. This is also the main source of damage to all other electrical equipment. The range of the possible fault current, the effect of load, the question of directionality and the impact of system configuration are all part of the transmission line protection problem.

The solution to this problem, therefore, is a microcosm of all other relaying problems and solutions. Since transmission lines are also links to adjacent lines or connected equipment, the protection provided for the transmission line must be compatible with the protection of all these other elements.

This requires coordination of settings, operating times and characteristics.

Course Summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Relaying Overview
  3. Instrument Transformers
  4. Transmission Lines Protection
  5. Transformer protection
  6. Generator Protection


  • Basics of electrical concepts

Who Is This Course For

  • Practicing power system engineers
  • Substation engineers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Electrical engineering students planning on pursuing a career in power engineering
  • Power System Protection Engineers
  • Under Graduated

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following documents:

  1. Distance relays fundamentals (PDF)
  2. Fundamentals of line protection with distance relays (PDF)
  3. Ground Fault Protection of Overhead Transmission Lines – Focus On Distance Relays (PDF)
  4. Testing And Commissioning Guideline For Numerical Distance Protection Relay (PDF)
  5. Advanced protection scheme for power transformers based on IEC 61850 standard (PDF)
  6. Guide through applications for SIPROTEC protection relays (PDF)
  7. Instrument Transformer Calculations and Dimensioning For Substation Protection (PDF)
  8. Lecture notes in relay protection for students: Generator, motor and transformer (PDF)
  9. Primary-side protection of distribution substation transformers (PDF)
  10. Principles and protection applications of low-impedance bus differential relay (PDF)
  11. Secondary injection testing for transformer differential protection relay (PDF)
  12. Testing Procedures for Power Transformer – MS Excel Spreadsheet (XLSX)
  13. Transformer Differential Protection Scheme (PDF)
  14. Voltage and current measurement in modern digital high voltage substations (PDF)
  15. Generator protection application and relay selection guide (PDF)
  16. Protection of generators at main 500 MW generation station that supply Sudan (PDF)
  17. Protection of Synchronous Generators (PDF)

About Instructor

Dr. Eng. Yesri Al-harbawi

I am a highly educated senior electrical engineer with long practical and academic experience. I worked as a power plant, HV networks, and technical purchasing engineer for more than 15 years. I have PhD and MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wroclaw of Science and Technology/ Poland. I have been teaching Digital Power System Protection, Power Systems, Instrumentations, and Renewable Energy in many technical universities and colleges across Iraq, Jordan and Canada. I have published many articles and books on power system protection, renewable solar energy and energy storage systems (ESS).

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