Course to Relay Circuitry and Understanding Control and Protection Schematics

This course covers basic to intermediate level and will teach you to properly understand relay circuitry and read and analyze control and protection schematics. 50 lectures in 8h 22m total course length.

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Course Introduction

This course covering basic level to intermediate will teach you to understand relay circuitry and read and analyze control and protection schematics. It contains almost nine hours of interactive training resources explained using a writing pad. You know that there is no place for a partial understanding of relay circuitry. You must fully understand closing & tripping, indication, and alarm circuits for various circuit breakers indicated by ferrule numbers.

These are just a part of what you will learn after taking this course!

By the end of the course, the student will learn how to read and analyze control and protection schematics of relay protection panels and to understand how all of these panel components work.

The course will go into detail for the following key topics:

  • Protection philosophy, ANSI and IEEE codes
  • Terminal block and ferrules
  • Auxiliary Contacts: Normally Open (NO), Normally Closed (NC) and Changeover (CO) Contacts
  • Drawing page addressing method, symbols and legends in drawings, single line diagram
  • Relay power supply and watchdog contact
  • Current and voltage transformers (CTs, VTs)
  • Input and output (I/O) contacts
  • Protection, control and LCC panels
  • Lockout, flickering and timer relays
  • Tripping coil and tripping circuit
  • How to read cross references in drawings
  • DC supervision relay, MCB trip function circuits
  • Understanding the concept of loop, CT loop, VT loop test block
  • Semaphore indicators (annunciator)
  • Temperature and humidity sensor, selector switch, hooter, siren, bell
  • Heating and lighting circuits
  • Single-point earthing and CT star point
  • AC alarm circuit, DC changeover circuit , CT circuit
  • Transformer control, tripping circuit
  • Tripping, lockout relays, close block circuit
  • Test block, test plug
  • Closing command, circuit, transfer of control

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following materials:

  • A practical handbook for relay protection engineers
  • Lecture notes in relay protection for students (generator, motor and transformer)
  • Course on switchgear and relay protection for students

Course Content

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About Instructor

Muhammad Kashif

Muhammad Kashif Shamshad is an Electrical Engineer and has more than 17 years of experience in operation & maintenance, erection, testing project management, consultancy, supervision, and commissioning of Power Plant, GIS, and AIS high voltage substations ranging up to 500 kV HVAC & ±660kV HVDC  more than 10 years experience is with Siemens Saudi Arabia. He completed over 20 high voltage substation projects, Operation & Maintenace of Substation & Power plants in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for different electric utilities including Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Marafiq, National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC), WAPDA, and K-Electric. Also, he led testing and commissioning teams to implement electrical infrastructure projects for many types of industrial clients (Steel, Petrochemical, etc.) in both countries, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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