The Essentials of Rotating Electrical Machines: AC & DC Electric Motors and Generators

The fundamentals of rotating electrical machines: AC & DC electric motors and generators intended both for the novice as well as a review for those who have previously studied the subject matter. 8 lectures in 7h 29m total course length.

Course Description

This course will focus on the fundamentals of rotating electrical equipment. This will include AC and DC motors and generators. Starting with the basic theories required and finishing up with some example problems. Starting with a simple liner DC machine the course takes you through rotating DC motors and generators, Induction motors and finishing with synchronous motors and generators.

You will find several examples of sample problems with the final chapter dedicated to just that.

Upon completion of this course, the student will have a working knowledge of DC motors and generators including commutation. This includes three-phase and single-phase induction motors and how synchronous generators work alone and connector to large systems such as the North American Grid.

The requirements going into this course are a basic understanding of electrical circuits such as Ohm’s law & Kirchhoff’s law and working knowledge of mathematics including equations. However, every effort has been made to keep the calculations as simple as possible complete with detailed explanations related to all calculations. The student will find the videos crisp, clean and very detailed with all text typed not handwritten and illustrations crafted in Keynote or PowerPoint illustrations that use animation to carry the ideas across.

This course is intended both for the novice as well as a review for those who have previously studied the subject matter.

Course Summary

  1. Introduction to Rotating Machines
  2. Review of Machinery Principles
  3. DC Machines
  4. AC Machinery Fundamentals
  5. Three-Phase Induction Motor
  6. Synchronous Generator/Motors
  7. The Final Exam With 17 Questions

Who Is This Course For

Electrical Engineers, Technologist, Technicians, Students, Maintenance Engineers


An understanding of electricity and mathematical equations

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following documents:

  1. Synchronous machines (generator and motor) in a nutshell (PDF)
  2. Electric motor selection, control and maintenance guidelines (PDF)
  3. AC-DC motors installation, principle of operation, troubleshooting and repair (PDF)
  4. Electric motors – Energy efficiency reference guide for novice and experienced users (PDF)
  5. All about wiring of electric motors (PDF)
  6. Low voltage motors – Installation, operation, maintenance and safety manual (PDF)
  7. Basic training for industrial electric motors, gearmotors and AC-DC drives (PDF)
  8. Premium-Efficiency-Motor-Selection-and-Application-Guide (PDF)
  9. AC motor selection and application guide (PDF)
  10. Guide to specification of electric motors (PDF)
  11. IEC Low Voltage Motors Guide (PDF)
  12. The Motor Book (PDF)
  13. Basic knowledge of AC electrical generators for students (PDF)
  14. Introduction to motor and generator (PDF)

About Instructor

Graham Van Brunt P. Eng., B.Sc.

An entire career in the power sector of engineering, Graham graduated from Queen's university coupled with subsequent studies with Wilfrid Laurier University to travel the globe and apply his skills and garner his protection and control experience internationally. His passion for staying in touch with his profession and his kinship for mentoring has kept him in front of an audience of learners.

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