Graham Van Brunt P. Eng., B.Sc.





An entire career in the power sector of engineering, Graham graduated from Queen's university coupled with subsequent studies with Wilfrid Laurier University to travel the globe and apply his skills and garner his protection and control experience internationally. His passion for staying in touch with his profession and his kinship for mentoring has kept him in front of an audience of learners.


  • Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada B.Sc.

    1 Lesson

    Practice Problems for DC Branch-Current Analysis

    Learn the basic concepts of electricity, its laws, theorems, and DC circuits by solving 12 problems and their solutions focusing on DC series-parallel networks.

    8 Lessons

    The Essentials of Rotating Electrical Machines: AC & DC Electric Motors and Generators

    The fundamentals of rotating electrical machines: AC & DC electric motors and generators intended both for the novice as well as a review for those who have previously studied the subject matter. 8 lectures in 7h 29m total course length.

    9 Lessons

    Engineering Calculus Made Simple (Derivatives)

    This course is designed as the basics review of derivatives as they apply to electrical functions. It is designed for the student of electrical engineering who comes across theoretical formulas that reference derivatives. 9 lessons in 3h 35min total course length.

    6 Lessons

    Distribution Substation and Feeder Protection Course

    This course covers protection and control principles of utility distribution substations and feeder protection which includes fuses, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) relays, and old-school time-overcurrent relays. 6 lessons in 3h 51min total course length.

    9 Lessons

    AC Circuits Analysis: Real, Reactive and Complex Power Calculation

    Learn how to use real, reactive, and complex power in the analysis of AC circuits. Learn how to calculate power factor correction (PFC) and power in three-phase circuits. 9 lessons in 3h 38min total course length.

    9 Lessons

    Fault Analysis Using Symmetrical Components in High Voltage Three-Phase Power Systems

    Learn the basic concepts of fault studies using symmetrical components on HV three-phase power systems. The final exam and certification are included. 9 lessons in 3h 47min total course length.

    7 Lessons

    Symmetrical Components of Three-Phase Power Analysis and Fault Studies

    Learn how to use the method of symmetrical components to simplify asymmetrical three-phase power analysis and understand fault studies and protection schemes. 7 lessons in 1h 30m total course length.

    8 Lessons

    Per Unit Analysis for Single and Three-Phase Systems

    Learn what Per Unit Analysis is and how manufacturers of electrical equipment use it to rate their equipment. Later, you will use it in your power flow, short circuit evaluation and motor starting studies. 10 lessons in 6h 5min total course length.

    9 Lessons

    Fundamentals of Three-Phase Electrical Transformers

    This course covers electromagnetism, voltage and current transformation, ratios & polarity, potential & current transformers, 3-phase transformer construction, transformer classifications, losses & cooling, per unit, etc. 9 lessons in 5h 37min total course length.

    11 Lessons

    Protection and Control of High Voltage Power Circuits

    This course deals with the protection and control principles of high voltage power stations and major equipment like transformers, circuit breakers, CTs and VTs. Instantaneous, overcurrent and transformer differential protection are studied. 10 sections in 5h 23min total course length.

    1 Lesson

    Fundamentals of Trigonometry for Electrical Engineering

    This course takes you from the fundamentals of trigonometry to the more sophisticated operations required in electrical engineering. 10 sections, 3h 47min total course length.

    8 Lessons

    Fundamentals of Instrument and Electric Power Metering in Utilities and Industry

    Learn fundamentals of instrument and single-phase/three-phase metering in utilities and industry, digital & analog wattmeters, Kwhr meters. 8 lessons in 4h 7min total course length.

    7 Lessons

    Digital Electric Circuits and Digital Logic for Intelligent Electrical Devices (IEDs)

    This is course is dedicated to digital logic which is the foundation for modern relay protection and IEDs (Intelligent Electrical Devices). You will learn binary numbers and binary arithmetic, logic gates and switches, and combinational logic functions. 6 chapters in 2h 8 min. total course length.

    12 Lessons

    The Essentials of Electricity and DC Circuit Analysis (Practice Problems Included)

    This course introduces the fundamental concepts of electrical direct current (DC) circuits (Ohm’s Law, Kirchhoff's Laws, Series and Parallel Circuits, etc.) and the most common practice problems students face during studying. 12 sections in 4h 40min total course length.

    6 Lessons

    AC Circuit Analysis: Fundamentals Course for Electrical Engineers

    This course will provide the student with the basic understanding of working with circuits involving Alternation Current, which includes sinusoidal waveforms, vectors and phasors. The final exam and certification are included. 5 sections, 3h 2min total course length.