Learn Wind Power Systems: Beginner To Intermediate Level Training Course For Engineers

Learn the essentials of wind power systems, their working principle, wind turbine characteristics, speed control, calculation and simulation. Recommended for electrical engineers, wind turbine technicians and other engineers. 59 lesson in 8h 43m total course length included.

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Course Description

Learn the essentials of wind power systems, their working principle, wind turbine characteristics, speed control, calculation and simulation. This course is highly recommended for electrical engineers, wind turbine technicians, and anyone interested in working in the wind energy industry. Course level is suitable for both novice and intermediate engineers.

The course starts with introducing the wind power power essentials and goes into detail with explaining power characteristics of a wind turbine and wind farms.

The course continues with analyzing data wind data, calculations and examples and explains Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS), their generator types, configurations and converters.

Last two lessons are dedicated to careers in wind energy and wind energy supply chain systems and simulation of wind energy systems in MATLAB/Simulink software.

What you will learn here:

The following specific topics are covered in this course:

  • Working principle of wind turbine;
  • History of wind energy industry;
  • Pros and cons of wind energy;
  • Where does the wind come from;
  • Types of wind turbines;
  • Sizes and application of wind turbines;
  • Difference between wind power and turbine power;
  • Betz model for maximum wind turbine efficiency;
  • Definition of tip speed ratio;
  • Effect of the tower height on the turbine power;
  • Different components of wind turbine;
  • Aerodynamics of wind turbine blades;
  • Pitch mechanism and yaw mechanism;
  • Different braking mechanisms in wind turbines;
  • Function and design of gearbox;
  • Wind turbine power characteristics;
  • Meaning of power regulation;
  • Stall control Vs. Pitch control;
  • Furling regulation;
  • How to achieve MPPT control in wind turbines;
  • Different types of wind farms;
  • Typical layout of a wind farm;
  • Guidelines to wind farm siting;
  • Wind resource assessment;
  • Wind speed duration curves for a given site;
  • Weibull statistics of wind data analysis;
  • Calculation of energy and capacity factor;
  • Different types of generators used in wind energy industry;
  • Different WECS configurations;
  • Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) in wind energy industry;
  • How to handle variable speed of wind turbines;
  • Wind energy supply chain;
  • Different careers and occupations in wind energy industry.

Course Summary:

  1. Introduction to Wind Energy
  2. Wind Power Essentials
  3. How to Design a Wind Turbine
  4. Power Characteristics of a Wind Turbine
  5. Wind Farm Essentials
  6. How to Analyze Wind Data
  7. Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS)
  8. Careers in Wind Energy and Wind Energy Supply Chain
  9. Simulation of Wind Energy Systems in MATLAB / Simulink
  10. The Final Exam

Who Is This Course For:

  • Wind Energy Enthusiast;
  • Engineering students interested in the wind energy industry;
  • Complete beginners with zero wind energy experience or knowledge;
  • Professionals interested working in the Wind Industry (not just engineers!);
  • Wind Turbines Technicians;
  • Wind Energy Engineers.


  • No Pre-requisites needed;
  • Motivation to learn about wind energy industry.

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following materials:

  1. Course Slides (PDF)
  2. Matlab 5kW Wind Turbine Design Files
  3. Matlab Wind Turbine Modelling Files
  4. Weibull Probability Distribution of Wind Speed for Gaza Strip for 10 Years (PDF)
  5. Introduction to Doubly-Fed Induction Generator for Wind Power Applications (PDF)
  6. Fundamentals of wind energy (PDF)
  7. Design of Wind Turbine Tower Height and Blade Length - Optimization Approach (PDF)
  8. Design of Wind Turbine (PDF)

Course Content

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About Instructor

Amr Saleh

I'm an Electrical Power and Machines Engineering Teaching Assistant at Ain Shams University. Throughout my career, I have taught many courses related to different topics of electrical power engineering, including Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Machines, High Voltage and Electric controls and protection. I gained knowledge in these areas of Electrical Engineering during my undergraduate studies and my Masters's degree, as well as during my professional career.

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  • 59 Topics
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