Electrical Designing and Drafting Course (Part 1)

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Learn from scratch to design residential and commercial projects with electrical transformers, diesel gensets, UPSs, batteries, etc. (electrical theory included). 33 lectures in 6h 56m total length.


This course, “Electrical Designing and Drafting Course (Part 1),” introduces the student to the process of designing residential and commercial projects. After completing this course, you will have high confidence in your practical work and start working on your projects. Or if you are fresher, you can start your career as a professional in this competitive world.

Here, we present all the calculations and explanations as per the NEC and other international codes and standards.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Basics of Electrical
  3. The Basic Formulae
  4. Codes, Standards and Lux Levels
  5. Illumination Design
  6. The Basics of Air Conditioner
  7. Circuit Breakers
  8. Capacitor banks
  9. Electrical Design of a Flat (Internal Designing)
  10. Electric Motors
  11. Electrical Transformers
  12. Diesel Generators (GenSets)
  13. Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

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Electrical Designing and Drafting Course (Part 1)


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