Voltage Drop and Fault Current Analysis Course For Power Engineers

Learn how to calculate voltage drop in single phase, balanced and unbalanced three-phase power systems and to analyze short-circuit currents. 18 lessons in 5h 16m total course length.

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to calculate voltage drop in single phase, balanced three-phase and unbalanced three-phase power systems. You will learn short circuit calculations with two different methods namely “Fault impedance method” and “Symmetrical Components method“.

You will also learn per unit system for short circuit current calculations.

Course Summary

  1. Voltage Drop Analysis
  2. Fault Current Analysis – Fault Impedance Method
  3. Symmetrical Components Method
  4. Capacitive Fault Currents in Line-to-Ground Faults

Who Is This Course For

Basic electrical circuit theory knowledge


Electrical engineers, technicians, electrical engineering students, anyone who wants to learn electrical power networks

Downloadable course materials

After purchasing the course, students can download the following documents and tools:

  1. Voltage drop calculations: Formulas, phasor diagram and real-world examples (PDF)
  2. Voltage drop calculations and design of urban distribution feeders (PDF)
  3. Voltage drop calculations: MS Excel Spreadsheet (XLSX)
  4. Motor Voltage Drop Calculator: MS Excel Spreadsheet (XLSX)

About Instructor

Emre Bengi

He graduated from METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering department. Nine years of electrical distribution work experience in Enerjisa, the largest electrical energy company in Turkey. Founder of Metis Electric Ltd. firm in Turkey, where he provides technical education in the electrical power sector to electricity generation and distribution companies and industrial companies. He is also providing consultancy to companies with problems in electrical power systems, e.g., energy efficiency, new facility installation, expanding power systems, etc.

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Course Includes

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  • 18 Topics
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