Emre Bengi





He graduated from METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering department. Nine years of electrical distribution work experience in Enerjisa, the largest electrical energy company in Turkey. Founder of Metis Electric Ltd. firm in Turkey, where he provides technical education in the electrical power sector to electricity generation and distribution companies and industrial companies. He is also providing consultancy to companies with problems in electrical power systems, e.g., energy efficiency, new facility installation, expanding power systems, etc.



    4 Lessons

    Voltage Drop and Fault Current Analysis Course For Power Engineers

    Learn how to calculate voltage drop in single phase, balanced and unbalanced three-phase power systems and to analyze short-circuit currents. 18 lessons in 5h 16m total course length.

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    4 Lessons

    Earthing and Grounding in Power Systems: Calculations, Design and Measurements

    Learn to calculate, design and measure earthing and grounding systems. This course covers all of the earthing issues that you can deal with in real-life applications. 27 lectures in 4h 36m total course length.

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    3 Lessons

    Fundamentals of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems

    Learn the essentials of electrical power engineering (basic concepts, electrical components and power generation, transmission, and distribution). 14 lessons in 7h 8m total course length.

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