Ahmed Mahdy



I am an electrical power engineer, I am also an electrical instructor on many online course platforms, teaching electrical engineering to more than 55,000 students from more than 170 countries. I was nominated among the top 10% instructors on Udemy in 2018 besides ranking as one of the top instructors in power engineering and among the top five instructors in engineering. I also have an educational engineering channel with 13,000 subscribers and a website with the same name "Khadija Academy" which provides electrical engineering courses for potential students.


  • Electrical Power Engineering from Ain Shams University with a Distinct Grade

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    Design Course For Wind Energy Systems: Specification, Construction and Examples

    Learn the fundamentals of wind energy systems with step by step examples without any previous knowledge. Learn how to design and specify wind turbine and its electrical equipment. The course consists of 64 lectures in 11h 14m total length and plenty of downloadable materials.

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    Learn to Analyse Faults in Power Systems: Theoretical and Real-World Examples

    Learn how to analyse unsymmetrical power system faults and master two of the most fundamental and necessary types of mathematics for relay engineers and technicians: Symmetrical components and the per-unit system. 36 lessons in 7h 7m total course length.

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    Ultimate Course To Electrical Drawings Design Using AutoCAD, DiaLUX and ETAP Software

    Learn to design electrical drawings using AutoCAD, DiaLUX, and ETAP software, as well as to perform voltage drop calculation and short-circuit analysis. 64 lectures in 8h 5m total course length.

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    Ultimate Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineers

    Learn the fundamentals of electric circuits from scratch with dozens of examples for electrical engineering students. This course consists of 134 lectures and over 10h total length.

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    PLC Programming Course: PLC Ladder Programming Using Logixpro Simulator

    Learn fundamentals of a programming ladder diagram for PLC by using LogixPro simulator for electrical power and industrial engineering. 32 lectures in 6h 30m total course length.

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    Low-Current Installations: Fire Alarm, CCTV, Data, Telephone, Sound and MATV Systems

    This course is designed for electrical engineering students to learn about low-current systems: fire alarm, CCTV, telephone, MATV, data and sound systems.

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    Fundamentals of Generating High Voltage Levels in AC/DC Power Systems

    This course is designed for electrical engineers and students who want to learn the fundamentals of generating different high voltage levels in AC/DC power systems. 8 lectures in 3h 43m total course length.

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    Electrical Machines Course: DC, Synchronous and Induction Machines and Transformers

    Learn everything about electric machines: DC, synchronous and induction machine, transformer and magnetic circuits. 7 sections, 105 lectures in over 13 hours of total course length.

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    MATLAB Simulations using Simulink for Power Electronics, Electric Motors, Generators and Solar

    Learn how to use MATLAB/Simulink for power electronics circuits, electric circuits, electrical machines, solar and synchronous generators. 47 lessons in 13h 52m total course length.

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    The Power Substation Fundamentals Course: Theory, Equipment, Earthing, and Design

    This course tackles the most important aspects of a power substation (basic theory, electrical equipment, earthing, and design guidelines). It consists of 3 lessons, 29 topics in 5h 01m total course duration.

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    Design Course For Solar Energy Systems (Off-Grid, On-Grid, Protection and Simulation)

    This course is designed for anyone who would like to learn about solar energy from A to Z for electrical engineers, solar designers, and all who are interested in working in the solar energy field.