Mike L





Mike is an experienced engineer working in various roles within the utility industry and has experience teaching engineering concepts to the public, fellow engineers, and power line professionals. While working in the utility industry, he discovered that although the theoretical knowledge taught in school provides a fundamental knowledge base, it is not enough for the job. He found various industry-specific lingo and practices that it is hard to learn without working within the industry for years and years.



    7 Lessons

    Physical Asset Management Fundamentals For Electrical Engineers

    This course allows students to acquire core fundamental knowledge on how to develop the key knowledge needed to do effective strategic decision making throughout the asset life cycle (such as that found in the utility industry). 17 lessons in 5h 29m total course length.

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    7 Lessons

    Transmission and Distribution Line Infrastructure Fundamentals

    Transmission and Distribution Line Infrastructure Fundamentals is a comprehensive video course where you can learn industry-specific knowledge pertaining to the T&D infrastructure as well as how it is designed.

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