Electrical Design of an Industrial Packaging Machine

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Master electrical design of industrial automation systems – packaging machine (wiring diagram and PLC (S7-1200) analysis – I/O signals explanation). 6 lessons in 46m total course length.



In this course, we will discuss the Industrial Packaging Machine project. First, we’ll get into the basics, and then with every lesson, we will dig deeper into the project. This course covers the power system, the control system (PLC Siemens S7-1200), and the safety system (SICK Safe EFI-pro System).

We will also explain how the machine is controlled and why we need the input and output signals. By the end of the course, you will understand how to start designing an electrical system for an industrial packaging machine.

Course Summary

  1. About the team, Factory, Customer and Special Requirements On This Project
  2. About the machine, the project itself, and different sections in the EPLAN project
  3. Power system and actuators in the project
  4. Safety system analysis in-depth: input, output, special requirements
  5. Standard PLC (S7-1200) analysis: I/O signals explanation

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Electrical Design of an Industrial Packaging Machine


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