Low Voltage Power Calculations in SIMARIS Design Tool

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Learn how to plan and design low-voltage power distribution systems using this powerful (and free of charge) software from Siemens. 12 lessons in 1h 25m total course length.



Planning of an electrical design project starts with power calculations. This is always the first step in dimensioning a low voltage power system.

Simaris Design is, according to our experience, by far the best software to quickly set up a project, create single-line diagrams, and output all the needed documents (project documentation, different list in Excel, e.g. busbar, cable, device settings, selectivity documentation, etc., single-line diagrams in PDF and DWG/DXF).

Language support in Simaris Design is great, meaning that you can set your workspace and the single-line diagram to the language of your choice. The same goes for the output documentation.

Course Summary

  1. Download, install and register Simaris Design and Simaris Curves
  2. First steps in Simaris – workspace, sections, settings
  3. Basic and advanced single line diagrams
  4. Dimensioning power cables (including special topic – harmonic content)
  5. Tips & Tricks on Simaris Design/Curves and recapitulation

For more information and video preview, please visit the course page:

Low Voltage Power Calculations in SIMARIS Design Tool


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