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Electrical design tools

Electrical design without appropriate applications and tools is impossible to imagine. On this page you can find our review of software for electrical design, MV and LV network and photometric calculations, voltage drop and short circuit calculations etc.

Electrical software
Electrical software

Please note that we do not store any of listed software.

Photometric calculation

Lighting calculationsDescription & NotesInfo
CalcuLuX AreaLighting calculations.
DialuxLighting calculations.
ReluxLighting calculations.
LITESTARLighting calculations.
VisualLighting calculations.
LightFactoryLighting calculations.

Low voltage and Medium voltage calculation

Almost every luminaire manufacturer has its own database for Dialux, Relux, Calculux and other photometrics software, which can be downloaded on their websites. All databases are free to download from their websites.

LV & MV calculations
Description & NotesInfo
Ecodial (Schneider Electric)LV network and short circuit calcuations, cables cross sections, voltage drop etc..
Simaris Design (Siemens)LV/MV network calculations, short circuit currents, calculations of cables etc..
SEE Electrical AdvancedElectrical design, cabinet layout builder.
EtapDesign, simulation, operation, and automation of generation, distribution, and industrial power systems.

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  1. vivek
    Mar 16, 2015

    It one of the best informative website ……Good one….

  2. JOJO
    Feb 26, 2015

    Do you have calculation for auto transformer winding sizing (reduced voltage motor starter)
    thank you.

  3. Siddiqui
    Jan 27, 2015


    Can you have temperature rise simulation software for panels?

    Jan 26, 2015

    Thank you very much for your most informative news.
    My problem is, the home electrical bill/energy consumption/electrical load calculator did not work better for me.
    Eg. I worked out the load current / power consumed by 10 x CFL bulbs 15W and got 470.68 A / 150kW (according to the calculator), and thus compelled me to install 600A Incoming ELCB in my residence?
    Please take a look and advice.

  5. waqas
    Jan 13, 2015

    is there any software that we can use for ceiling fan simulation

  6. suraj kale
    Dec 26, 2014

    Send me best electrical engineering projects for B.E .

    • SEKAR R
      Feb 09, 2015

      selective harmonic elimination in multilevel inverter using bee algorithm

  7. raja r
    Oct 11, 2014

    dear sir

    any one know about the lighting calculator registration code

  8. RAJA R
    Oct 10, 2014

    Fuse selection software is not working

  9. RAJA R
    Oct 10, 2014

    Dear sir

    How to select the capacitor bank to my connected load .

  10. Fariyad Ansari
    Aug 25, 2014

    i have to measure the over all power factor of a running plant .
    please suggest me how could i measure it practically ?
    The total load of plant is 472 KW and its running on 415 V .

    • Domar
      Sep 20, 2014

      0.81 pf

  11. Nilesh Latke
    Aug 22, 2014

    I Liked the contents, very good site

  12. Makarand Kulkarni
    Aug 09, 2014

    I’m fresher, looking for experts advice. Where to go for bright future in career.. maintenance or design….

  13. nikunj bhatt
    Aug 06, 2014

    for electrical engineeing knolej

  14. Jawed Mangi
    Aug 03, 2014

    First of all I must say thanks to EE Portal Team for dedicated services providing to engineering community and to all without difference and updating the Engineering Professionals with the latest information of Electrical Engineering . I shall suggest that some information may be given on Electrical Engineering Safety not general but specific in various opeartions of Electrical Engineering Systems, also Safety Softwares are required to be provided for free downloading. Hope the Portal will consider my suggestions. Thanks

  15. Hamed Hassanzadeh Mobarhan
    Aug 02, 2014

    Dear Webmaster and Engineering Team;

    I am an Electrical Senior Engineer with +9 years Experience who work in Schneider Electric Iran. I just express my appreciation for your well-organized web site which in most cases provide appropriate technical data. However in some case it could be improved with presenting more practical data, links, etc which are considered in daily routine design for electrical engineers. nevertheless I believe that good effort shall salute and you deserve that when spreading knowledge freely and helping Electrical Engineer community to boost their qualities. such web sites shall be supported and encouraged to follow their services.

    I wish all the best for all of you.
    Good Luck


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